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Glad I don't live there.

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  • Those micro SD cards are so small you can insert them into the AA battery compartments of any of your electronic devices. Or wrap them in saran wrap and tape them to to your asscrack.

    Or try an online storage membership. Will have to talk to my Verizon guy. Just bought a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Pretty good photos and choice of 3 levels of closeups for still shots. Need to practice.

    On second thought I might like to take some shot of my middle finger at various locations in Thailand. Copy them into files of several thousand and insert them into my cameras. Yes, they confiscate your cameras, laptop, and any expensive shit for future auctions. US Customs is muthuh fuckers!


    • You can't really hide memory cards as they can be seen on any xray.
      They also can probably copy your memory cards even when they are hidden.

      The only thing you can do is upload your files to an online cloud or server.
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      • Will check with my Verizon salesman about this.