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The Rookie Thread!

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  • The Rookie Thread!

    This is a thread for you rookies out there, or even for guys who may have been to Bangkok and Thailand in general just a few times and may still need some pointers; for you old-time hands, feel free to pitch in anywhere and lets help the new guys avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that we all made way-back-when!
    Note: 2015 this all still holds true except for any updates you may see in RED.

    1] Don't pre-plan too much. Yes, we know it's VERY hard not to do this, but once you get there and see what the scene is all about you will realize that you didn't need too many pre-trip arrangements; everything just seems to fall into place!

    2] Check out Nana Plaza; over 100 ladyboys work there nightly. 2015 - Nana Plaza has more ladyboys and ladyboy bars than ever.

    3] Try and get down to Phuket. This place is great and while most people opt for just Pattaya, if you have the time [we usually recommend 3 weeks or more for any trip] try and do Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, AKA Shemale Island; you will not regret it. 2015 - The Ladyboy scene is not as it once was in Phuket. There is still many ladyboys but they are harder to find and less bars. Tequila Bar is gone Soi Croc is under renovations.

    4] Need we say it? Pack condoms and practice safe sex.

    5] Tip fairly; this goes for everyone who treats you well, from the hotel cleaning lady to the girls you take home. If their service was good, pay them accordingly; you have more money after all and if you didn't you wouldn't be going all the way to Asia in the first place.

    6] Patpong is worth a visit, but a short one only; Nana Plaza is much better, and if you check the thread about the New Bar there may soon be one more alternative to this over-priced, loud, touristy and headache-inducing place.
    6a] When going to Kings Castle 3, a must on every new guys itinerary, be sure to ask first if the girl has a dick or not as many of these girls [25%? more?] are post-ops. And don't take home a postie, they're weird.

    7]Contacting girls before- hand has proven to be the death of many travellers vacations; it locks you in with one girl and prevents you from having fun and 'butterflying', which should be part of the reason you are there after all! And what if you do not actually like the girl you have fallen in love with via e-mail and fone calls? Chemistry is the best thing and you can't feel this until you are actually on the scene. Don't fall into the Thai Friendly trap, these ladyboys want you to come and see them only!

    8] Watch your shit; while most ladyboys are cool and honest people, a few have been known to be light-fingered and some of the ones who walk around Nana Plaza as ferelancers are notorious for this.

    9] Don't skimp on Hotel rooms; these are extremely cheap in Thailand and worth it, get a decent place for 50 or more dollars as the difference between that and a 25 or 30 dollar room is quite noticeable. Check the Forum Travel section for more tips on this and don't be afraid to ask questions!

    10] Same goes for this main forum; ask questions, get involved, be a part of the scene! We don't bite here, ask away and thee shall learn all you need to know. Read posts from guys like Tomcat, one of the more worldly and articulate guys whom I have ever read up here.

    11] Sleep when you're dead..... if you only have a week or 2 get out there and have fun.

    12] Paying the girls is always your choice and should be determined by how good they were for you; Bangkok and Phuket are always top dollar and Pattaya can be a bit less. But even this is very reasonable compared to the west and while I won't get into naming specific dollar amounts lest I get dozens of angry ladyboys after me, remember the main reason you came to Thailand and don't hold back on the most important part of your trip.

    13] Bar fines; these are established by the bar and usually 500-700 baht or about 15 dollars, lower in beer bars and in Pattaya. This allows you to take the girl away from that bar and keep her for 2 hours or all night, depending on what you and she agree to.

    14]Call-backs; don't give your number out unless you REALLY liked the person you just spent time with, because she WILL be calling you again, count on it.

    15] Lady Drinks; these are common to most bars and means that a ladyboy will be asking you for one; if you agree, you will pay 150 baht for a splash of flat coke or fanta which they won't drink anyway. But they WILL sit there and rub your hand or your leg and basically annoy the piss out of you, so don't call someone over for a Lady Drink unless you really like her looks or have decided that you wil be taking her home. Do NOT be pressured or forced into buying one of these deals; it's your choice, if you don't want to just politely say no.

    16] Lies; it's common practice so get used to it. If a ladyboy you like suddenly breaks a date and says she has to go to the hospital to see a friend, she has another date. If she says she is sick and can't meet you, she has another date. If she says her family back in Issan needs cash and you have to supply that, she wants a new handbag at Emporium. Always use your head, and by that we do not mean not the little one.

    17] Soi Cowboy is dead now; save yourself the time and don't go there. 2015 - Soi Cowboy now has Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar which is ok, but still pretty lame down that way.

    18] Don't be afraid to walk into Obsessions or any other bars; some people have told me this but in reality there is no need to be, just walk in, take a seat, and be prepared to be surrounded like a steak thrown into the middle of a river full of piranhas. No , seriously, it's not that bad..... they are more like, really, just walk in, have a seat and look for the waitress and order a drink; get the mamasan over [ask your server] and ask her to sit down. Buy her a drink and chat; she will be cool and will shoe the other LB's away like flies and they are all scared of her. Select a few you think are cute and ask Mama what she thinks; she will [usually] be honest and tell you which one to take; select 3 or 4 and ask her which is the most friendly, best in bed and most fun, etc..... by the time that girl comes over and the Mama tells her you selected her, she will be as happy as a pig in shit and aiming to please, especially since Mama was in on the deal.

    19] Remember the phrase "up to you", because you will hear it often. And make 'em stick to that; if a girl says "up to you" to me I always say " that's right, it's always up to me because I have the cash. Be the same way; if you get attitude or lip or some bullshit silent treatment because you are doing something she didn't want [after she plainly said UP TO YOU], send her back and get another one, or call someone from the list of names you didn't ask me for.

    20] Write to Stogie and get HIS advice!

    Have fun, lads
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    OK..My take on this list..
    1...Plan which bars to visit..Not the LBs..
    2...Same same..
    3...Phuket if you want a beach ..Pattaya is more fun..BKK is good for 1-2 days..
    4...Same same..
    5...Same same..
    6...Same same..
    7..No no and will cost you lots more..
    8..Sama same and it Pattaya or Phuket stay away from beach Rd. LBs and GGs..
    9..In Pattaya 1000bth gets you a nice room..
    10..Sama same..
    11..Same same..
    12..In BKK all the nice LBs are in one place (Nana) Pattaya and Phuket not same same ..Pattaya got 100 times more LBs. better and cheaper..
    13..BKK..BF 500-600Bth..ST..1000-1500 Pattaya BF200-
    300Bth..ST.. 500-800bth LT..1000-1500bth..
    14..Same same..
    15..same same..
    16..Same same TIT..
    17..Same same..
    18..Same same.
    19..Same same..
    20..Same same..
    21..Take lots of photos and post a trip report..
    22..Don't give a fuck what others think go out with your LB and have FUN...
    So many Ladyboys so little time..


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      thanks for the hints & tips, its always good to have some idea of what to expect, i'd like to say thanks to all the guys who put up there trip reports, not only are they on the whole entertainng , but also a good insight inot the scene,
      i for one feel more preparied for my short stay in feb,
      thanks guys keep up the good work.


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        Some fantastic points here and all good. (Especially #20!)

        I'll pick up on a couple though...

        Spend a tad extra on a decent hotel room...

        About the best advice here and often not mentioned. The girls know all these hotels like their bus routes to work. If you say "I'm staying at the dorm with the noisy fan on Soi 57" it's not going to impress and if you think that the girls don't care where you stay and don't need to be impressed then think again.

        I'll bet that if you pay 25% more for a room then the sex is 25% BETTER! Let's face it... if I invite you out for a meal you don't want a bag of chips, right?

        There is a worrying amount of travellers who think that because these girls are getting paid they don't think like regular folk... If I'm on the town looking for some LB action I dress up (reasonably) good and clean my ass! I smell good too and treat the girls like I would a waitress or shop worker.

        Come on folks... let's face it... we want a good night of raunchy sex, yes? It's not so different than ordering a meal and/or buying a new shirt. You'll get the best service from the girls you are nicest to and respectful of.

        When I went to meet Candy for the first time (I'm making this up, by the way, if The Shadow is reading this!) I cleaned myself up and acted like I was on a real date. I was full of nervous anticipation! I had a memorable evening!

        If you go out stinking of ale and cigarettes and just lay there while a disinterested lb beauty wanks you off you may as well join the site for life and live on your own with a mountain of Kleenex.

        Ladyboys lie! Yes they do. Your conversations with them mean absolutely nothing! But, hey - my conversations with most people I meet are pretty forgettable. Join in the fun and lie about everything. I do...

        I'll give them a weird name and tell them I am a rich succesful person! In turn they will tell me what I want to here like... "I suck you and you come Tsunami!" It's a game so learn the rules and join in!

        Agree on a rate UP FRONT!

        JaiDee says 'pay fair' and that's well and good, but nothing distracts me more than the uncertainty and possible confrontations involved when this issue is NOT resolved up front. It doesn't matter what you pay - just make sure you have a crystal clear agreement that you can refer to the next day! (Their English is NEVER that bad!)

        I'm gonna get some flak on this one because I know a lot of folk like the 'up to you' method of paying out. I personally do not. I don't wanna be a cheapo but I don't want to be a fool also!

        ... More soon... the new boss just emailed me!


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          Only once has this ever happened to me;

          got a girl back to my room in Patong and she asked for payment up front! Couldn't believe it..... and damn it, if it wasn't 4am and there was no one else out there and I actually had some, you know, principles, I would've tossed that wanker outta there!

          as it stands of course I paid her .....grrrrrrr....and then had sub-standard sex

          I always wait....... if the girl was good she gets more, if she was horrible she gets less, simple. agreeing on a price beforehand is kind of like the idea of socialized medicine to me; if they know they are getting a certain payoff anyway, what's the point of working hard for the dough?

          I say make 'em sweat.....and earn it


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            ok talking the whole payment figure, between what figures should i expect to pay ST & LT?
            Billy quotes 100-1500 in Bk short time, is this about right? what about LT?
            and of course i agree with the whole tipping if you click or at least know they have tried rather just gone through the motions


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              also on Stogies point, about where you stay, ive booked into the dynasty grand is this a good move as far as the girls are concerned?


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                please, please no one quote me here, OK?

                I think 1K is a bit low, unless jn Pattaya..... there it's about right and 1500 is nice; 2K all night seems about right but I never get to that rathole [ooops, I mean that lovely city on the bay] so I really don't know

                girls in BKK want 2K for short these days, 3 for long.....sorry but that's reality and they are let down with less

                Dynasty grand? not sure if I know this place, but again remember the difference between a 30 dollar [1200 baht] room and a 50 dollar [about 2000] is very noticeable.


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                  thats cool at those prices, compaired to home
                  thats a steal, its a deal its the sale of the fucking century, (sos, had to slip it in!!)
                  as for dynasty its in the 2000 region, so hopefully thats ok,
                  thanks for the advice once again JD, Billy & stogie.
                  counting down the days & cant wait for the fun to begin!!


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                    I think you'll find several posts on the Dynasty Inn Grande... try this...Every lady I've taken there likes the room...


                    I'm a relative rookie also but I don't like the "up to you" arrangement...Only happened to me once, but I pushed until I got a price (1500 bht ST) and all ended OK...In fact I barfined her again a couple days later and she asked if she could stay LT for the same price...I know it wasn't my good looks...musta been a slow month at Nana....
                    "It's not Gay if you beat them up afterwards."  --- Anon


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                      cheers for that Kahuna,
                      im trying to get as much info as poss,
                      once again thanks to one & all, & promise take pics & put in a trip report for you all to read, having enjoyed reading everybody else's, its only fair


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                        I like to agree on price before I go back to the hotel.

                        I basically look at the whole thing like this. Even if the sex is ordinary and no real extra effort is put in she deserves a minimum amount. I tell her that if she goes above and beyond the call of duty then there will also be a tip in it for her.

                        I always get her to repeat to me what we have agreed on so there is no confusion and you know she understands.

                        I like this because all the business side of things are taken care of before hand and after that we can treat it like the GFE that I am hoping for.


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                          Try and learn a few words of Thai ( i am trying!!)

                          As Ozzie will tell you it makes for a much better experience.
                          seriously pig headed,arrogant,double standard smart ass poster!


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                            Yeah good point KL.

                            I actually think it is common courtesy to learn at least some basic words like hello, thank you etc and something about the local culture before you even step foot in a new country. This way you are less likely to offend someone.


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                              (ozzie @ Oct. 26 2006,07:26) I like to agree on price before I go back to the hotel.
                              I basically look at the whole thing like this. Even if the sex is ordinary and no real extra effort is put in she deserves a minimum amount. I tell her that if she goes above and beyond the call of duty then there will also be a tip in it for her.
                              I always get her to repeat to me what we have agreed on so there is no confusion and you know she understands.
                              I like this because all the business side of things are taken care of before hand and after that we can treat it like the GFE that I am hoping for.
                              Spot on. That goes for me 100%.

                              Not sure about learning Thai though. I've been here a few years and I don't speak any Thai at all.

                              If they want to start jabbering I just hand them a mirror, a mobile or a remote control! That shuts 'em up pretty quickly!