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Good hotel near Jomtien Complex?

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  • Good hotel near Jomtien Complex?

    Never been to Jomtien even though I visited Pattaya for 8 winters sine 2012. Anybody got advice what's a good 3 or 5 star hotel near the Jomtien Complex where the exciting bars are located? I prefer swimming pools. Not beaches even though they're much bigger and cleaner than Pattaya 's. Love to walk around new areas, see attractions, shop, eat all kinds of food, and scout the bars at night. After watching "Jomtien Complex" on I can see that everything is bigger and roomier than Pattaya and requires a lot of walking. What's the best ladyboy bars and where are they located? Any advice about anything and everything is welcome.

    Glad the pandemic is almost over and everybody's vaccinated. since it's way too hot now i'll wait till November for another 2-month vaccation. News sez air pollution in Bangkok is rising. I remember back in December 2019 i would see some tourists coughing outside if Central Festival in Pattaya. Seems the smoke from Chiang Mai blows down to Bangkok then on to Pattaya. News sez lots of Chinese and other tourists are returning but don't know if there's enough. Hard to tell which news to believe.

    How's the ladyboy scene in Bangkok and Pattaya?

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    There is endless affordable hotels with nice pools in Jomtien. You probably want to be closer to Pattaya than further away.
    You should stay near soi 4 or 5 as stated in this thread
    Sad but I guess true Rompho beer bar complex closing April 1, anybody on the ground now know if it's a done deal and April 1 is it??

    You previously posted a google maps location, I would suggest looking for hotels near there around this rompho complex area.
    There is also many other suggestions on that thread.


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      Good info. Thanx.


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        one of the best "Blue Garden Resort Pattaya"