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    Calculates to US$188 fo 90 minutes. Not bad. Not bad at all. If I was 20 yo I would pop into her 3 times. Wonder why she is discounting 9% off? How old is she? I saw a (25) typo next to her name. Boy, that's young. Anyway that $188 is nothing. It's the plane fare, tiny restaurant food with big prices, taxi, hotel super prices and coffee that'll kill your wallet. Wish I had a job there for 2 years with a motorcyle to drive everywhere in Tokyo's narrow streets. Judging from the google map layout of the Sotokanda area, it is close to many attractions like Ueno Zoo, museums, the crowded Shinjuku district with the giant straw sandals hanging at an entrance. Anybody who flies to Tokyo will love the place with so many places to visit, shop, and walk around the numerous lakes, parks, and ponds.

    If I were you, I would buy a Tokyo-All Japan tour package for 2-weeks then add 7-10 days to see everything Tokyo. Find out where the NewHalfs work AND visit Miran. It's been a long time since 1972 when I first visited Tokyo and never returned. Way too expensive. Nobody speaks English. They won't talk to me because I'm asian, but they love to approach the Caucasians and practice their English. Nobdoy will tell me where my hotel was. Be forewarned. These tours arrive into a different city every day and may stay only 2 days at the most. You can get burnout getting off and on buses, airplanes, Shinkansens, and taxis over and over. But it's worth it. You cover so much ground and see everything there needs to be seen in every city. By the time my two weeks was up I lost weight and slept for 2 solid days before getting up and walking around the city. So much I haven't seen. Now fast forward to 2019. Everything has changed. Dollar to Yen was 360 and is not 1000 plus.

    Take a peek here. This is the interior or Miran's den. Small and dark, but nice, comfortable, and clean. Try walking around this small apartment and peeking everywhere. Don't think there is even room for another person to stand with two people in there. This is what your $188 buys. Wonder how much Miran asks for if you were to request her presence or date at your hotel instead of driving around by taxi negotiating some of the tiniest and confusing streets in the world. I'm guess she will not want to take photos now that she's an international star. So might as well stick to shooting the city and garden scenery. Japan seems to be a totally different world than Thailand's with all the bars everywhere. Seems every other space is a bar just like Olongapo Naval and Clark Air Bases in the Philippines.!7i9168!8i4584


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      Whoa! Y20K does NOT include any forking. Anal sex costs Y2K. Escort's cum is Y4K. VIP courses means she come to your hotel and costs Y61K. Extra 15% charge if use credit card. Better to pay cash. That is because you can't get it back if she does a bad job or shortchanges you. Might need to check if there's a Yakuza under the bed. No thanks, Miran. In Pattaya and BKK there so many pretty LBs just as you plus tons of girl-girls and they speak English, too. They will all go with me to my hotel rooms at no extra charge. I've never seen a mean muscular ape bouncer at any ladyboy bar. Most of the time I will pay a B300 to B500 BF and agree to pay B1000 to B2000 for short time. I do love Pattaya's fresh air and uncrowded beaches. Food is plentiful and cheap. Love those BBQ buffets if my LB date knows where to find them. Central Festival is a very nice supermodern shopping center with super cold AC. Movie theaters there are very cold and the sounds are strong surround sounds. Love to just walk downstairs one or two floors to get any snack I desire and still have money left over. HOOOEEEY! Tokyo is so expensive! Forget everything I said in my previous post.

      P&G, if you posted Miran's personal blog and price list to discourage us from going to Tokyo, it WORKED.


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        I don't find these prices so expensive. I had been in Tokyo in the early 1990s for business and stayed 2 days and half. Everything was expensive. My workmate and I were instructed to use taxis and eat good food whatever the price. Everything was so expensive that we had breakfast in small cafés and travelled using the subway. So I Don't find Miran's prices so expensive given this is in an expensive country. However, i wouldn't go to Tokyo for a sex tour, but if the random of my life were to bring me there (what seems unlikely to happen now), I would pay her a visit.

        I am also disturbed by this price system adding a service to another. This is also my dislike with Thai bars where you have to get a drink, pay a LD, a BF A ST room and the ST. It's very expensive in the end.


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          I was just joking around. Real time sex is really better than jacking off to a video of Miran or any beautiful ladyboy of your dreams. True Miran deserves as much as she wants to charge. After all everybody is trying to build an egg nest big enough to live as luxurious lifestyle as possible. Everything is getting more expensive everywhere. It's called INFLATION, and it's a bitch. Messes up everybody's plans to finally retire and move to Thailand with their limited pensions. Thanks to Brexit and this new schmuck with the messy blonde hair uncertainty continues to drive people to pull their hairs out. Don't know why Parliament didn't just vote for an anti-Brexit leader and let the British pound rise again. So complicated I have to admit I don't even understand what Brexit is all about.

          I am happy to say the prices for Thai ladyboy entertainment has remained steady at B500 for BF's and B1-2000 for ST since I first arrived in the new Suvarnblumi Airport in 2012. It's now 2019 and they prices are the same except in Bangkok's Nana Plaza OBSESSIONS.That's the only place the BF jumped from B400 to B800 during the Xmas season. But still if you compare to sex prices in your hometown of the USA and Europe, it's still a bargain and that's why we all love to visit the most lovely ladyboys in the world. They are so nice and sexy. Really hospitable creatures with sincere smiles.

          Love that I can hook a pretty ladyboy on Pattaya's Beachwalk for only B1000 with no BF's. I still have some of them yell at and attack me for not tipping them extra for shooting their photos. I just laugh at myself and admit I was being a cheap Charlie. Of course I tip them extra and still love them all even if they might hate me for any reason they make up.

          So pack up your bags and camera equipment and fly over there when you have saved enough money. What you can buy in Japan will get you 5-10 times as much pleasure in LOS. Help out the bars there. They really need your patronage. Hate it when I return to find my favorite bars gone because business is declining. So buy everybody a round of drinks, BF 3 ladyboys and shag 'em until you drop. Then you sleep all day and do it again in another bar. Chao.


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            MIRAN 美蘭 speaks perfect English, beautiful w/slim body, great attitude, huge eyes and nice boobs She also reads & understands English very well and learned English at a very young age in Japan and went to College in Canada for a brief time. Her body reflects her hard workouts and I enjoyed several workouts with her in 2018 at the NewHalf-NewHalf Shemale Club (N-N) in Tokyo’s Ueno district and always left with a great big smile. Since Dec 2018, Miran works at N-N and her schedule for the week is posted at the bottom Miran no longer works with Julia Winston at although that site still displays Miran’s photo and a ¥16,000 fee, so do not use that website.
            SYSTEM The N-N system is explained in English at which describes their services and prices for the basic course and option toppings. There is an additional ¥1,000 nomination fee added when you select/nominate someone in advance which did not get posted to the English page but is posted on the Japanese page. In 2018, the mamasan at N-N worked M-F and speaks some English, but on weekends, an elderly man replaces mamasan and he does not speak English. Also, many foreigners make advance bookings and do not show which does not reflect well on foreigners.
            ACCESS N-N will give directions to your taxi driver but Japan prepaid sims card sold at the airport for ST use are usually data only without voice so check your sims card if you can make calls in Japan. The N-N website shows subway/train lines and exits to get to there, but also use google maps and the Tokyo Subway app N-N is located near 4 subway/train stations, view the videos at the bottom of the Japanese homepage, click on English just above the videos icons to the right and the videos will change to English to walk you to their front door. Tokyo is the #1 largest city in the world, and I found the subway intimidating and complex at first, but I now use it all the time since it is very efficient, cheap, and reliable.
            ¥¥¥ MONEY Use your debit card to easily get yen from any 7/11 Seven Bank ATM machine, or Family Mart or Lawson convenience store ATM. N-N prefers cash and will charge you +15% if you use a credit card which must have been issued in Japan.
            OTHER I saw Miran several times in 2018 at N-N, and plan to see her again in 2019. She is real, genuine, personable, no ripoffs, and as advertised per the N-N website. Miran’s prices at N-N are less than the average USA Eros prices, but admittedly more than Thailand prices, but you have to consider the porn star you are getting. Venus Lux was touring Boston and Nashville in the USA in August 2019, and her minimum price was US $1k.


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              Very helpful post joeaf! Very few forum members have actually spent time with a porn star, and it sounds like though Miran charges a premium, she is worth it and down to earth. Interesting comparison to Venus Lux prices, and she really doesn't compare to Miran.

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                I'm going to print that price list and find a nude Miran color photo to show right beside the list. They should become a great conversation starter. First time I ever saw a porn star's price list printed anywhere. Interesting that she attended college in Canada. Apparently Canada must respect Gay rights more than America. Am I correct?

                I read a Japanese visitor was denied USA entry in Honolulu because she had too much sexy lingerie in her luggage. WTF? She was jailed in the Federal prison overlooking Honolulu International Airport and shipped back to Japan the next day. Same thing happened to a deaf Japanese girl. Jailed and the newspaper couldn't get an explanation. She was furious that no Japanese interpreter was brought to her. Got deported. Maybe shouldn't have dressed as a bar hooker. Has been a few news reports that white and black women have been removed from an airline's flight just because their dress was too provocative. What's next? Will Hawaii residents be shoved off because our colorful Aloha shirts make us look GAY? Our US Customs is majorly FUCKED UP. I think if Miran wants to visit the USA she better get a manly photo on her passport and dress like a man. Apparently she was able to attend the Porn Awards ceremony and posed with makeup and a girl's miniskirt so no problems so far. If you remember I was pulled over and accused of PEDOPHILIA just because I vacationed in Thailand for 2 months at a time. My cameras, SD cards, and laptop were confiscated. After months they called to say they were returning all of my things. I YELLED at them over the phone where the FUCK they got this crazy idea I was a pedo. We had a loud argument, and two beefy Jap guys were ashamed but refused to give me an explanation. The 2 men were so frustrated and scared they yelled back at me, "Even though they found no pedophilia that does not mean I'm not a pedophile!" I almost laughed that a this boy's utter stupidity. After signing the return form I watched them walk away with their tails under their legs. Fuck cops. I was able to get the Justice Department's and AG's attention that my 4th Amendment rights were violated. She agreed and called in the FBI. 2 more months later 2 ICE officials called on me but were a waste of time. They were cocky and would not give me any explanation why I was picked out of a planeload of tourists. Now I know what it feels like to be a Mexican or Arab being shaken down at an American airport. After this meeting I never heard from the AG or ICE again. The FBI just simply never called or wrote me anything. I think my crime was just visiting Thailand. Don't know if the same happens to others if they visit Malaysia, Japan, Korean, or VietNam. If that happens to you or me I would advise you to tell them to go fuck themselves and exercise your 5th Amendment. I did consult with Honolulu's top lawyers and they told me there was passed a law a few years ago before 911 that gives the US Customs the authority to violate the 4th and just plain steal your things. The fat spick Cuban ICE broad refused to be accountable for their obnoxious actions and actually tried to stifle their humor. When the meeting was over I gripped the second big muscle ICE guy and stared straight into his eyes asking, "What is the penalty for assault of a Federal officer?" Surprisingly he got very scared and had to pull hard to release my grip. I got the last laugh. It's now almost 5 years since that shakedown on December 15, 2015, and still nobody has responded to any of my complaints. I think there was NO INVESTIGATION of this very scary possibility that I might have been jailed for a long time and had my reputation damaged in the newspapers. The Justice Department, US Customs, ICE, and Homeland Security are all corrupt. They protect their own kind. They love using the 911 and terrorism words to fool us into violating our rights to privacy, against illegal search and seizure, and our rights to live peaceful lives. So be forewarned all you visitors to
                , you could be humiliated and lose all your electronic toys just because you visited Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, HK, China, etc. The Federal government has gone corrupt and has always been. They are exactly like the Catholic priests. Civil liberties is just a MYTH. Thai cop corruption is bad, but American cops are far WORSE. Probably the worst in the world. BTW, the Federal case against a corrupt Honolulu Police Department Chief-of Police and his corrupt Assistance City Prosecutor wife is over. The verdict was swift in a matter of hours. GUILTY plus GUILTY. I wasn't excited by the swiftness of the decision. I have always know most of the HPD cops are PIGS with just high school degrees seeking college-level pay. They are the last to obey and protect the laws. "Law abiding cops" is just an oxymoron. There is still another federal trial coming. The Chief City Prosecutor has been issued a LETTER OF INTEREST by the Justice Department. He has finally been forced into taking "paid leave" until the he receives a summons to appear in court with the charges stated in ink. Ultimately he will be questioned why he okayed permission to this police chief's wife conspiracy to waive her plumber's speeding ticket while she was the assistant city prosecutor. Sound ridiculously complicated? It is. Originally the FBI took interest in the Police Chief's arrest of his cousin on suspicion he stole his mailbox last one night past midnight. Hahahaha!. Even had a security videotape of some large MOKE (short for monkey) actually ripping the poor box off the thick wooden post. This is one of the most ridiculous behavior in the history of our Keystone Cops specially called HPD. You can Google HPD chief prosecution of HPD chief Kealoha or his wife Karen Kealoha. Fun readings. Even funnier is he FBI discovered suspicious credit card charges from what was later found to be a sexual liason with the Big Island of Hawaii's Honolulu Fire Department. She paid for lavish gifts, dinners, fancy hotel room, and air fares just to fuck a fireman behind her Police Chief husband's back. Add on that she would use her authority to shut down an investigation that her brother was selling ice also on the Big Island (same place where the lava flows got a lot of international media attention). This is one BAAAAAD wahine who used her prestigious and powerful position to profit hugely by crime. Her position as a Hawaiian police chief's wife certainly did help.

                If you get trapped into a similar situation at US Customs I'd advise you to go ahead and YELL back at them. Demand an explanation why you were selected to be their day's punching bag. Demand to know what the PROBABLE CAUSE reason for this humiliating meeting. Go ahead and YELL at them, "What is the goddamned PROBABLE CAUSE!?!" Embarrass them back in front of the crowded audience of tourists and cops. Demand an explanation where they got this stupid idea you are a pedophile suspect. Above all do NOT expect the US Customs, ICE, HLS, senators and congressmen, or even the government Inspector General to even reply to your complaints. My government does NOT respect law and order or civil rights. They are FAKES and PHONIES. LIke this bipolar fool named Trump. For the following 4 years after this incident I was actually hunting for these 7 schmucks. I really wanted to yell at them and provoke them into a fight. But alas I never saw them again. I don't think they were held accountable. Just moved to a different department exactly like how corrupt Thai and Honolulu cops. Corruption is everywhere. I did notice I no longer heard or witnessed any officials yelling at visiting tourists at the passport or luggage examination booths. It is only in Honolulu where I would hear loud scolding/screaming abuses or tourists. Very very loud vocalizations of anger. Crazy bipolar Motherfuckers must have been trained to scare anybody and everybody for any made-up reason. I never witnessed such angry outbursts at other US entry points. Something is fucked up about this whole customs setup in Honolulu. They are a Mafia. White racism? Why is America not longer great again?

                Sorry to air my beef with anything corrupt about any country that practices corruption. If you are returning from any foreign country DO hide anything porn or embarrassing. Just load them into a DropBox account. Memorize your username and password. Then erase that icon from your laptop screen so nobody will think that's a tipoff to a criminal activity. I would not trust a partner to download it into his computer period. Keep it to yourself and totally secret from anybody who is not you. After you arrive home go ahead and download all the photos into a portable hard drive which you can lock up in a press button safe screwed down to the floor or table. Then erase the entire contents of DropBox and end your account. Please note that I could NOT close my account online. They give impossible to understand instructions how to close your account. They LIE! Apparently they are corrupt and don't want to end those monthly charges. I was able to fool them and just call my bank to issue me a cc replacement with a new set of numbers. I would still use Dropbox's service but will continue to stop them by cc replacements. I have done this so many times I am happy my cc companies will do it without giving me any reasons why not to. NO problemo.


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                  It is the soul, not the gift they told me. Very great gift and great slippers. So with this in mind, you should expect to pay Miran large generous rates. She will be the most beautiful lady in the world that you will ever meet. Bewitching! I feel hot everywhere.


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                    Miran update
                    My 8/23/2019 post #20 post on Miran is outdated. The NewHalf-NewHalf Shemale Club (N-N) in Tokyo’s Ueno district where Mran previously worked closed on 9/19/2020 due to Covid-19 and the age of the Club owner.

                    On 3/6/2021, Miran pinned a tweet on her twitter page (translated per google translate).

                    “Notice: I will be working at Tokyo Shemale Club from April. I'll be commuting only on weekends for a while, but I'm looking forward to seeing you all.”

                    Link to the above Tokyo Shemale Club website (entirely in Japanese, so I used google translate) worked only if I used VPN connected to Japan (I used free version of ProtonVPN, and sometimes the connection does not work, so just try another Japan connection). I could not access this website w/o Japan VPN from the USA or with USA VPN connection since I got error message saying “Your current behavior is detected as abnormal, Please try again later...”. This Tokyo Shemale Club website is not English friendly as the previous N-N website since nothing is in English and no directions or videos on how to get there. Pricing information is not straight forward.

                    But as of 4/17/2021, all foreign nationalities are barred from visiting Japan now as tourists.


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                      As of today...Tuesday April 27 2021...20,000 Yen is less than $200 USD...I'm not rich but I would visit Ms. Miran a few times each month at that price...


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                        Miran update #2

                        Here is a link to my post #80 with my comments posted on 8/14/2021 in The Rest of The World thread about the Tokyo Shemale Club (TSC) where Miran currently works. I found this better foreigner friendly English version website of TSC (w/o Japan VPN) so disregard my previous post #24 above on 4/17/2021 which described how to access a Japanese version of the TSC website which is not in English or foreigner friendly.


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                          Miran grew up in Canada, that's where she learned english. I had her twice at NH-NH but its closed down now, the club went bankrupt due to virus. She's working at cityheaven now. Details on her twitter feed. Great body but miserable personality.