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Best cheapest taxi to or from Bangkok

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  • Best cheapest taxi to or from Bangkok

    I have used these two girls for my taxi service for the past 6 years, and they are reliable. They are found everyday at a desk in front of the 7-11 store across the Soi 8 street from the Sunshine Hotel. I complained I had to pay B1800 to an airport taxi from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya. They said I should have called or emailed them and paid only B1000 plus B200 tip. So here is their email: or go visit them. Their phone numbers are 093-137-2119 (Ben) and 086-366-7204 (Angie). There is a van service that is super cheap at less than B100 but dangerous. It is located right next door to the Far Pattaya restaurant. You take the baht bus to Walking Street and get off as soon as it turns left at the entrance. Look for Fra Pattaya Restaurant which is has no front wall or door. Very popular restaurant and I love their duck noodle soup (egg noodles) for less than B100 or B100 for the large bowl. This van delivers you to the monument area in Bangkok so you can walk up the stairs and take the Skytrain to your destination. Like I said. Dangerous but popular because of the cheap price. Trouble with the monument area the taxi drivers know you want to go to the hotels and will charge you 3-4 times the regular price. They are organized criminals along with the cops who laugh and look the other way. Next time I arrive in BKK I will email them to send me a driver at the airport and wear a funny hat or shirt so they can recognize me. Hope this info helps all of you who want to save money and stop getting ripped off. Taxi drivers all over Thailand are ripoffs. If they think a group of tourists are using Uber taxi they will block the van only to later discover it was the tour guide just picking up his clients. Really selfish schmucks. All hotels will steer you to their friends so they will get a tip. Call Ben and Angie. They are independent contractors and that's why they work everyday and 10 to 12 hours a day. I told them I would let my friends here know about them. Very reliable and never disappeared or disappointed me.

    Oh yeah, the B1000 fare is for a small basic 4-door Toyota sedan. Funny they sent me a bigger car with a square hatchback trunk for no extra. I just tilted the seat back and slept all the way to the airport. It's nice to depart in the early morning hours when there's no traffic at all. He must have drive very fast because he elbowed me and there was the airport. The drivers are smart and take cell phone photos of the trunk and all the seats and floor for accurate records that there was no forgotten cargo. Smart.
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    1200 baht is the most you should pay but its easy to get ripped off and pay upward of 2000 baht the lower level at suvarnabhumi airport has private cabs that can be negotiated to a 1000+ tip but wear your seatbelt and hold on cause they are pedal to the medal!!


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      In November i got a taxi from the stand on the main floor at BKK.
      it was 1500 baht including tolls for a taxi off the stand to Pattaya.
      He wanted 1700 but we got 1500..
      Maybe a little more but pretty good for on demand with no planning.
      Prefer to get an official cab if grabbing one on the fly, safer that way.
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