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3-Some with my wife & ladyboys

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  • 3-Some with my wife & ladyboys

    Been on several trips to Thailand with my wife. On the first trip my wife and I met a couple ladyboys at Nana Plaza and started buying drinks. The girls were smart and paid attention to my wife and not just to me. We ended up bringing 2 back to our hotel and had an very memorable time. My wife gets horny thinking about that experience and looks forward to playing with their cocks. I never expected my wife to understand or allow something like this to happen. I’m wondering if anyone else’s wife had fun with LBs and looks forward to more sexy adventures in Thailand. It’s an amazing turn on to see my wife playing with a hot LB. Even our dirty talk drifts to future adventures with LBs. My wife loves to suck their cocks and I don’t get jealous since my brain registers the LB as a woman. I’m looking forward to seeing a feminine hard cock LB slide her cock into my wife’s pussy again. Turns me on every time I think of it. I’ll dig up some photos and blur my wife’s face. Nothing x-rated but fun memories. I’m sure some of you know the LBs we met. We met them at Tempations originally.

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    Nice story can't wait for some pics.
    I've seen many couples in Temptations and Obsessions.
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      Yup...last 2 times I've been in Obsessions there were couples in there...we need more open minded people in this world


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        Obsessions last November and January 2020 was dead. So few and less pretties. Even the streetwalkers were ugly. What happened? Last year I reported that Blue Lagoon and King's Bar on Soi 8 Pattaya died. Before that Stringfellows and Pattaya Obsessions passed away. This is trend and I don't know if the passage of the Pandemic will see a return to the good old days.

        LMK if you want photos taken. Free service.
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          I've never seen tourist couples in any bars besides some in Nana, especially not in Pattaya.
          I would think Pattaya would be even better for couples but maybe it is just too much.
          There was many Russian couples walking around Pattaya but none ever went to ladyboy bars.

          All the ladyboys are moving to the Bukhao area of Pattaya. This may be conscience decision to move the sex work away from the beach.
          Some old bars are gone but there is new ones on Soi Bukhao.

          I never really liked Obsessions Pattaya or Stringfellows much. Stringfellows was the first bar i went to in 2007 and the ladyboys stole my cigarettes when I went for Short time. It just never seemed that friendly and i heard there was some drug problems there. Obsessions Pattaya I never visited until after it's heyday.

          King's bar was once the best ladyboy bar in Pattaya but now that area is becoming void of ladyboys.
          You may find Soi 6, 7 and 8 start to have less girly bars by the beach and make way for more upscale beach establishments.
          The entire beach road will probably go more upscale to attract more mainstream tourists, pushing the bar scene deeper into town.
          Walking street could move to another location even.
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            Walking street seems "the place to be" not only for upscale customers but for every tourist. It seems to me they feel they are in theparadise when they walk along Alking street either they believe "I've done it, I'm in WS Pattaya" or they are wondering "WTF is so marvelous in here ?" Pattaya's reputation attracts more and more tourists and investors, probably not the ones we ladyboys mongers would like to see. However we have never been the majority of those who decide.

            New coming visitors as Indians, Russians and Chinese have doubtlessly far less ladyboys mongers than Westerner farangs. I am not sure this is the only reason of the decline of ladyboys activities and withdrawal to the area of soi Buakhao and soi Chayiapoon area. Evolutions happen in evry place of the planet, they do in Pattaya too.