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Seeking Top Recommendations in Bangkok and/or Pattaya

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  • Seeking Top Recommendations in Bangkok and/or Pattaya

    Hello everyone!

    I am hoping to make my first trip to Thailand later this year once everything starts going back to normal.

    I wanted to do some research in advance of my trip to make things easier. I am seeking any input or recommendations regarding aggressive top ladyboys in Bangkok and/or Pattaya. I usually only bottom and would like to see a top ladyboy that can give a good pounding. I would prefer if the person was clean and did not smoke/do drugs. Do any of the more experienced travellers have any recommendations? Any input is greatly appreciated in advance!

    Thank you.

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    Hi Shaungr,
    You will find so many threads dealing both with Pattaya and Bangkok.
    I would suggest you to read this one started recently by a newbie : We all gave our point of viw about what a newbie should know or could do (and even more).


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      Thank you! Many of the posts I came across were at least 3 yrs old so I wasn't sure how current the information was.


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        All that had been said is now suspended till Thailand open their airports, what should happen soon. No one can predict what's going to happen. We are also talking about it in this thread :


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          There is lots of tops in Bangkok and Pattaya but you will find a good number of ladyboys will top you.

          Not smoking and not doing drugs is nice but many good ones do both or there is no way you can tell.
          Most ladyboys are pretty respectful to what you need and most of the hardcore addicts are working on the street not in bars.

          You don't need to plan too much ahead with Thailand. Any bar you go to just ask them who will fuck you the best with big cock, and they will give you a name or two.
          Otherwise, if you like them, just ask if they will fuck you. You can check out their equipment in the bar.
          If you find them on online like Thai Friendly you can't be sure they will top you even if they say so. Many that work mainly online just want to get with you then try to stick.

          My ex knows all the Bangkok ladyboys and can set you up with the hardest fuckers in Bangkok, she will fuck you but is not specifically a top.

          Here is some other options I know of:

          Candy is in Bangkok but changes bars, but you should find her in Nana Plaza.

          In Pattaya Massy is a very good top and does not bottom nor smoke or do drugs. She should still be at the same number.
          She is petite with a big dick.

          Also Jasmin is in Pattaya you can probably find her and others at 69 bar in Pattaya, just ask.


          Beer in the blue bikini is a big cock top and can be found around New Bar or Sensations Bar.


          Just a drop in the bucket...

          Given the situation it is hard to say where the ladyboys and bars will end up.
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            Thank you! This information is very useful! Would it be weird if I reached out to Layla directly for some recommendations on the powerful tops of Bangkok? Could I let her know that I you passed on her contact info? I am thinking of going to Thailand sometime in January of next year, when everything (fingers crossed) should be back together again. It's my first time to Thailand and I will be by myself. If anyone else from the forum will be down there in and around January of next year, feel free to reach out!


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              That is very far in the future and probably too soon to start setting stuff up.
              There is no shortage of them and most are not going anywhere, plus they like it when you have concrete plans.
              Also now all the bars are closed many may have gone home to the country or moved in with their families until this is over.
              You are better to spend more time assessing at this point before reaching out.
              If you befriend them too early they may start asking you for money.

              You can contact Layla, don't mention me, just say you saw her on Ladyboys Thai. Her email and number will never change, so you can contact her when you have plans. She works in Nana Plaza where all the best ladyboys in Bangkok are. You can find the same ones by going to the Nana Plaza bars and asking easily too.
              I'm sure she will want a tip or to participate etc. She was working at Mercury Bar last so she would probably recommend some of her friends in this thread.

              She also has a friend Nan also who is a good top.

              You can look on but it is hard to tell which ones are going to be good tops.
              However, most of the ladyboys in Thailand are on there including Layla and her friends.

              Most of us are hoping to go to Thailand as soon as we can.
              Hopes are for November when the Ladyboy Water Volleyball is slated in Pattaya.
              But January is possible depending how things go.
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                Thanks so much for the info. It's really helpful. I appreciate your years of experience for a first-timer like me.


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                  Just assume ladyboys are like water in Thailand. They are plentiful and easy to find.

                  If you look at some of George's recent threads he has a parade of ladyboys to his room that all appear to top.
                  Even though some pics are older, they represent the reality in Thailand, that there is plenty of ladyboys around that want to fuck you.






                  Pattaya is far more economical for a ladyboy monger in every way. Plus Pattaya has more ladyboys per square inch than anywhere.
                  Bangkok is more expensive but still cheap by western standards. Over all Bangkok has the hottest ladyboys.

                  Things have been a little slow due to the Pandemic but any ladyboys you see here in the last 5 years or so will still be around.
                  Most of the hotel and bar information is up to date, although some bars could not make it back.

                  January is the high season and usually the most expensive for accommodations and tourist type stuff.
                  Popular beaches are usually over run this time of year, although this year is unknown.

                  If you want beaches consider Koh Chang, it is cheaper and less busy than other beach locations.

                  As I say, don't tie yourself down to ladyboys much before you get there.
                  They are so easy to find you don't want to be tied down with a ladyboy you have never met.
                  You can go to bars and meet them check their junk and assure chemistry before you take them.
                  Layla and other ladyboys are easiest to find right at their bar.
                  Contacting them in advance can be disappointing.
                  Consider being a kid in a candy store but you have already spent all your money on one big sucker in advance.

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                    Hey Shaun,
                    I hung (pun intended!) out with this girl 2 diff times last year...she's on Thai Friendly nearly every day lately...goes by Jolie...lives in BKK...speaks English well...
                    She will deliver 2 hours of quality fucking for 2000 bht...Recommended!!! fullsizeoutput_1a6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1a2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1a4.jpeg