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  • Back on the Forum - Lotusman

    Hi Guys,

    After a 20 years break from the forum, Iím glad to be back. Look forward to finding out if a few of my old buddies are still around. I saw that Roadrunner made a post a little while ago, so maybe one of them is. Also, it was nice to see that Bam was above groundÖÖ.

    The last 20 years have been a great run for me, lots of traveling, finding peace, and enjoying life. Currently living in the mountains of Colombia. However, hope to make a trip to Bangkok in the next couple of months. So, if anyone wants to meet up and hit the clubs, let me know. It is so much better hit the clubs with a couple guys than running solo.

    Be safe, Lotusman
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    Welcome back Lotusman good to see you back after all these years, i've read many of your posts.
    The forum fell on some hard times at one point but now I have taken over and got it back humming on the newest software.
    Some of the old members are gone but BAM is still here and also in charge.

    Consider coming out for the Ladyboy Volleyball in November we need more people for our table

    Ladyboys Thai
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      Hi Crag,

      Thanks for the welcome back message.

      Everything goes up and down, but it's great that you and Bam have got the forum back up and running. Hopefully a few of the old timers will stop by and start posting again.

      Ladyboy Volleyball in November, save me a seat....



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        Wow, a blast from the past! Welcome back to the forum Lotusman! Good to hear you're still active and living a good life in Columbia! I have heard there are ts there as well, if you have any news about the scene there, feel free to share!

        While I won't be in LOS in November it's a good time to visit with a number of forum members in LOS for the Ladyboy Water Volleyball tournament in Pattaya.

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          Hi rxpharm,

          Thanks, good to be back. There are TS here as well. Best places are Medellin and Bogota. For a Latin America country they are very open to TS. It only takes a few days for a TS to change her sex on her government records, meaning it is easy to have your sex changed on your passport, gov id and drivers license. No LB clubs, but lots of street walkers. Mainly in the central districts. Available during the days, its not recommended to be walking arount these districts at night. The way to go is to get phone numbers in the day, and call them in the evening.

          For GG action, itís hard to beat. Lots of clubs and a few private hotels. The private hotels are a little like Nana. Go to the pool, girls available, go to the lounge... girls available, to to the bar... lots of girls available. The girls are supper cool, non pushy, not asking for drinks and no bar fines. Wait, for GG itís better here than Nana. Let me tell you, the girls here are supper cute.

          sorry you wonít be there in November, but I might be there in August as well, maybe that will work.



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            The webcam sites are full of Columbian Shemales with obscene sized appendages.....
            Ladyboys Thai
            Shemale Canada
            Tgirl Forums