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Stay away from Coke products!

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  • Stay away from Coke products!

    Coke products will make you sick:

    Caffeine, too.

    sugar toxicity:

    Stay away from sugars, caffeine, iced tea, coffee, soda pops, colas, and just drink plain water (iced with squeezed limes or lemons) and whole milk. BTW, Coke plus milk will make you sick. Try mixing Coke with milk in a glass. Watch.

    Frankly, I'm glad I'm intolerant to alcohol in all oral forms.

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    That isn't really true. I've been a coke addict most of my life and it hasn't hurt me too much.
    I used to drink a lot of regular coke and never liked the taste of diet coke but eventually grew to like diet pepsi.

    It is mainly the sugar and corn syrup the use that is dangerous and can cause health complications and obesity.
    I am thinner today due to drinking diet cola instead of regular and the artificial sweetener has never bothered me.
    There is no conclusive studies about artificial sweeteners actually being bad for you, just in some cases it looked that way.
    Saccharine was thought to cause cancer when it became popular but that was never proven. It is thought the inventors of Aspartame trashed Saccharine for profit.

    I used to work at a coke bottling plant and was a bartender for 15 years and guzzled free coke during that time.
    Other than getting fat on the sugar, I had no real health consequences.

    Coke and milk together is not toxic in any way. Lots of people eat ice cream and coke together or have a rootbeer or coke float, that hasn't killed anyone I know of.
    When i was a bartender the most popular drink was a Vodka Paralyzer which was, vodka, kahlua, milk and coke. I served thousands of these things. This did make people sick but only because they drank too much alcohol and the rich drink didn't help. Otherwise if consume the drink with a few hours it won't turn on you. If you use old mild the coke will make it curdle so you always have to use fresh milk.

    I invented a Christmas Paralyzer which is, Spiced Rum, Kahlua, milk and Dr. pepper.
    You must use coke or dr pepper with sugar, diet drinks don't taste good with these.

    It doesn't matter what it looks like once it is inside your guts mixed with everything else.

    I also drink tons of coffee with sugar twin and the caffiene has never bothered me either.
    I'm not clear what the down side is.

    Drinking large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis is not healthy but, beer and wine both have healthy qualities

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      Ah, you checkmated me, dude. BTW, I hardly see bars serving mixed drinks. Just bottle beer. No bottles of whiskey or spirits anywhere. The VW buses in the back of Central Festival do serve mixed drinks but so few bottles on the shelf. Is Thailand against competition for their own beers?


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        Peanuts in Coke?


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          Pop rocks got taken off the market because there was a rumor that if you at them with coke your stomach would explode.

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            Funny I was watching Gilda Radner on Saturday Night. She claims as a joke that if you eat your fingernails a hand will grow in your stomach.