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  • Pandora Bar Soi 7

    So I got a Facebook friend request from and old friend, Massey from King's Bar. I haven't seen her since 2015 I think.
    She is still looking very good but maybe only looking for money.

    I never knew where she went but it looks like she was working at this Pandoras Bar on Soi 7. Porn star Jasmine is there too but i've never heard of the this place.
    Plus there is some other familiar faces so it looks like a mainly ladyboy bar. The guy at the beach looks like maybe the boss.
    Maybe George knows about it.

    76176212_540874576746152_7013268942500134912_n.jpg 81496115_573457600154516_351795763283492864_o.jpg
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    Yes, of course, I know and love Massey. She used to work at King's Bar on Soi 8 right across from the Sunshine Hotel. She is lovely and tall. I liked her and always barfined her for 3 straight years. Now she is so beautiful. I never partied at Pandora although it is the biggest and best bar on Soi 7. Always lots of people having fun playing pool. I prefer takeouts and eat 'em at my hotel room. But with this pandemic I don't know if Pandora is now open. There was a news report that Soi 6 is in bad shape.

    Here's some YouTube videos of Soi 7 and 8. Very sad to see Sunshine Hotel totally closed and roped off. The 7Eleven is shut down with lights off even during the day. Sailor's Bar is closed. It's like the Day the Earth Stood Still. Chills any idea about planning another vacation soon.


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      Probably half of Pattaya has moved back in with their families. Many businesses should reopen when it is worthwhile.
      Sailor bar is a very popular tomboy bar, even with Thais. So I think it should come back. Plus the food is very good.


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        Tomboys? Oh, is that what they were? Still lots to learn. Crag, you should write a newsletter online and if popular sell subscriptions cheap at first and raise the prices later. Have everyone contribute and sell spaces for advertisers. Something like Stickman Bangkok. Talk about ladyboys, girls, festivals coming up in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket, etc. We all crave news when we return home. More like an X-rated newsletter. I will be the photo contributor. Just tell me where to point.


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          Layla liked to date Tomboys or Toms as they call them. I didn't realize that about Sailor bar until she told me.
          Then i realized that most people working there and many customers were Lesbians and Tomboys.

          Layla also was dating some Tomboy that bartended in the bar right beside the ATM in front of Nana Plaza, K&S bar I think.
          She often went home with him after she was finished working in the bar.
          This Tomboy was very jealous of me.

          This forum is my x-rated newsletter.


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            I never realized that Jasmine was soooo short...makes her cock seem even bigger


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              Still a superstar but this is a very old photo I suspect. Now she's heavier. I think she has a few cosmetic and such businesses. Would love to meet her and shake her meat.


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                Those pictures from Pandora bar were posted on Facebook November 9

                She looks the same as always. She posted these pics on her page this week.
                123343282_839096470164451_2349499492615903942_n.jpg 124153509_845524766188288_3176179276745424313_o.jpg


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                  Wonder where she will be next Winter 2021. Hope Thailand Customs will accept a proof of two vaccinations and omit a 3-hour Covid test upon arrival. As I've said before approval is expected in December, first vaccinations of front line workers and nursing home citizens (lots in Florida) in January. February will vaccinate elders, and March is for the rest of us. Will have to watch if Bangkok and Pattaya hotels are soon open with discounts and see if the dollar exchange rates improve further than B30. Then see if the airlines start flying again in numbers of flights and with the same economical prices.

                  I think what should happen is I show proof of vaccinations to the Thai consulate in Honolulu, and they will issue me a special Thailand proof of C vaccination certificate AND a travel VISA for 2-months ($40). Maybe I should jet down to Ko Samui and visit Chiang Mai before another pandemic ensues. I think we'll continue having pandemics every winter and will be advised to wear masks.


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                    Jasmine is still a young superstar if those shots were taken recently. My bucket list names Jasmine, Cindy, Mint, and Candy for future photoshoots. Hope they're good kissers. Hard to find.


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                      Favorite bar in town. Wonderful staff, always a warm welcome, Billiard music, video and television. Lots of cute, polite, cute girls to come and chat with you. Fun place to be with great girls, pool tables and music