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  • Originally posted by Crag Rockheart View Post

    I hear they have a shortage of drug dogs. Most dogs are probably used in checked baggage loading areas to find larger shipments.
    With security these days it is pretty hard just to strap drugs to your body like the old days, so any significant amounts would be in your check in luggage.

    I have read conflicting reports as to whether dogs can smell many kinds of drugs.
    However in Canada where cannabis is legal it may be counter productive for dogs to be checking for that much.
    Plus if you are trying to find people for covid and your dogs were finding everyone with drugs, that would defeat the purpose.
    I think ideally you have a dog that can detect one thing really well.

    Vancouver has beagles that sniff everyone in the baggage area coming in on international flights.
    Those dogs are looking for illegal food which is very common among the Asian passengers.
    They bring all sorts of banned meats, fruits and other stuff that cannot enter our system.

    One time when I was flying home to Canada from Bangkok, I had a Thai Airways flight to Hong Kong.
    On arriving in Hong Kong there was a police officer with an automatic weapon and a huge dog. He was right in the middle of the off ramp so everyone had to brush past the dog.
    On arrival back home in Canada I discovered some Cannabis in the bottom of my camera bag, that I had forgotten about.
    I would assume they are looking for much harder drugs on a flight from Bangkok.

    I saw Gendarmerie dogs in operation. They are able to find one gram of cannabis in a truck. I find it strange you hadn't be caught, but you were lucky if you passed the control at Hong Kong. Customs dogs can even find that a car carried drug even if it's empty and the testimoney of the police officer can be accepted by the court.


    • Originally posted by P&G View Post

      I saw Gendarmerie dogs in operation. They are able to find one gram of cannabis in a truck. I find it strange you hadn't be caught, but you were lucky if you passed the control at Hong Kong. Customs dogs can even find that a car carried drug even if it's empty and the testimoney of the police officer can be accepted by the court.
      Drug dogs can find small amounts of anything they are trained to find.
      I'm not clear if they are equally effective if they are searching for more than one thing.

      I don't know if it was a drug dog, it was a Rottweiler which is not as known as a drug dog so much.
      However if they are looking for hard drugs they don't want drugs dogs that are also looking for cannabis.
      The guy with heroin would get by while they were harassing someone else for pot.

      It may have been a situation like George said where they were just looking for a reaction or even looking for a certain passenger.
      A dog could easily smell cannabis in someone's sweat, so they don't want these expensive drug dogs to be distracted that way.

      Any significant amount of pot would be coming into Hong Kong in other ways.
      Plus i was not actually entering Hong Kong.
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      • Aye, those must have been the good old days for VN soldiers. Thailand was PARADISE for young men just coming out of puberty. "You can get anything you want at a place called Bangkok". Being in a foreign land where your cops, parents, government, where nobody knows you made them incredibly free to indulge their wildest fantasies. Culture shock in Extremist. Same thing happened to me in Manila 1976-1980. The VietNam was just ended in April 30, 1975. The next year I arrived not knowing anything about the Philippines. There was marital law declared by Ferdinand Marcos and everybody had to be home by midnight. Marcos has finally caught the head of the Communist guerillas. He was a former student from the U of the Philippines where I was studying. Reminded me of the movie Year of Living Dangerously with Mel Gibson, Sigourney Weaver, and Linda Hunt. The GI's suddenly disappeared and the girls were without customers. Marcos confiscated every single Filipino's guns, rifles, and ammo. Later learned it was a good thing because Marcos wanted to open the Philippines to a safe travel destination. From the book "America's Boy" I read Marcos wanted the Philippines to become the BEST party town in Asia. The biggest Whorehouse in Asia. Bar none. Couldn't believe I was destined to be there when history was being made. But young as I was growing up spoiled in America I despised their poverty, criminality, scams, derogatory comments by columnists in the Manila Times. Culture shock in a bad way. Then after I graduated in 1980 the misery got worse. AIDS arrived, Rustan's Department Store was bombed, and the muslim war was restarting. What a violent country. Always worried if I was going to make it to graduation from an offshore medical school. Just like the one located in South America that President Bush invaded putting extreme fear in their foreign medical school students not knowing what the hell was going on. Would they graduate? Maybe killed. What's gonna happen!!!

        Asia was a wild time in the past. A real jungle where forests were green, the population was smaller, and the people more friendly. Now the Western Civilization has chosen to invite themselves in with their mega money belts and brainwash them that CAPITALISM would solve their POVERTY. It is kosher to make money for themselves and us, too. Then comes recessions after recessions which are a normal thing for economic growth to have continuous stock market booms. Like breathing in and out. Sooner or later there would be a bust and foreign investors will be smart enough to sell their stocks and pull out. Nice meeting you but gotta go. But as we can see that long-awaited crash is now here. Who could have predicted that a tiny little virus could do more that all the nuclear bombs in the world? But fear not. A vaccine will come and Trump will be there to take credit for it. But there remains one problem. Will he be rewarded with a second term before the vaccine arrives or will he declare martial law. Complicated but interesting picture of how the world economy works that uneducated people can't understand. At's how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is my belief that USA et al wants the world to be a better place for all citizens by maneuvering their economies carefully so all can reap the rewards of economic success. New homes, new clothes, new car, good schooling, great college entries, good nutritious food, and so on. BUT BUT BUT, the leaders are so fucking corrupt. They are cleverly chiseling at the moneys earmarked for the people by bribery, theft, phony shodow businesses, and so many I can't think of. America is the good guy. It is the military juntas and crooks like the leaders of Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines, China, and more who are getting caught and prosecuted while the world burns with the C. This is an opportunity to scam the governments of the world to give them their money and lives. The whole world is in danger of the dreaded BIG EARTHQUAKE of world economies. And just a little invisible teenie weenie bug is going to do it for us. God and his wife MOTHER NATURE is very PISSED.


        • This article is awesome:

          The foreign demand for marijuana produced a boom in Thailand’s poorest region during the 1970s and 80s. North of Udorn on the banks of the Mekong sits Isan, a plateau as large as many American states (62,000 square miles) that floods during monsoon season and is arid and dusty during the dry season. Although rice fields are hard to irrigate and do not yield much, marijuana thrives thanks to the Mekong River, whose tributaries replenish the region with rich, silty soil. Farmers in Northeast Thailand take the same care with their cannabis plants that French vintners take with their grapevines.....

          Thailand will be opening to Cannabis tourism in the near future. They cannot compete in the Tourist market if they do not move in this direction.
          There is probably no where that can grow better pot than Thailand, the conditions are perfect and they don't have to use artificial lights.

          Cannabis tourism in Thailand – high time for medical marijuana-inspired travel
          • Officials hope to launch medical marijuana tourism in the Southeast Asian nation to attract ‘quality’ visitors
          • Estimates suggest the nascent industry could bring in as much as US$687 million by 2024

          Thailand actually is planning to become the world's number one supplier of Marijuana.
          They can grow it at a fraction of the price it costs in Canada to grow.

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          • I sincerely hope that Thailand will become rich and an Asian Tiger. Funny thing. Cornonavirus does NOT harm MJ. Farmers will be able to space themselves more than 6 feet apart. Crag, you have so much knowledge about Thailand. You should work in the United Nations with a diplomatic passport and first class seats. They will pay for a luxurious accommodation for as long as you work for them. You could work like my uncle who headed the prestigious Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the 50's to the 90's. My uncle was like Santa Claus all over Asia running a program like the Marshall Plan in Europe after WWII. He brought seeds, fertilizer, crop rotation principles, the latest harvesting and planting machinery, and brought Asia into the 20th Century. I visited him in Bangkok in 1972 when Thailand was still poor and almost ruined by the Japanese. The streets were still hand laid asphalt and full of smoky little motorcycles. All those unpainted wooden shanties you see rotting all over Bangkok used to be standard living homes. I thought this place was a failure in motion. I stayed only in Bangkok walking around and trying to find the attractions, but there were no travel information like we have online. I was a skinny guy with a backpack filled with Nikon lenses and film camera trudging everywhere looking for something worthy of shooting. What a life eating Thai spicy foods, meeting cute young girls, shopping in outdoor markets late into the hours when Americans sleep. So much to remember that I forgot. Now everything is Westernized and expensive and crowded. Now I understand what the demonstrators were shouting about "Cuban Si, Yankee No!" Traveling in Asia is so much fun. Need to take your shoes and jewelry off and "Do like the Romans do".


            • Thailand was traditionally always rich until the colonialists came. Siam and Bangkok was always the place to be.
              After that all the wealth was sucked out of Thailand. They stole all the gold, even the buddha statues.

              Some feel cannabis reduces your chance of getting corona.
              Others say because it opens up your lungs, it may increase your chances.

              Thailand will certainly thrive if they start growing more pot and less rice.

              Farmers don't need to social distance they are usually alone outstanding in their field.
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              • An email I just sent my brother this morning. He received 3 packages of Milwaukee N95 masks. He needed them for his kids aged 9 and 10. Feel free to read it:

                "Remember to wash the N95 masks every week to a month depending on how often or long you use them. Pour hot water from your kitchen faucet into a deep bowl or small kitchen pot. Add some hydrogen peroxide, mix and let sit for a while. Maybe an hour or less. Do not rub the material. Pick the masks up bu the yellow rubber strap and just hang it up to dry. Don't even shake it dry.

                Try dropping your kitchen or bath wash cloth into the leftover solution and watch the foam pour out of the bowl. Like a magical chemistry experiment. Then pour the solution down the kitchen sink. Makes for a good sanitizer and deoderizer. Ask the kids what both words mean. Helps to stimulate their Einstein minds. Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, my knowledge bank has increased exponentially even with my hearing loss.

                Queen's Hospital has reopened their surgical theaters 2 days ago. Tried calling Dr. H's office but just a recording. The waiting game continues. I spend so much time reading the newspapers and watching the national evening news and CNN. good thing we have college educations. A lot of these news are highly technical and the reporters are talking fast like machineguns. Thankful for CC and Subtitles. Really revolutionized my learning. Funny to say, those educational learning online is indeed a very good thing. Imagine getting up late when you like, eating breakfast at your own leisurely speed, then decide whether to turn on your desktop and start work or learning at 10 AM or PM, set your own time, take breaks when you're hungry or need a cafe o lait or a hearty custom made submarine sandwich. Ah, life is good. No need to dress up for work and waste time in traffic and eating gas and time. I think this C may be a BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Chiao, your brother."

                Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone



                  Soon they will be "Gone with the Wind" and "The Meeks will inherit the Wind."


                  • That sounds like the line from and old Rush song.
                    One of the greatest rock albums of all time.

                    The first song is the 2112 Overture.
                    The last line in part one is "And the Meek Shall Inherit Earth"

                    The second part of the song is the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx.
                    They are trying to control the people and all the information.......

                    The most famous song on the album is:
                    "A Passage to Bangkok"
                    This is about traveling on the Thailand express to Bangkok and smoking lots of pot along the way.

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                    • Shemale Canada
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                      • Read this. I'll comment on this tomorrow. Am going to bed now.



                        • Here is stats of Covid between Canada and Thailand.
                          • Canada population 2018 - 36,994,000
                          • Thailand population 2018 - 67,793,000
                          COVID stats for Canada:

                          COVID stats for Thailand:


                          Thailand is 300 km from China.
                          Canada is over 9000 km from China

                          1200px-Canada_People's_Republic_of_China_Locator.svg (1).png China_Thailand_Locator.png
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                            Needless to say. This is very hard work. Not easy like it was sitting on your ass in bars waiting and waiting for customers. No one shows up. Or walking on Beachwalk with large crowds of girls and no one chooses you. When you sign up to be a bait on an Online Sex Chat site. You will need just a cell phone and a tripod to hold it steady. Must wear nice makeup and nice clothes or no clothes at all. Cannot show stage fright, must speak and understand English, be pretty to beautiful with a excellent body, must be strong on endurance because many horny men and women will want to fuck you virtually in every way possible. Cannot say, "I don't do that stuff" or "I am not that kind of girl/Ladyboy. Must always smile and pay attention to the mood of the voyeurs. Good to know how long to masturbate and cum on cue. Must shoot right on the dot when they yell, "CUM! CUM NOW!" Must be able to endure sleepless long hours to answer the phone and act like you just awoke and ate. Good teeth and shaved pussies and cocks are good hygiene. Naired anuses, too. Having thousands of dollars worth of sex toys is necessary, even required. Learn to stretch you rectal muscles to accept large squashes in additions to baseball bats already inside. They love pain. Really and blood-screaming pain. That's what they pay for. Learning to snort crack and shoot heroin heightens their lust of death sex. Do these drugs on top of swallowing a new bottle of Vodka until it is empty helps to dullen the shame and pain. Do you want to play You gots the balls to perform hard core extreme sex until you cannot stand. Then you will get RICH. And separate yourself from the amateurs and inexperienced. You will become GOD.


                            • Cam work is not that easy.

                              Many ladyboys just don't have the patience for something like webcam.
                              I remember telling Massey about doing webcam and she was all excited.
                              We got her a laptop and she was all set up and actually making money doing shows.
                              I even did some shows with her on webcam while she was staying with me.
                              After I left she didn't even try to do it.

                              You have to sit on cam for long period of time and keep up a cheerful eager attitude.
                              Most ladyboys that work in bars just don't have the aptitude for this, it is boring, lonely and nobody buys them drinks and shit.
                              Webcamming for a living is real work.
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                              • Thank you very much for your input. I was waiting to hear what you would say. I was going to NOT give my friend Oil (my Birthday Ladyboy friend) the $600 for a used motorcycle she desires, but rather tell her to join or something of the online sex chat sites. Work for her money and forget about a monetary handout. If I were a ladyboy with a medical degree I most likely would succeed because I have discipline and a strong work ethic. They don't speak English well or understand it carefully, lie like they think they can get away with stupidity, don't know how to pose in front of my camera, hide their cocks and faces, say that they will pose for my camera then say they don't do nude shots or want shots only below the neck. Really shit dealing with idiots.

                                Many times I just throw them out without pay. You should see their faces in shock saying, "You must pay me. I came to your room." Fuck you ya dumb ass! That's why I'm thinking of quitting my nude photo shoots and just fuck them in the dark with out complicated details about how we're going to shoot nudes. I think it's funny how they can manage information when I say, "We going smoke, yes? We going kiss, yes? We going take pictures naked, yes? Above the neck and below, yes? Both swallow cum, yes? And so on. I could write a book about the "Frustrations of Shooting Ladyboys in Thailand". Mo beddah just fuck 'em and forget about 'em. Seek a new cunt every night. That's why I am going to be very strict about advising her to join I need to be blunt and hammer it into her head that I won't be sending any more money. She should take this job or we break up. For good. Maybe this C virus is a good thing. It can slap you straight that you need to find a job. A serious one that can make you money. Lots of it and can still enable one to work in a Corvid19 pandemic. Or die of starvation. Darwin's "Theory of Survival of the Fittest".