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    Just curious as I'm a curious guy.

    You're taking a LB out of a bar to your place for the night. You pay a bar fine and then you pay her an agreed upon price. Now, if you get along together and you decide to have her stay with you, and she agrees, for a couple more days, a week, a month, what financial terms are usually worked out with the bar and also with her? I would imagine, if she is popular, she could be losing quite a bit by staying with you for a long time. Is it expected that you will make up that difference or does she take into account that life with you, no matter how long, is at least more comfortable than she is used to with sleeping in a nice air conditioned place, eating well, and possibly getting to travel around? 👫

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    It depends on the ladyboy and how much she likes your company. Some ladyboys are business only and don't generally go for long time for weeks or months with one guys. If they do they may have a specific sugar daddy or whatever that sends them money.

    Generally most ladyboys will spend long time with you under the right conditions. Just becauses they work in the bar doesn't mean they have customers or enjoy doing multiple guys a night. Most would prefer hanging with some decent guy for weeks or months. Often you don't have to pay them a lot of money, just take care of them and buy them stuff. Usually at the end it is customary to give them a large cash tip. Some ladyboys may negotiate in advance for a daily fee or something for their time. However most i have met just go along in the hopes they get treated well.

    The problem with girls working in bars is the bar will want their bar fine every day. This is fine for a week but after that it is a little ridiculous.
    Usually my rule is I will pay up to 5 days bar fine but after that the ladyboy has to take vacation or make some deal with the bar.
    It always seems to work out.