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Be forewarned. Pattaya can be dangerous to your health.

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  • Be forewarned. Pattaya can be dangerous to your health.

    Thai cops are useless. The blogs are funnier than the news.

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    I worked and lived in Iran under the Shah's reign. The Iranian men are total pricks. Obnoxious jerks. He undoubtedly deserved whatever he got. But, the Iranian (Persian) females are some of the most beautiful on earth with the best bodies. Many of my colleagues married Persian girls. I nearly married a gorgeous Persian girl who happened to be an aeronautical engineer. However, I took a leave of absence and spent a few months in Thailand where I met and married my wife. The rest is history.


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      Yes, the Persian girls really are incredibly beautiful. Don't have any in Hawaii, but I did see one in Vegas with a head scarf. What a beautiful face and complexion. The covered head does indeed make them beautiful. Too bad they kidnapped the Embassy employees. Made them America's enemy for life. She didn't want to talk to me probably because she thought I was trying to pick up a prostitute. It's Vegas, remember. I told her at the crosswalk she was incredibly beautiful and asked where she came from. She said IRAN and the green crosswalk light came on. End of meeting. Trump should keep out the men and just let the young women in.