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    You sent a message in 2018 and she replied 3 years later?! Hmmm...sounds suspicious to me. Doesn't take that long to respond unless it was by snail mail and the ship for stuck in the Suez Canal.


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      That is why I said "I think times are tough in LOS at the moment"...the girls seem to be digging thru their messages in hopes of finding someone to help them out
      during the shit-show...
      Can't really blame them for trying


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        Originally posted by david3615 View Post
        I am looking for that girl contacts ? is she on Thai Friendly
        thanks for the feedback

        This girl sometimes go by "Cake" is a link to her from TSModels Tube:
        She has had a major transform in the last year and a half...looks great but is barely recognizable from her former self...I met her at Cockatoo Bar in 2017 I think...super cool personality and always laughing and smiling...highly recommended
        Those fotos are only a couple of months old BTW...I'm quite sure she is still findable in the BKK circles...
        Good Luck


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          Originally posted by billyworld View Post
          I sent her a message in 2018...she just replied today...
          I think times are tough in BKK right now...
          She really is fucking stunning though...check out her profile...
          (and there is a link to her Insta as well .)


          really stunning