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  • Spain

    I was doing some quiet research on what is available in Spain and the following came accross my desk today, and I had to share it with you.
    The Internet is truly shrinking the world and assisting us with our hobbies.
    The web sites are worth looking at - albeit one would think photoshop had been widely used!

    This was the report that I was sent:

    [/I]I met with the following lovely young lady - thanks to the website
    and had the most fantastic night that will rival and perhaps even better experiences that I have enjoyed in many, many months previously!!

    I draw your attention to:
    http://www.taiakash modelos/espana/ rebeca_araujo. shtml

    Rebeca is 20 years old ... stunning ... more than 100% 'passable' in every respect whether in relation to face, voice, physique ... whatever, as far as a pre-op non-GG goes ... I have such ridiculously
    high standards when it comes to 'perceived' femininity .... believe me!

    In fact the photos of her REALLY (and I mean it) so do not do her facial beauty justice in my opinion. She is gorgeous and 'guapissima' beyond question ... putting 99% of the beautiful GGs that I have previously been with comfortably to shame!

    She French kissed me with passion, had the body of the finest swimsuit model I have ever seen ... and was hung pretty much as well as me ...
    (she's about 8" length x 6" 'around') ... as well as being 'uncut'
    (which I am 'cut') and I have always enjoyed this fact about a non-GG ...

    We pretty much spent the night together and I had more pleasure with
    her than I could ever have dreamed of ... I am NOT kidding, guys!

    Would I want to see her again next time I am in Spain ... well, quite
    simply: I would be absolutely mad/loco/Tonto if I did not want to!

    Her skin is exceptional, her face nothing short of breathtakingly
    beautiful (I am sure she had a good photographer take the photos I
    first saw of her ... but in person - her beauty blew me away!!) Her
    body is lithe, taut, perfectly taken care of ... and her lips and
    tongue the most kissable that I have had the pleasure of passionately
    kissing in a very long time indeed ... and she kissed me back with
    equal reciprocal passion.

    For how things had commenced (i.e. the respect in which we had agreed
    to meet) ... I really did feel a strong connection with her.

    Nevertheless ... You will need to have a basic grasp of Spanish or
    Portugese (she is originally from Brazil) if you want to enjoy being
    with her, as her speaking of English is extremely limited ... and
    fortunately I was sufficient enough in Spanish to manage some lovely
    conversations with Rebeca ...

    I just know she will be an incredibly 'hard act to follow' ...[I]

    i thought it was material worth passing on - I will investigate prices and report.

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    anything in malaga?


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      Does she also control the weather with her mutant abilities and fly?


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        Obviously the reviewer was quite impressed. Sometimes you can just click with a girl, and the session can be absolutely mind blowing. There is no predicting when and who this can happen with. thegame925 will verify just how accurate that review was, and we will be looking forward to it.

        Here are a few photos from her escort page - not my type, but clearly some guys like this latina big large busted, big cock and curvy butt look.

        Looking forward to your report thegame925 if you manage to meet her!

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          Your got yer Mother in a whirl
          Shes not sure if your a Boy or a Girl


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            (allstar88 @ Jun. 15 2007,10:28) anything in malaga?
            yes quite a few.

            Loads of classifieds in the English Paper "Sur" all over the coast from marbella to Torremolinos.


            Looks like the classifieds are only in the printed version, which you can pick up anywhere.
            seriously pig headed,arrogant,double standard smart ass poster!


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              hi there

              for spain the main sources are:

              Taika shemales is a little bit out of fashion.

              Please feel free to contact me should you need any info regarding Madrid or Barca



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                The search function shows that the escort scene in Madrid is well documented. Are there any clubs in Madrid, like Cat Walk on Friday nights in Barcelona, where the Escorts go to let their hair down?

                Also, does anyone know what has happened to Travestis Brasileiras? There web page seems to be down. Thanks in advance.


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                  those brazillians r so hot .in fact i am shagging an 18yr old brazillian girl who works for us and omg what a babe.but those trannies r sumtin else


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                    In Granada I recommend "escorts granada la luna de moscu" because it is where I have found the most ladyboys. And also in the northern part of Spain it is something that takes a lot, so on the web you can surely find these services. I imagine that there will also be clubs in which there are ladyboys, but for me it is more convenient to hire them online and have them sell directly to my house, it seems more discreet.