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Thailand to legalize Medical Cannabis by November 2018

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  • Thailand to legalize Medical Cannabis by November 2018

    Thailand is quickly moving to legalize Medical Marijuana.
    The General said he has no plans to legalize it for recreational use.

    It appears the main reason they are making this move is money.
    Thailand feels they have some of the finest product and the cheapest growing conditions in the world.
    So they want to be the leading supplier of Cannabis to the growing legal markets.

    Once Public Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn endorses the new announcement prepared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 9, cannabis extracts and oil will become legal for medical use, just like morphine.

    They specifically mention trying to under cut Canada because they have an extremely high production costs compared to what Thailand thinks they can do.
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    Came across an article... med legalization is officially approved since December 2018..... but it looks a bit messed up as the Forbes article shows .


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      Maybe mo beddah just stay away from it. It will probably be so popular the supply will run out and fakes will be sold. Some fakes maybe be oil or weed spiked with Fentanyl, heroin, or cocaine. So if they test you and reveal you to be a drug abuser, your vacation will be ruined never to be able to return to Thailand again. So bring your own oil or pot meds and don't trust the Thai stuff. Funny to read this chemical is used to treat Alzheimer. Alz is a memory loss disease so why would you use a drug that makes you more forgetful and dizzy? I quit pot back in 1980 on the night before my graduation from med school. I suggest you do your stoning back home and just drink alcohol in Thailand. Getting into trouble in a foreign country for any kind of trouble is a pain in the ass. Never forget that Thailand is a corrupt country that produced heroin in the Golden Triangle during the Viet Nam War years. Now Burma is producing ICE in the jungles and transporting the product south towards the cargo ports of the Chao Priya River. Do not be fooled into believing the good stuff about pot in foreign countries. I reckon their product will be inferior and would never pass the quality tests run in the USA. A lot of pot plants don't pass inspection and are burned. Mold, insect damage, parasites, etc. Same standards as the USDA standards for agricultural products. Not easy.


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        If your going to smoke, do the good shit in the comfy of your own home in your own country leave it alone in Thailand I think is good advice mind you i've smelt it a couple times in Koh Chang!!


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          I have it on good authority. It's good there .... but like anywhere theres crap weed too


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            Ya have to know someone trustworthy to get good stuff. Not sure if I want to trust the Thai junta government on this. Mo beddah try a few sticks and see if good. Just buy a few at a time and dont keep a sizable stash in your hotel. I once read in Lonely Planet travel book on Thailand warning tuktuk drivers will sell you pot in Chiang Mai then squeal to the cops to get a reward. Then the cops, lawyers, and judges will sacre you and stiff you silly until you are skin and bones. Fark them all. Tourists are suckers ripe for robbing.


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              Lol. Buy it almost anywhere, but like anywhere in the world, narcs are around. Tuk tuk drivers are a-holes usually and I would always limit my transactions to rides only . Don't get caught in hype. Po-po more apt to seize the opportunity to extort cash from rather than arrest unless the perp is stupid enough to try to traffic ...that cannot be ignored. Tuk tuk drivers would share in the booty. Best way is to get through a thai friend and avoid the direct interaction oneself. Seems the safest way to insulate against "trouble coming your way ".