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First Transsexual Miss Silver State (Nevada, USA)

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  • First Transsexual Miss Silver State (Nevada, USA)

    Here's a nice report about a US transsexual winning a local beauty contest on the way to state and then possible national & international contests.

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    I prefer how in Thailand they keep the ladyboy contests and lady contests separate for the most part.
    Thailand tends to have a fairly good balanced approach to trans rights that they have developed over the years. Much more than you would expect for an authoritarian and religious environment. They don't let TS change their sex on documents yet but otherwises society is structured to accept transgenders.
    The fact TS can never fully transform from their birth sex seems to be their solid understanding.

    The problem I see about trans competing agains women in beauty contests is they may have many advantages over women. From what I have seen Trans can be better and more beautiful and striking than many women. I'm not sure what the rules for hormones or sugeries are in these contests, but I assume that a TS would have a doctors note so they can take hormones and have surgeries. Trans are generally taller, bolder and can have much more confidence, especially in front of a crowd. When it is a performance thing, the bigger and more extravagant person can often dominate a show.

    What if you were a girl who was in beauty contests her whole life and doing well. Then you come in second place to a Tgirl that just became a girl last year.

    She is absolutely gorgeous, but is it fair?


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      She is beautiful !!


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        frankly what a beautiful woman


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          Kataluna Enriquez, who was crowned Miss Nevada USA on Sunday, will become the first openly transgender woman to compete in the Miss USA pageant. With a platform centered on transgender awareness and mental health, Enriquez, 27, beat out 21 other contestants at the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas