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The Ring of Fire Dance

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  • The Ring of Fire Dance

    According to a page posted by Jim Truong, ladyboys in South Vietnam sometimes perform the ring of fire dance. Here is a video.

    So whatís the ring of fire dance?

    Basically, youíll have pairs of ladyboys ride up to those watering holes at night and start blaring their music to the drinkers. Then, after getting the attention, one of them will walk out into the middle of the busy road, spray a circle of kerosene around her and then proceed to light two double-sided torches.

    The next thing you know, she lights the torches on fire, touches the ring, and goes into a crazy fit and all the motorbikes lose their shit as they try and dodge the flames. Itís an act that is meant to catch your attention and a hope for some money when they come around to sell their candy.

    I have no idea of the neighbourhood of Saigon where the video was shot. I have never seen ladyboys performing this dance either.

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    Thanks for sharing P&G - I've never heard of this before - maybe it is not that common, as he mentioned that he only had come across this two times. Pretty risky way to earn a bit of money.

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      I discovered this performance 3 days ago while searching information about Vietnamese ladyboys on the web. I assume this is an old practice that is no longer tolerated by the Vietnamese police. Anyway, I thought it usefull to keep a link to both the YouTube video and the blog.


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        Video doesn't work. Just a black screen with an arrow spinning clockwise round and round and round.


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            Whassamaddah. Truong too scared to walk over and film up close? Waste time watching bad vids.


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              Looking forward to watching your own video on the same subject mate.


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                I think if you get to close you'd be hounded for a tip for taking the video of them !


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                  A good Opportunity to invite her for a drink.