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    I'm not scared of it, you have to live and I would rather catch it when i am younger.
    I am willing to bet up to 100 times more people have had it than they think or say.
    They refuse to fully admit it is mainly only dangerous to those with existing risk factors.

    Bangkok is the hottest city on earth on average, the virus has less chance there than anywhere.
    I have seen one ladyboy that had the flu but it turned out she had HIV.
    I have caught the flu on the way to Thailand a few times and no one in Thailand caught it from me.
    They don't get flu shots that I have every heard of.

    Too many Thais take antibiotics and paracetamol like vitamins, however I am sure this does not really help them.
    They just look at me funny when i tell them they are probably building resistance to antibiotics that may hurt them in future.

    Still according to stats Thailand appears to be middle of the pack on influenza most likely because of less vaccination.
    According to this chart all the first world countries have the best rates but probably due to higher incidence of vaccination.

    If the bars were making money before they should reopen. Like I say the costs are very low when they are not open and if the Nana company is smart they will work with tenants.
    Check in bar and Why not bar have lower rents and I think they can weather the event. It is even possible if you go to Why Not bar and knock on the door, they might still be there.
    I think June at Check In has done very well for herself over the years and i used to hang out at her alco cart late at night before she actually opened check in bar.
    Pretty hard to go back to the carts since there is so few allowed anymore. Nightlife in Bangkok was slowly dying anyway, it is much harder to find anything to do after the main bars close now. It used to be you could find places to drink and party all night long. Those days are gone already.
    Those off Nana locations often are lucky to find any tenants so they don't want to lose them over this.

    I have heard Chili bar has been closing for years now and it always seems to stay open.
    The big fat mamasan had a heart attack and died in an elevator a few years ago....
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      We have now countries over 300 deaths per million inhabitant in Europe. The same is likely to happen in the USA that are reaching 100 DPM.
      I still wonder why stats are so low in Thailand and Vietnam. One reason might be the hot weather. Another one might be that the populations of developping countries have less older people, so less deaths. Then administration don't want to count cases and figures are underestimated. A friend of mine living in Vietnam told me that the government deliberately issued fake stats. But given the panic generated by Directive 16, the administration might have access to true stats.

      On the other hand, I agree with the opinion that bars were already in a poor situation before the covid19 crisis. Prices increased every year. We can't know whether it came from real estate prices increases, an increase in the standard of living of the Thai population, or increases in the market. It seems also that more and more farangs visited Thailand to meet ladyboys while less ladyboys worked in bars. As ladyboys ask for higher prices for just a ST, the market was about to reach the limit at which farangs don't want to pay so high prices. The system was starting collapsing slowly and the Covid crisis might trigger a more rapid collapse. Since the Thai population is changing (in a couple of words : less young people in a family and less young people in the population), ladyboys prefer to go too the university and study if they can (they are no longer considered as lost children but are also granted the right to get a high level education and attempt to find a career job). in some sense the bar system might have to pay for its abusive practices.
      The bar system also had to face a ew kind of competition escort agencies and apps like Smooci, and a freelancers market sustained by new smartphone apps such as Thaifriendly, Line and Wechat.

      Another factor that no one wants to mention may be that Thailand or the Thai government wants to turn the page of p4p. They have reached a sufficient level of economic development to push businessmen to replace p4p bars by other kind of businesses and let mongers find new destinations in the world.


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        As Thailand becomes more advanced and develops, prices will go up. The more infrastructure and bureaucracy means higher prices.
        People tend to get paid more and there is more demand in the economy. Real estate and rents will always increase in good conditions.
        Thailand being an underdeveloped nation can easily slide back compared to other first world countries.

        Take for example the food carts around Bangkok. Over time they are slowly reducing the number of these carts around town.
        As they do this they are probably slowly raising health standards which costs everyone more.
        In Canada or the USA you cannot just go set up a quick food stand. You need to buy an expensive food truck or hot dog cart and pay huge license fees to the city.

        Political, international or other stresses on the economy can easily affect Thailand. Tourism being so big there this crisis may cause prices to drop.
        Companies and government programs that required more people and money will not recover from this and there will be a climb back.

        Over the years the political unrest in Thailand has been the biggest thing keeping the economy and prices down.
        The current government in Thailand has done fairly well not to tank the economy, as has happened after most coups.
        Since the financial crisis in the 1990's when Thailand went bankrupt, it has been dirt cheap to go there. However since the 90's prices have steadily gone up.
        Still there has been successive coups and bad rice years etc. The fact their economy is so fixed on a few big industries, they cannot take a hit if one fails.

        It seems to me that P4P will not be going away in Thailand. Most asian countries seem to have some understanding that P4P is a part of life and they allow it and sometimes profit from it. Even Singapore which is highly developed allows Orchard towers which is a lamer version of Nana Plaza. They also do not seem to harass street workers or clients.

        In Canada prostitution is basically legal now and there is legal cannabis. Thailand is going to lose tourists if people can find similar closer places that have P4P and cannabis.
        It used to be that no one would bother you for cannabis in Thailand in the old days, but since the USA started it's war on drugs it has been illegal in Thailand, at least for visitors.

        Pattaya is basically run by P4P. I am not sure who will stay in all the condos and hotels in Pattaya if they stopped the sex trade, there would be abandoned buildings everywhere. They keep wanting to turn Pattaya into a family destination....
        It is big business for Thailand to have older men retiring and visiting there. Thailand always talks about attracting families but Families in North America are not going to travel to Thailand when they can just go to Mexico or Caribbean or Florida. The one thing Thailand has over these countries is that is it much safer.
        If you take the raw grittiness out of Thailand, I don't think it will be that attractive to tourists.
        If Myanmar opened fully for tourism they could really hurt Thailand. They have more temples and artifacts, plus more nice beaches and undiscovered territories. They probably have more ladyboys too...the same conditions exist.
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          Originally posted by George Pill View Post
          Then who's the one who killed her roommate with a knife?
          You may be thinking of Jenny from C&D in Phuket. Killed roommate over money he wouldn't lend for drugs . He was saving it to go home . I met Jenny; very fucked up person .