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MNL experts, how is it having a ladyboy gf there

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  • MNL experts, how is it having a ladyboy gf there

    I have to begin by saying I am not the most confident person in the world. Soon I'll be in Manila and I have been searching for information. I know it could be very possible to get a ladyboy gf while being there, which in the case we like each other and there is chemistry would be awesome to have somebody by my side all the time not only in bed.

    But I am concerned about the reaction of the people. Anyone have experience with this?

    Thanks for any help!

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    As long as your lb companion is not extreme in behavior or dress, then you shouldn't have any problems. You should be aware though that they are often looking for someone to take them out of the country, or provide for them long term (more so than Thai lbs) - so don't over promise and under deliver as that could cause serious problems for you in the future if you ever return.

    I have been to Manila once, so i I am not an expert, but I did have an lb companion for the few days I was there and I had no issues as she dressed regular style (not "slut wear"), and was not over the top dramatic that some lbs can be.

    As the pay for play lb scene in the Philippines isn't as developed, your best strategy is to make some online contacts via sites like "PInay Love" and even "Thai Friendly" has some Filipina lbs advertising on it. Don't commit for any length of time before actually meeting in person.

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      I have been to both Thailand and the Philippines a few times. The only problem with pursuing LB's in the Philippines is that they are not as well accepted as they are in Thailand. Things are not out in the open as they are in Thailand. The Philippines does actively discriminate against LBs. However, I would not let that discourage you as there are probably just as many, if not more, LBs in the Philippines as there are in Thailand. They are just not as visible and prefer to do things in private such as internet, cellphone, etc. has a bunch of Philippine LBs who are actively wanting to meet foreigners for friendship and/or play.


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          Herself and I have been together for 13 years. We met up in a hotel in BKK by pure chance as she should have been working out of sight as a cashier and she had to fill in as a waitress as one of the service staff failed to show up.

          She is very passable and in the UK I figure only about 3 or 4 people have ever worked out that she was not a girl.

          Even in Thailand the only thing that really gives her away is her voice. At least 25% of the people we meet there don't realise.
          When we are about with her 10 year old cousin - who she looks after as if he is her own son - we often hear comments that there is practically no resemblance to me - implying I'm his father.

          She is well accepted and respected in her village and is in fact one of the 10 head men!
          I get treated as sort of the 11th - the only falang in the village

          If you find the right person and yours and her familes accept it you should have no problems.

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            Thank you all for your advice, on trip reports section I am posting to tell about my experience of my really short trip in Manila, link down below



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              Looks like you can give the advice now.
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                Ladyboys in philippines compared to thailand less than 10% i think