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    So do I but he posted as if he were in the lower Sukhumvit area hooking up street ladyboys.


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      Because George likes the street meat and I know he likes that new Novotel on Soi 4 because he always talks about it. Previously there was a seafood restaurant where that Novotel is and the sidewalk in front was full of freelancers as it was darker there and fairly quiet. I was often approached or assaulted on my way back to Soi 6 when staying at the Dynasty Grande or Pachara Suites when walking past there. There is also some short time rooms just a block up from there so it was always a popular spot for those for workers.

      Now Why Not is right across the street and close to those other hotels on Soi 6. If Soi 4 becomes even more high end those freelancers might get pushed further down the road. These freelancers are much cheaper and no bar fines but usually the ones that work in the shadows like this are drug addicts. Some pretty sketchy ones have been seen there most of the time. Still with so many girls and ladyboys available in the Nana area in bars, I would rather pay a little more for some peace of mind. These ones on the street are often only trapping really drunk guys or really really cheap guys. As I always say, if they are not working in some bar but on the street in front of them, there must be some reason.


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        Am still in Honolulu. Had a very hot humid summer and it's killing my grass. Now the weather suddenly cooled off with lots of good cooling showers. Flood warnings on Kauai now as they always do. Now peaceful secluded Lanai Island which is almost owned by Larry Elison is being shut down today because of C infections. So secluded they don't even have a Costco warehouse store. Now gotta air freight boxes of toilet paper and spam. People don't understand water bidets are much cleaner and doesn't need such. Glad we don't have cold weather. Lots of tourists are flocking here thanks to relaxing of travel restrictions. Now require negative lab tests before flights. Still lots of people choose the wrong testing centers. Need to go to Walgreen's Pharmacy or CVS Pharmacy. Many are computer illiterate and can't find the results online. Even have a couple with a newborn baby sitting in Quarantine waiting for their test results which had to be done at the airport arrivals. Our death rate is small with infectees discovered daily in the sub-100's. Only 1-3 deaths a day. Most deaths are elderly in retirement/nursing homes. It's the cleaning crews that are spreading C between homes. Cannot help. Dirt clings to them like sticky flypaper. Only about 6 more months to vaccination time. Thankful we're the 50th State. I kinda think the vaccine manufacturers will release them earlier. Fauci sez we will know whether the testing proves them safe enough for an earlier release. That means AFTER the election. Kinda like after Reagan became Prez the Iranian embassy captives were finally released. Hahaha. Politics permeates everything in American life. I'm fine as far as my health goes. Glad I never married and enjoy the single life. I live alone so no worries about a family member or friend accidentally infecting my house and me. Curious to see if Trump, wife, and son suffer some blood clotting damage to all organs with this runaway autoimmune phenomenon in post-C recovereds. This is mighty dangerous stuff. I am still seeking answers why Thailand has so few infections. Is the media controlled by a face-saving custom in Thailand? So far I read Nasal Irrigation is the answer.

        Is this BS? Other reasons could be the warmer weather and the eating habits. So few fat Thais anywhere.


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          Check out the front of Novotel 4 Sukhumvit. They're almost young and eager teenagers with wide smiles as I saw last November and January. Will take ST for only B1K. I like fast fucks and then walk over to Nana Plaza to watch the dancers or make short talk with the younger boys and girls. I can tell who the drug addicts are. They are ugly and easy to recognize and avoid. As I said all the even numbered sois are on the south side of Sukhumvit while the odd numbers are on the north. Soi 6 is walled off and a huge condo is being constructed. From Novotel and Pharchara I can walk to Soi 6 and keep going straight instead of cutting left. The walkway will take you to Soi 8 where the cheaper (but dark rooms) On 8 Hotel, Monsoon Restaurant where a lot of westerners eat, Adelphi Suites hotel, Det 5, and the more expensive Thai restaurant with a nice interior called Kinnaree Restaurant. Finally you'll love the new Hillary Restaurant across the street from Novotel. This is the place that was walled off for a long time for reconstruction. Now got an expensive and luxurious tattoo parlor. Hillary R is great food and even got their own pizza oven outdoors under the huge see-though plastic roof 30 feet above. Bar side got live musicians, nice bar, 2 pool tables, and stand-up tables for drinkers. Really a nice place to look forward to when you return next year. Last winter Soi 4 was a disaster. So much street work. There's a big square tunnel underneath with the thick concrete covers pulled aside for electrical and pipe works. Should be finished by now. I'd like to see the drugged street walkers quit and the new younger ones return to Sukhumvit where there more sidewalk space. Already miss the sidewalk vendors who would crowd both sides of the walkways with their lighted kiosks. Lots of junk to look at and cheapies to buy. If you take a curious walk up an alley you might stumble into an Arab Town full of stuff to buy and Middle Eastern cooking. Lots of things to do if you walk a few step away from Nana Plaza area.

          Next time I visit Bangkok I will try out Citrus Suites across the alley from Pharchara and Novotel. I had problems with Novotel's balky air conditioner. No remote control and either too hot then too cold. Could fine tune it even though the staff sent up the repairman 5 times! Will have to email Citrus to see if they're escort-friendly. Funny I have never met a hotel in Thailand that wasn't. That's why Thailand is the BEST. They'll be back or sure. Already I'm daydreaming how I would ride the very crowded Skytrain Saturdays and Sundays to Mochit and walk over to Chatuchak to shopping, eats, and photography fun. Everybody is there from all over the world having fun like it's a festival. Need to prepare to eat standing or crouching on the floor if distancing requirements at the table is played. I always had a hard time finding a single space to eat. There's no wait help to guide you to a seat. You just have to elbow your way into one. Order fast at the stand, sit fast, eat fast, and take your mess to a rubbish bag if you can find an unfilled one. Bring lots of water, handiwipes, and paper towels. Several SD cards and camera batteries all in a big backpack. I like to bring a fan and a sprayer bottle to cool off my arms, face, and legs when the mid-afternoon heat becomes unbearable.

          Kinda like that nobody wears mask. I think the reason is coughed so much last winter was the air pollution.

          Not sure if they're ladyboys outside Thermae.

          How much?

          Soi cowboy has half the lights on and almost NO customers.

          Lots of freelancers at the Nana Hotel. Watch out. Some of the girls are small and thus underage. And no cops. If you like kids, just don't take photos. No sure if the hotels will stop you.


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            Guess what I am.

            online ladyboys.

            See that new bar before the California Ink Tattoo shop. that's the Hillary restaurant. In front on the sidewalk are load of nice GG's (no LBs). Even got 2 or 3 muslim women in black dresses down to their shoes plus head coverings. Too fat girls.

            Seems the Nana Hotel sign is the bull's eye for ladyboy action. Wonder what time I should be there?


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              but now Soi Pratuchai has been closed All buildings will be destroyed and some bars will be relocated in the vicinity, while others will be closed permanently.


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                Originally posted by Rockheart View Post
                Awesome I like the girls


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                  The owner christian name is Ian. He is a very nice lad from England. His wife and partner is as well. I see Pai (ex cib, ex cascade) in last picture on the right with glasses . She is a service girl.


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                    Originally posted by jasinto89 View Post
                    The owner christian name is Ian. He is a very nice lad from England. His wife and partner is as well. I see Pai (ex cib, ex cascade) in last picture on the right with glasses . She is a service girl.
                    That's not Pai is it?


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                      It sure is Pai, she's worked on and of with Ian for probably the last 6 years