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  • Technical video photography lighting question

    I love photography and the ladyboys who love to be video taped. Just subscribed to which is shows some excellent videos of lot of beauties. I have a technical question about what kinds of lighting equipment is used by these cameramen. Some of the outstanding shots are made with some glaring spotlights which seem to be mounted on the video cam itself. Wherever the camera points the spotlight follows. If the camera moves under the model the light shows the undersides perfectly lit up. I am guessing a powerful ring light might be used but I have never seen one with a powerful glaring light. Watch Ladyboy Vice or LadyboysFuckedBareback videos and you will see what I mean. It gives you the effect like an irritating police raid movie. I don't think it is a strong light mounted on the top of the video cam because I see no circular shadow when there's closeup shots. Only the subject or body part is lighted up. The rest of the room is dark. This kind of photography is used in the interracial videos by rented at They are excellent watching and evoke the dark underworld of prostitution. I'd like to learn what kind of lighting equipment is used and what they're called. Where can I buy some? Amazon, B&H, Pantip Plaza? I think with these lights I can stop carrying around umbrella lights and stands. Will make my luggage lighter and less bulkier.

    Personally I rate TS Playground from Evil Angel as the best. Surprised how the downloads are sharper than DVD's. is good. I like Thippy's Unusual TS beauty. Just needs more videos released every week like Gold. is a funny hairy slob who wears a silly batman hood but is funny to watch. Enjoy the videos as it is more real life. Our kind of funny horny guy about Thailand. Enjoyable. One feature that is shown in almost all online porn ladyboy sites is the vital measurements, birthdays (no year shown), age, Thai phone numbers, email, and LINE name or phone number. You will have an opportunity to contact them. Fun. You get to see their merchandise before you call them up. Better than Thai Friendly. Next on my list is Am waiting for an email response to see if and are both in the first online site. this is a solo performers site. is interesting because it has Miran. The rest of the Japanese stars are few in number so don't know if it's worth the price. Anybody seen it yet? I load all my downloads onto a 6 Terabyte Western Digital internal hard drive, install it into a desk computer, and hook it up to my 55" TV via HDMI cable. Turn on my mouse and make believe I am the star. Great fun watching all these vids when I'm not in LOS.

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    People use video lights mounted on the camera hot shoe, these days they are mostly LED.
    I just use one of my LED lamps for a video light and may also use them for photography on a light stand.
    Even with a video light you still need other lights. The video light just ensures you get extra light where you need it.
    You still need the entire set to have a good lighting.

    DVDs are only 720 x 480 pixels
    Bluerays are 1920 x 1080 pixels.
    Websites with 4k video is 3840 x 2160 pixels

    I know offers all 3 formats for download.
    Most sites seem to offer this now.

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      Sounds good. Continuous flood lights on stands PLUS battery operated LED lights mounted onto the camera's hot shoe. Now to find a GoPro housing with a flash shoe built in at There's a few now which weren't even made last year. Need to be careful to buy the model that fits your Hero 4, 5, 6, or 7. I think my mistake in the past was to turn the LED lights mounted on my Canon 80D on full blast which bleached out the pictures. Also the model's don't like the blinding lights. Gotta remember to oil up the model's skin to give them the slippery effect. Still have to watch out for the round lens shadow that show up at 6 o'clock when mounted on DSLR cameras if the cam moves too close to the subject. I prefer the GoPro camera because of the wide view and everything is in focus all the time at all distances. Also no bulky lens barrel to fool around with. Trouble with DSLR and video cameras is the scenes tend to go out of focus when there's lots of rapid jerky motions. Ruins the videos. You can turn off the auto focus switch, but then it's hard to maintain the focus while you're the star. Got only 2 hands. Photography of nudes is a real challenge. So many mistakes to watch out for. But still great fun in the bedroom.


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        P1220271.JPG fio2.jpg Fon9.jpg Hi Guys...I typically schedule shoots during the day...window light is fantastic as a primary or supplementary light source...I also attach a smallish speed light to my hot shoe that has a video light built in...great for stills and particular camera (Panasonic LX100) can adjust focus during videos but NOT exposure so I need to keep the lighting balanced and even in the shooting area...the camera also features a fast 1.7 lens which allows shooting in fairly low light when I boost ISO to 500 or 600...after shooting nudes for over a decade I'm convinced that there is no "perfect camera"...small,light weight,w/tilt screen,fast lens and large sensor...maybe someday...LOL P1220560.JPG P1010018 copy.jpg


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          My biggest problem is trying to get a Ladyboy out of bed while the sun is still shining...LOL=^))


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            Just bought 2 housing cases for my GoPros so I can install my LED lights above it. They are from so take a peek at them.

            Gurmoir Aluminum Alloy Housing Case for Gopro Hero 5/Gopro Hero (2018) Action Camera (with Rear Door)(Blue), Protective Metal Skeleton Cage with 52 mm Filter Provides Better Protection for Gopro US$28.00 Has a metal backdoor as added security that it won't fall out.

            SHOOT Metal Protective Case for GoPro HERO7 Black/ HERO6/HERO5/HERO(2018) Video and Vlogging Frame Housing Cage Shell Must Have Accessories,Side Open,with 52mm UV Filter
            US$19.00 This one has NO backdoor so easier to pull the GoPro out the back for quick access to battery and micro SD card.

            Got both yesterday. One of the small screws was defective and I couldn't drive the phillips screw because the screw's grooves were defective. Typical Chinese inferior products. Shoot company will send me extra screws. I advise you to bring extra screws or secure them with Loctite or Teflon tape. These tiny screws are hard to find in my hardware stores and even harder to find in any Thai store. Remember you don't have to turn on the LED lights to full blast. Gradually learn to adjust the intensity by eyeball and test shoot your models. Lots of fun shooting Thai Katoeys. Love that they love to be shot on camera. They really are more beautiful than girls.

            Yes BilllyWorld, your shots in natural sunlight are excellent for making models look more natural and 3D with light shadows. Do need additional softer lights on the other side so the shadows won't be so dark. Am thankful to all you photographers' excellent works shown on all the online ladyboy porn sites. Really excellent works of art. Hope nobody gets arrested. I always have to keep one eye on the door and the other on my models.


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              Just found a good compact light to mount on the flash shoe of the above cases I described above. It's an LED ring light. Sold at for $37.00. I did buy a similar light at Pantip Plaza last December just in case I might need it. It is smaller at 6.25 inch diameter. The Pantip device seems to have only one row of LED lights in its ring while the Amazon one has two. Thus the higher price. Forgot how much I paid for the Pantip one. Nobody gives receipts. Best thing about these lights is the control switch is on the electric cord and you can adjust on/off, light quality, and intensity. Will need a longer USB male to female cable. Maybe 15 feet or more depending on the number of partners and their athleticisms.


              There are larger 8" and 10" sizes. There is a set with compact tripod, Universal cell phone holder, and 10.2 inch ring light. Costs $43.00. The 14 incher has three rows of LED lights and is an Amazon Choice at $99.00. Just type in Photography LED ring lights at the Amazon search box.

              Have fun shopping and shooting the best times of your life.
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                Newest Phone Holder Tripod Mount, Woohot 360 Degree RotationCMetal Phone Tripod Mount with Cold ShoeCMount Pro Smartphone Holder Video Rig Tripod Mount Adapter Cellphone Holder for Tripod

                Look this device up on Only $20. A real bargain for a very well made instrument. Might go up higher later in the year. Used to hold your cell phone and LED light on top. Can mount it on the tripod or a handle.


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                  Here's a good cell phone LED light about same size as the phone. Light lasts 70 minutes. Sold at for$49.00. Might buy two so one is charging while I'm using the other one.
                  Roll over image to zoom in

                  Godox Mobile Phone LED Video Light LEDM150, Dimmable Ultra High Power LED Panel Video Light for Smart Phones Cameras


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                        This is my favourite led lights. I have 3 of them and going to get more. LED Go CN-B150 LED On-Camera Light with Sony Type F550 Battery, Charger, Hot Shoe Adapter and Filter Set


                        Product Highlights
                        • Frameless Lockable Design
                        • 70W Power
                        • 7.2-12V DC Power Source
                        • 9W Power Output
                        • >95 CRI (Ra)
                        • 1170LM Illumination
                        • 3200K - 5400K Color Temperature
                        • Brightness Control Dimmer
                        • 100% Flicker-Free Dimming
                        Provides an even distribution of soft light at both short and long distances. It can be used as a single, on-camera light; in conjunction with other individual CN-B150 lights as fill lights in different positions; or multiple units can be connected together to form a single, joint light panel. This package includes a pack of three filters, a rechargeable Sony type F550 battery and charger.

                        An Incredibly versatile light, a single LEDGO CN-B150 can be powered by any of the following:
                        • Sony NP-F, NP-FH, NP-FM, or NP-FV Battery
                        • Panasonic CGR-D Battery (with included battery adapter)
                        • Canon LP-E6 or LP-E8 Battery (with optional battery adapter)
                        • Battery Charger (included)
                        • AC Power Adapter (optional)
                        What's Included

                        LEDGO CN-B150 LED On-Camera Light
                        3 Filters
                        Battery Charger
                        Sony Type F550 Battery
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                          I bought Fovitec LED panel from last year. Costs $210.00 and heavy to carry around so brought only one. Good for ceiling bounce flash. Bright enough to read in bed. Sorry can't print a photo, but search for Fovitec 900 LED panel. There are models with less LED lights and cheaper so pick what you can afford. Sorry I can't print a photo so do a search at My new Godox light is pretty bright for closeups and should light up crotches and bottom of balls or anything you can't see well underneath. Will see if this works this winter. Right now I am enjoying watching online ladyboy porn to kill the boredom. Really interesting watching professional photographers show their skills with lighting and camera.