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Returning to Mexico in October

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  • Returning to Mexico in October

    Well I have booked a trip back to Cancun Mexico and Fernanda is coming to meet me from Brazil.

    After we may go to Las Vegas and then to Canada.

    Most likely we will stay in Cancun a few days but will spend most of the trip in Playa Del Carmen.

    Some pics from the last trip.

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    Booked for the first 3 nights at the
    Presidente InterContinental Cancun Resort

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      I must say it again , she is beautiful ! Please keep us posted so we can follow along.


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        Lucky bastard!


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          Good for you man. I'm sure I'll be taking another trip sometime this winter, but probably just a short one. Enjoy!


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            I can't wait to get back to the land of few restrictions in Mexico.
            Soon in Canada I will need a pile of medical records just to eat in a restaurant.
            Never thought I would have to consult on my health with my bartender.

            I have my communist vaccine passport but I will only use it if I absolutely have to.
            Mostly I will be boycotting any business that requires my medical records for entry from now on.
            I am fully vaccinated but I think this is tyranny. The people that are so scared of this wimpy virus should be the ones to stay home.
            Even Pfizer admits Vaccines don't stop the spread, so I'm not sure of the logic of these passports.
            In fact the spread would be the same whether people are vaccinated or not, so i'm not clear why they are doing this?

            Forcing everyone to be vaccinated will spawn variants because they adapt to the vaccine that is in everyone.
            Natural immunity is much harder for the viruses to deal with because it is a little different in every person.
            With this vaccine the immune response will be the same in all people making easy work for the variants.

            It is clear now Covid is not even as dangerous as the seasonal flu. Vaccine passports are the first step to Communism.
            Carbon passports will be next, just watch.

            In Mexico you wear masks most places and they take you temperature everywhere but no passports or tests required.
            No one ever has a temperature. Very strange....since I have been check hundreds of times and have seen thousands of other people checked.


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              You gotta love Mexico. I had a Mexican girlfriend and we were in Monterrey at a plaza where people were selling everything known to man. I see a guy selling caged robins and bluejays etc.
              I say to my girlfriend, “You can’t sell wild birds like that in the US. It’s illegal.” She laughs and says, “Oh it’s illegal here too!”


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                Do this. Photocopy your vax passport and a shrunken copy of your passport. Then copy the 2 same-sized cards maybe 5 times and carry the copies with you in Mexico or elsewhere. That way if you get robbed all these schmucks got was a useless photocopy. I never ever carry or use my credit cards in foreign countries. Always carry greenbacks and traveler's checks. There's a limit of something like $10K cash and the fucked US Customs like to steal that money from you.

                Then came the ugly Covid virus ruining lives and economies everywhere. To tell you the truth I wanted to quit Thailand sinful business with ladyboys. Business was failing since I started vacationing in Thailand every winter for 2 months at a time. Started in 2012. The tourist crowds were thinning out. More cheapskate Indians trying to bargain for a 2 men-1 girl deal. I don't care for Indian food. I love red meat. Pig & Whistle and the side restaurants were thinning out. My favorite ladyboys with huge cocks and little bodies were plentiful as you can see from my ladyboy friends nude photos in 5 sets. I thing everybody loves Baitong. Do a "Baitong" search engine on this The Anyway things were going downhill for the bar industry as I keenly observed every year since 2012. Pattaya Obsessions was great in 2012 December. Then gradually I noticed I was the only customer in the bar. They loved taking pictures which I showed you. Some couldn't even speak English, but who cares so long as their cocks were long, think, hard, and full of delicious cum. What a life. 1-2 dates every single day. Before Obessions went bankrupt so did Stringfellows. Then King's Bar and Blue Lizard in front of my very eyes in 2019. PIggies Bar and and all the bars on Soi 7 and 8 were shut down with the Covid disaster.

                Strangely I returned to Honolulu last January 2020. Yep right before the Chinese virus.


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                  Originally posted by Escierto View Post
                  You gotta love Mexico. I had a Mexican girlfriend and we were in Monterrey at a plaza where people were selling everything known to man. I see a guy selling caged robins and bluejays etc.
                  I say to my girlfriend, “You can’t sell wild birds like that in the US. It’s illegal.” She laughs and says, “Oh it’s illegal here too!”
                  Well that is one of the good things about Mexico is there is fewer rules and restrictions. Even if there is laws, they can be circumvented easily.
                  Pharmacies in Mexico often will sell you stuff that you can't get over the counter in Canada or the USA.

                  IMG_1850.JPG IMG_1761.JPG

                  Thailand you can find places to buy most things also. Authorities are almost as corrupt as Mexico.
                  People all over are selling wild birds in small wooden cages. They charge you then you release the birds for good luck and give back the cage.
                  It is supposed to be for good luck but you pay for something that costs them nothing and then have nothing to show for it.


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                    Wow, that Latina is gorgeous! Love to kiss her full lips, then head south of the border to taste more… hehe


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                      Very nice photos of everything including Fernanda. Wow! Ever the hottie in my pants. But some problems. I don't have a date to go to Cancun with. So can you find out exactly where in Cancun I can find some hot Travestis. Like I do in Pattaya I go to Bhuakao, Pattaya Sois 6, 7, and 8 for Katoey barfines. Even better is Beachwalk for freelancers. Your hotel is probably too expensive for me so can you suggest a MID-range very near the eateries, shopping, and nightlife. Waste of time finding and riding taxis from the beach resorts.

                      Am surprised that the weather is so warm and beautiful when there's terrible storms across the US Mainland. What's the daytime and nighttime temperatures? Looks way better than Hawaii. Cheaper and less crowded by concrete jungles of Waikiki. Too many mask restrictions. Can even get your ticketed or thrown out of bars and eateries. But Governor Ige will probably start easing C restrictions probably next week. But I live here in Honolulu. So am basically bored being landlocked. The reason I never visited Mexico was because of the bad news about narco murders, gender discrimination, and such. But I'm guessing its rare in reality.

                      So tell me where exactly do I go to stay in a comfortable 3-4 star hotel close to the Travesti action? And eating all kinds of gastronomic delicacies. Shopping, too.

                      Like you I have lots of cash and don't need to work. I am a retired doctor and single. I am ready to travel to Mexico. After this post I am going to Google Map and find out what other destinations are nearby Cancun. Mexico City for its museums, Puerto Vallarta for sunbumming, and Oxaca. Best of all I like to people watch. Since you are a Mexico connoisseur please give me some suggestions for Mexican destinations I should try out.

                      More photos of the sceneries with Fernanda in them. More questions later. Keep on Truckin'.


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                        You should stay in Playa Del Carmen. It is one hour drive from Cancun and it is better and easier to get around and cheaper.
                        A taxi to Playa from Cancun airport is about $50 but you will save on accomodations compared to Cancun and everything in Playa is much less trouble to get to.
                        There is a walking street and if you stay close to it that is best. The walking street is called 5th Avenue or Quinta Avenida where you want to be near.
                        There is many hotels but Air Bnb is the way to go in Playa Del Carmen, there is so many good places.
                        If you prefer a hotel there is many options in Playa but Air bnb is probably a better deal and more flexible.


                        If you sit at restaurants on 5th avenue you can sometimes see some TS walking by. There is a gay club that has some tgirls standing on the street to try to usher you in. There is also clubs you can meet them but not good for older people. Your best bet is to use the escort sites.