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  • Newhalfs in Japan

    I was recently on a short trip in Tokyo and Osaka, I kept quite busy, but of course I kept thinking of our favourite topic

    Different days I kept searching on internet about how to find newhalfs, and it was all confusing. My intention was to try and meet one ladyboy my last night. If no newhalf could be found then I would turn to foreigners announcing online.
    Then I found this page (use google chrome to be translated):

    It was really confusing and then I thought to try doing a reservation, but even that was a bit confusing, nonetheless I sent and wrote more or less, "I am foreigner and I want to meet a girl tonight"
    After sometime I got an answer, "There is a possibility that we can guide you if you come directly to our shop"
    So thereafter I was mailing back and forth and at times it was difficult to understand

    I arrived to the instructed place but had to ask (by mail) 3 times for clarification, when I finally found the reception, turns out the person mailing me was using some online translating app, so no English spoken, We agreed on what I wanted and then was shown small retouched pictures of the ladies, and I had to choose.
    I chose one who looked amazing, but then found out that she was fully booked, then chose another one

    Up to to this point I didn't know where to take of business, I knew by the size of the place that, one room could be found there, because we had only talked about the price per hour. Without saying more, I was taken to a room and told to wait, not to take a shower, "wait 10 minutes, the lady will shower with you"

    Then a very sleepy and very clothed ladyboy arrived, very cute, but not the person I chose. Had a sweatshirt and t-shirt, some type of skirt over her jeans and very big panties )))

    But we got naked in the shower, she spoke no English, had some type of liquid on a bottle, she took some of that and water in a small cup and she offered me, it was mouthwash, after the mouthwash then she started caressing me and made the sign that it was ok to kiss.
    It was funny cause she was super shy, and kept bowing even sitting on the bed. Once dried it was some heavy making out, she had very cute hormone boobs, and a not so small dick (judging by the newhalf porn I have watched)
    She was very responsive and at times so really hot, she didn't really take the initiative but she didn't let go of my tool whenever possible, it was always on her hand or mouth.
    I was having a great time but at some point I just wanted to fuck her, but this point of my trip I was very tired, it was very late so I thought I was not going to last but I fucked over 20 minutes, loved watching her respond to me, at times licking her boobs, at times kissing her, then her nice cock would twitch
    After I was finished there was not much time left, but we made out on the bed and then the shower, it was five minutes over the 60 minutes I had payed for, when I left the room, she never said anything about the time.

    I am kicking myself for not going there before, don't know maybe I was lucky but I had a great time. Here it was a ladyboy, with no make up, totally nude (I usually want to have a ladyboy in lingerie) and I really enjoyed her

    So it was 14000 yen for 60 minutes, that is around 107 eu, so now I know that is including the room

    Sorry for no pictures, but no pictures allowed

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    Wow that sounds like a great experience. I know Japan is always very difficult to navigate if you are looking for new half.
    Even if you translate stuff it still seems confusing but that website is pretty good.

    Before I wasn't sure how big their dicks were in japan because it is always blurred out in their porn.

    thanks for the report.

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      Glad you had a good time. From what i know, a good portion of the japanese ladyboy scene is off limits to gaijin, especially if you don't speak japanese. I wouldn't really on google translate as it is VERY bad in translating Japanese to english and alot of the nuance of the language are lost. Don't know why you didn't just speak english with them as LIBE has communicated with me in english in the past. The booker did tell me that non-japanese speakers basically get the girls that are left over aka not the prime cuts.


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        Yes, I actually was afraid I would not meet anyone, because of the language thing.
        They were using some other app, it was not google translate. And basically I was emailing with somebody at their office, when I arrived it turned out the person I had contact with, did not speak English, I also saw in the office other people, none of them spoke any English
        Maybe the LIBE people in Tokyo they do have English speakers
        Anyway I consider myself lucky with the experience


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          Thanks for the report t-girlLvr. I am in Tokyo now so if you have time please post about the address of the shop you visited. As I understand has several branches in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.