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  • Breast Implants

    Can anyone please give me names and addresses of doctors in Bangkok who perform breast implants on ladyboys? Costs, etc.

    Would like about three to choose from. Plan to bring my gf to Bangkok in January for the operation.

    Thanks guys. PM me, if you like.

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    The owner of these magnificent specimins had hers done at a very popular clinic in Bangkok along with most of the ladyboys that I know. She forked out 45,000 Baht.

    This was taken yesterday and the operation was done about 4 months ago.
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      and they're spectacular!


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        The 2 preferred clinics these days are Dr. Taip, Pratunam Clinic, and Soaynam Hospital. The former is well known and has proven results at 45,000 / operation, local anaesthetic, in clinic. The latter is rapidly growing in popularity due to results and price, at 39,000 baht, general anaesthetic, in hospital. I met 2 girls in Phuket yesterday going to Soaynam.

        I think both do magnificant work, and I've observed it on many LBs. I visited and grilled Dr. Taip and he is fine. The only caution is local anaesthetic. Thais can take it. Not so sure about foreigners. I have not visited the doctors at Soaynam, so cannot speak about them, but can speak to their results (I think I've seen about 20 girls who've gone there now).

        There are many, many others, and frankly, they are not worth the money. They are typically 2 times the price, and I see no better quality; in fact, perhaps the opposite. However, I would point out, that for Thais, they do not care about the doctor. Price and results is it. Many foreigners want to know and feel comfortable with the doctor, and of course, you cannot do that unless you go see them face-to-face (like I did).

        You can read about prices and names on

        However, that was written before I knew about Soaynam.

        If you want numbers, PM me.


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          And on a similar theme...

          Vaginoplasty with Thep Vechavisit

          Address: Pratunam Polyclinic
          425/4 Rajaprarop Road Bangkok Thailand
          Opposite Indra Regent Hotel Next To Bankthai

          Phone: (66)22 545333, (66)22 557767, (66)22 545888, 66-2-2552280, 66-2-6517271-76,

          Email : [email protected]

          According to media sources, Thep Vechavisit "has no license to practice." However, he told the Sydney Morning Herald he "is a registered Thai doctor who did a two-month course in cosmetic surgery through New York University."

          A note to in January 2006 confirmed that Thep Vechavisit is NOT a national board certified plastic surgeon in Thailand.

          He also has divulged information about prospective patients to the press raising questions about his ability to keep patient records confidential.

          From a web post last year:

          I'm familiar with almost all the grs surgeons in Thailand as I'm in the medical surgery industry. I really don't recommend Dr. Thep Vechavist to anyone, he operates in his tiny clinic (a very street-side clinic setting *think something about Chinatown). The surgical settings make you worry about sterility (He does everything himself, from sedatives to surgery), patients can observe cracks in the walls & discolored yellow paints on the walls. The patient will be discharged from the clinic back to the hotel.

          As for the matter about his license (I've a quoted email below). There're general surgeons who can do surgeries, but, Dr. Thep Vechavisit has so many complications (for his patients) that none of the Thais are willing to give hospital privileges because of his bad reputation. The so-call 2 month's course could just be a convention (remember he is a thai, he probably didn't knew how to tell the differences). Cosmetic Surgery course in New York can only be attended by board certified surgeons (usually as an update to their skills) so I doubt he attended a normal 'physician's only' shop.

          As a general rule. Good surgeons don't advertise (which explains his need to constantly advertise through news papers), he attracts them. Of the many surgeons whom I'd personally meet, Dr. Thep is the only inhonest surgeon about his qualifications. I'm likely to recommend Dr. Somsak to everyone else.

          Those considering Thai surgeons should research more established surgeons like Preecha Tiewtranon or Suporn Watanyusakul.

          According to a September 2005 Bangkok Recorder webmagazine article, Thep and others at Pratunam Poly Clinic perform vaginoplasty procedures for around US$1600, about one-tenth of the US price:

          While some of Thailand€™s surgeons have been vilified for lacking in qualifications, there is no denying they have the most experience. Coupled with the country's lax laws on transgender surgery, hundreds of gender-unhappy tourists and locals flock to Bangkok€™s plastic surgery clinics every month.

          €œMost of my clients are Thai and work in bars and other entertainment venues,€ says Dr Thep, a surgeon from the the Pratunam Poly Clinic, a facility specializing in male-to-female SRS operations. The Pratunam Poly Clinic charges just $1600 USD for the procedure, compared to $25,000 in the West.

          The actual operation is known as €œpenile inversion vaginoplasty€ involving castration and inverting the skin from the penis and scrotum to create a neovagina. The depth of the new vaginal cavity depends on the size of the penis. €œThe most common complaint is that the cavity is not big enough,€ reports Dr Thep. €œIn this case we can perform a colon vaginoplasty six months later using skin from the colon to extend the vagina.€

          The entire operation takes two-and-a-half to three hours. Six days after the procedure, patients can be discharged from hospital. Two months later they can engage in sexual intercourse, functioning as a woman by almost every definition of the term.

          One Thai website notes their heavy advertising in newspapers and through pageant sponsorships:

          "Pratunam Polyclinic is advertising in the Bangkok Post that they perform them for a very reasonable $US 1,625, that is an all up price."

          I found this 2006 price list:

          Breast Augmentation 1125 US$
          Rhinoplasty 300 US$
          Buttock Augmentation 1250 US$
          Blepharoplasty 200 US$
          Lower Eye Lids 200 US$
          Crow's Feet 625 US$
          Facelift 875 US$
          Forehead Lift 625 US$
          Full Face Lift 2125 US$
          Liposuction 625 US$
          Abdomen 625 US$
          Thigh 625 US$
          Arm 625 US$
          Hip & Buttock 625 US$
          Calf & Ankle 625 US$
          Sex Change 1625 US$
          Abdominoplasty 1250 US$
          Chin Augmentation 375 US$
          Jaw Reduction 875 US$
          A-P Repair 375 US$
          Laser For Acne Scar 375 US$
          Laser Resurfacing 375 US$
          Cheek Dimple 150 US$
          Orchiectomy (Castration) 125 US$

          Professor Lynn Conway notes on her page on Thai surgery...

          "However, anyone going to Thailand for SRS should make very certain that they are going to one of the handful of reputable surgeons there who are doing high-quality SRS's using modern surgical techniques in the best hospitals. There has long been a tradition in Thailand of doing what superficial "Hijra-style" SRS's which do not create a full vagina. These are inexpensive surgeries (on the order of $1000 to $1500). Many Katheoy "working girls" undergo these surgeries, not being able to afford the full SRS surgeries (if someone does not need a full SRS, a Kathoey-type surgery might be an option to consider). Bottom line is that anyone going to Thailand should carefully research the latest information on Thai surgeons, and avoid going to the "lowest bidder" for such an important and life-changing surgery."

          It is well documented that a group of people informally described as wannabes sometimes self-identify as transsexual, though would probably get a differential diagnosis or be rejected by most clinicians in the United States. They sometimes wish to undergo some or all of the same procedures as trans women. They sometimes get only non-transsexual orchiectomy but may wish to modify other body parts as well. They frequently travel to Thailand because of the low cost and the lax requirements for procedures. In much of the western world, qualifying for these procedures requires evaluation by two mental health professionals, which can be bypassed by going to Thailand.

          In 2006, Thep Vechavisit told the press he had seen John Mark Karr as a patient. Karr was expelled from Thailand as an "undesirable person" because he had fled the United States prior to appearing in court on child pornography charges. Karr was extradited from Thailand to Boulder, Colorado as part of the investigation into the murder of JonBenét Ramsey:

          Just hours before his departure a doctor at a clinic that specializes in sex-change operations said Karr had been one of his patients. But Dr. Thep Vechavisit refused to provide details of the treatment.

          Thep has received considerable local publicity for his male-to-female operations and the clinic is one of the sponsors of an annual beauty pageant for transsexuals in the seaside resort of Pattaya.

          A staffer at the Pratunam Polyclinic, speaking on condition of anonymity since she was not authorized to make statements to the media, said Karr had consulted the doctor about a sex-change operation. This could not be confirmed."

          Other wannabes who have undergone some of these procedures or have been rejected after seeking transsexual procedures include Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), mass murderer Richard Speck, Marshall Applewhite (head of the Heaven's Gate suicide cult). Author Mildred Brown has noted that these non-transsexual motivations can include "Persons who dislike the behavior they have fallen into in their original sex €”e.g. rape, child-molestation, exhibitionism, and other anti-social or criminal behavior. They want to get rid of the parts of their bodies €”usually penises€”that have led them astray."

          Some wannabes have created a new political identity, calling themselves "autogynephiles." These people used to be described in the medical literature as pseudotranssexuals, non-transsexuals, or transvestic applicants for sex reassignment. In recent years, they have pressed to expand the definition of "transsexual" to include themselves.

          It's a funny old world innit!


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            Stogie, I am confused. On a previoius post you vilified me for giving un-scientific informatoin on Dr. Thep, saying I was defacing a perfectly good surgeon. This post seems to villify him to a far greater degree.

            There is absolutely zero doubt Dr.Thep produces good breast results. I do not know about SRS. As for the longevity of his breast results, I concede that 4 separate friends indicating trouble is not adequate to deface him.

            As for Lynn Conway, my opinion is that she has no place in recommending hormone therapy from my research to date. I cannot say about her comments on vaginoplasty, as this is something I have not researched.

            Generally speaking, I do not see American transgenders as being very good representatives for Asian transgenders, including their recommendations on either surgery, hormones, or psychology. Their sites are dominated by western patients who are bemused by fake Thai smiles, lower prices, and lax laws on transgender operations (i.e., no things like 1 year "living" as a woman, pschology exams, and following an archaic DSM IV protocol from a 1950s Dr. John Money).


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              What can I say. I'm complicated!

              I'm not vilifying him really. I have no opinion one way or the other. I just copied this from an article so that the chap has more information before he makes a decision.

              In fact I think that if you read through this article it's clear that the writer has an agenda and clearly thinks that Thai hospitals or clinics are all worthless. I must admit though, that the first time I went there I was shocked at its' appearance. It certainly could not be characterised as a hospital and the friendly term 'clinic' can only loosely be applied.

              But, hey; That's the way things are done here.

              When gif got the chop there were rats in the ceiling compartments and I have proof because I took photos of them!


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                Alright, I seem to remember me giving a summary of 4 independent girls (probably as reliable as this article), and getting a thrashing from you.

                Anyway, my opinion of Thep is that he was more honest than 5 doctors I visited. His clinic is crap and that's how he keeps costs down. But the results of his work is undeniably good.

                I think the only real danger I see in Thep is that if something goes wrong, he has no way of taking care of it in that clinic, during the operation, i.e., there is risk. Likewise, if something goes wrong, at those prices, I don't think he's going to do a whole lot of free post-surgery corrections.

                But if all goes ok, he's pretty darn good.

                As for the sagging breast comment from 4 girls, I'm going to try and get more on that to find out where it's coming from.


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                  these postings are priceless. I think even more priceless that miss conway's opinions...i mean you guys are firsthand witnesses to the works of these doctors and hospitals and you are worth congratulating for posting here and for all your opinion...

                  thank you thank on to my second breast augmentation........
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                    (stogie bear @ Oct. 24 2006,07:33) Some wannabes have created a new political identity, calling themselves "autogynephiles." These people used to be described in the medical literature as pseudotranssexuals, non-transsexuals, or transvestic applicants for sex reassignment. In recent years, they have pressed to expand the definition of "transsexual" to include themselves.
                    Just a short comment on autogynephilia, which is a bit misleading here, as this has nothing to do with a "political identity":
                    People who - and I say this on purpose now - "suffer" from autogynephilia, are totally autofocused transsexuals (which is still to be discussed), who are seeing exclusively themselves as the object of their desire. I'd say this is something seriously psychopathological and not transsexuality. Scientists are not 100% clear on the term yet.
                    If somebody is interested in further information, check out for instance Ann Lawrences essay on autogynephilia:



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                      I don't know exactly where she had these done or who the doctor was..but it's a real live hospital...somewhere on the other side of the river...on the 4th or 5th floor as I recall in the plastic surgery clinic...Hopefully someone here knows the hospital...I went with her to have her stiches removed and sat in the crowded waiting room like Bill Murray in  "Lost in Translation."  But that's another story for another time...

                      They are really nice breasts...believe me...and fortunately for me the doctor's instructions were to massage them frequently...which job obviously fell to me...

                      Wish I could offer more info...This pic was taken soon after surgery and removal of the stiches ...hence the bruises...nice lips too huh?
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                        Sounds like Yanhee International Hospital where my girlfriend has vericose veins removed.


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                          There are 2 places increasing in popularity, Soaynam Clinic (for breasts), and Yahee Hospital (for other cosmetic surgery). They are both local so you won't see foreigners there or web-sites, but their work is considered very good. However, I asked many people on this and I get some very bad comments on them, and some very good. Ditto for Dr. Thep.

                          So I think best we can say is these are good places as is Dr. Thep, but there are, unfortunately, some bad stories on pretty much everyone if you try hard enough. Example...

                          Dr. Kamon, whom I view as a magician for SRS, and have seen his work first hand, is, in my opinion, a world leader in this complex surgery, and considered No.2 in Thailand by the locals. However, you can look on the web and find him in one Lynn Conway posting as the Butcher of Bangkok. Don't believe it. But maybe he did have one bad op, or maybe it was one fucked up farang who liked to rant.


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                            Ziggy Yanhee has a great web site and the day I was there, there where several farangs. I love the messenger girls on roller skates and there are many very hot girls here and probly a few ladyboys.
                            The prices at Yahee are very good also many poster boards around the hospital with before and after photos.
                            If you speak a smattering of Thai this could be a good place for a bit of trolling,


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                              (moe666 @ Feb. 04 2007,08:12) I love the messenger girls on roller skates and there are many very hot girls here and probly a few ladyboys.
                              Yep...that's the hospital the Cebu girl got her tits...cute little girls skating around wearing very short skirts...Felt like I was Bill Murray in the scene from Lost in Translation...

                              But there is a new girl in Obs named Tai...A  recent transplant from the Calypso Cabaret...who had her breasts done somewhere in Chiang Mai...and do they ever look and feel real...If I were searching for a tit job, I would find out exactly where and who did hers...damn they are nice...
                              "It's not Gay if you beat them up afterwards."  --- Anon