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Pictures of Rita from Obsessions Pattaya

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    TF search box thingy uses poor logic and wont work on a partial name very well .


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      Originally posted by CragR View Post
      Here is a few pics that my friend took of Rita from Obsessions Pattaya in his room.
      Rita seemed very nice if not quiet but she was definitely hot and sexy.

      Nic is she still around


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        Not sure . She was in Thai Friendly last fall but I dont see her on there now so she may have landed a full time BF


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          I found a profile with the name "Ritasweet". This is a ladyboy and the age was deleted. But the owner has been offline for 5 years.


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            The last time I spoke to Rita was 2016 and she was still at obsessions in pattaya and it was a phone call and the last time . ...I was at a party and she wanted me to barfine her (1000) before meeting me at the party .Although i wasnt opposed to the idea of the bar fine i did not want to have to go and fetch her that was that ..and i never looked back.
            Ritasweet was her profile. I would bet she landed a rich sponsor. She was hot and actually seemed a nice personality. She had a German bf who called her from time to time when we were together back in 2015 so she knows how it works and loves cash.