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    Last news from the front : I uploaded a 75 Mb video last week end. Although it doesn't deal with ladyboys, it was becoming interesting since I managed to depict an interesting touristic area in less than 2 minutes. This Monday (yesterday), I noticed something was going wrong. I had a message saying something like "video format is not accepted". As I had created an account in Vimeo 10 days ago, I used this account to post the video with a Vimeo link.
    In the same time, I just couldn't upload a 171 Mb video. I tried 3 browsers. Uploading would be interrupted at each time. So I used Vimeo again. It worked so well that I am going to upload the last video (37 MB using Vimeo).

    I created a free account that allows me to post 500 Mo every week but not more than 5 Go. Just for this year, I have a total of 464 Mo. 500 Mo is about 7 to 7and half minutes. So It will be OK for this year and even the next few years even though I shoot longer videos.

    Now, what I need to improve is the video editor. I tried all kinds of video editors but free trial versions didn't work correctly (I couldn't find the controls to do what I felt like doing). I used one called "Free video editor" (by thundersoft). It actually lets me use controls to add titles but I can no longer use functions to cut and fuse videos or delete soundtracks and add music. Your advises will be welcome.

    How about YouTube ? If I create a channel will I have to pay ? I also fear my videos to be seen by someone I don't want to allow to view them.


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      Currently the forum can only take .mp4 files for video, other formats would need to be converted to .mp4
      The current video system for the forum only allows small uploads but most forums don't have any videos yet.
      I am working on a system for larger video uploads in the future.
      in the future i am working on a ladyboy tube site which will have full video functionality, but not editing.

      Trying to survive on free editors can be a chore.
      You would probably find piece of mind by just pay for something.
      Adobe offers monthly cloud plans for Premiere
      I see they now have a Premiere rush version for $9.99 per month

      Also if you want to buy something permanent Movavi sells very affordable video tools.

      The problem I have with youtube and sites like that is they now scan everything for copyright.
      You cannot include music from a bar or even on the street because it is copyrighted.
      So then Google reports the song to the owner and Warner bros or whoever either has your video removed or they put advertising on it.
      This is totally ridiculous. One video i had of Nana Plaza was removed because there was music in the background.
      You could hear the music from 20 bars but could faintly make out one particular song.
      If the bars can play the music I should be able to record it live, but not anymore.

      I'm sure they wll soon be able to find it on sites like this, report it to the owners and block it in the search engine.
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        Now, I have no other video and I won't be able to shoot one for a while. I am going to look for the best way to improve those I have. Shooting is poor. I will shoot more sequences next time if I find a good video editor.


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          Good news today. As I started my PC, I was warned that a new version of Edge had been uploaded in the last update. After I got rid of advises and training pages, I found a new browser. It works very smoothly compared to the last version. I noticed a few functions I had found before in Google Chrome only.
          Last but not least, tonight, It hasn't been a pain in my ass to upload photos. Better than the end of the epidemic !



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            Edge is getting better but it sucked ass for the first while.
            Firefox probably has the most options. Some like Opera.
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