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    My girlfriend is going to have breast augmentation surgery next month. I am happy for her because it’s something that she has always wanted and it’s wonderful that I can do this for her. Finally after 35 years she can stop putting padding in her bra.

    On the other hand, I love her the way she is - her flat chested self - my little femboy. I am sure that I will get used to these changes in her and who knows? Maybe I will love her boobs lol.

    One thing I won’t miss are the hormones that she’s been taking to create some breast tissue. The hormones have certain side effects below the waist and I will be happy to have her fully functional again.

    We chat on cam as much as we ever did - about three to four hours a day sometimes longer. We set a record with an eight hour chat last week. In spite of the Covid restrictions in the Philippines that prevent us from being together in person, I am still crazy about her.

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    I like hormones because it makes their skin and hair softer and they look more feminine all over. Also on hormones other parts of their body will become more sensitive and sensual, like their nipples.
    I do not like the emotional effects of hormones, and of course impotency symptoms.
    I've rarely seen a ladyboy that does not respond to Viagra, if they are younger they usually don't need much.


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      QyVfLID.png I love my girl just the way she is but she is getting breast implants this week. She had an appointment last week for surgery but she got so worked up about it that she canceled. I think she will go through with it now - she seems determined and regrets canceling. I hope she is happy with her breasts but to me she is perfect now.


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        Surgery like that is hard to do if you are new to it. Unfortunately many get addicted to the procedures.
        With implants make sure she gets them checked on a regular basis. Even the best implants are prone to failure.
        Leaks and other problems can be toxic, usually they are really only good for 10-15 years. It is smart to consider replacing them at some point.
        I've seen some bad things with implants but the majority don't have any problems.


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          DA0C825F-6046-4017-AFD4-CB0E7D956DED.jpeg She was so anxious and nervous about surgery that she kept postponing her operation. Actually I thought that she would never go through with it - not that it mattered to me, I love her just as she is.

          Well, today she went through with it. She got the implants as well as some surgery on her nose that she has been wanting for as long as I have known her.

          Even though I didn’t care about the surgery, I felt really happy that I could do this for her. It’s not often that you can actually make someone’s dreams come true. I will post some photos once she is healed.


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            Here she is after her surgery. She also had work on her nose done and really I think she is more excited about her nose than her breasts. I am glad that she is happy with the results - the implants are Motiva which are supposed to be very good.


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              Great news.


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                B1C787DD-43F3-4EE5-BFB4-BFC4A4F43B31.png CD7F1DAD-91AD-491F-A0ED-229C849420D7.png
                Originally posted by Rockheart View Post
                Great news.
                Thanks. Here are a few shots of her breasts. She didn’t really want big ones because she gets enough attention from men as it is and she is very skinny.


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                  36C1BEFF-6932-4283-A025-110B9E44D5E9.png Here you can see the work on her nose. For a little while after the surgery she couldn’t open her mouth very wide. She was doing a funny little routine I called “Plastic Surgery Girl” where she talked with her mouth barely open in a falsetto voice. It was ridiculous and to amuse me because she has a very feminine voice anyway.
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                    A pic of my plastic surgery girl from today’s chat.