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Where I can meet a ladyboy similar to

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  • Where I can meet a ladyboy similar to

    Hi. I'm going to Pattaya and I want to meet a ladyboy. Please write places if you know where I can find a ladyboy similar (face/body) to this.
    It will save much time for me. Thank you.

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    Well there isn't any black African or American ladyboys in Thailand.
    There is black and dark ladyboys but it would be hard to find many with that body type.
    You may find ladyboys with big tits but not usually big hangers like that.
    Big fat asses such as that are also hard to find on Thai ladyboys.
    The darker ladyboys from the country generally tend to be very skinny.

    Some older ladyboys tend to be full figured but many may be post op.
    Post ops have no cock or balls so they have more estrogen and get more full figured.

    Off hand i can only think of two ladyboys that are full figured like that in Pattaya.
    The first one is Jasmine in the yellow dress and that picture was taken at 69 Bar.

    There is also Ladyboy New with the glasses.
    She is the owner of New Bar but i think she has a boyfriend.

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      Crag is 100% correct, from your post, it looks like you're looking more for a shemale, and while there are a few in Thailand, the majority are much more feminine and smaller in endowment and stature that the example you posted.

      Keep an open mind and don't limit yourself to your "fantasy" shemale, and you will have a great time in Thailand - there is no other country like it for ladyboys.

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        Have a look in Walking street in Pattaya, then check a few more bars in soi 13/1, soi Buakaow down to soi made in Thailand. Push to soi 6 and 8. You shoud also check the massage shops in soi Chaiyapoon. You should find your happiness in one of these places.


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          Might try subscribing to I did last month. Full of EXCELLENT photos and video of all kinds of Thailand Katoeys. Each model had her phone numbers and LINE chat name or something posted so you have the opportunity to contact them. Do it just before you embark. They don't like wasting time on distant dates. They want NOW or forget it. I like that LBG is excellent photography and models. I think you will find it a low cost way to view the merchandise totally nude and 360 degree views. Glad I finally subscribed to LBG. Might also try if you're curious about post-ops. Surprised how the photographers were able to find the most beautiful models without cocks. Remember if you want beautiful and good performers you have to pay nice bucks. They really want to please you and in return they sincerely expect you to show some green appreciation for a job well done. Forget slam bam thank you maam. They like slow relaxed gentlemen to romance them and make them feel like genuine females. Funny I learned a lot about what a bum I have been to real girls back home. Be like Crag. He really spends money like a bank robber. Wonder if he's trying to evade taxes and spend it all before the Canadian IRS catches him.

          BTW, I don't know if is blocked in Thailand. Ask Crag or RxPham for info. I am guessing they are some of the photographers in this business.