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    I had to stay in Phuket recently (look, it€™s a hard life for some of us, OK!); unfortunately, my first stay coincided with the end of Chinese New Year when it seemed as if half of Singapore was in town and al the hotels that I tried were full. As a fallback, I booked into a guesthouse and was very pleasantly surprised.

    The place itself was in the Royal Paradise complex, but was incredibly quiet. The room was of good size with an attached bathroom, ultra clean with cleaning every day together with all linen changing, TV with n cable channels, DVD player, room safe, free wi-fi and free printing using with a memory stick or direct from their computer downstairs (also free), 24 hour security including checking ID at the front desk for those of nervous disposition with regard to the age of their companions and within 5 minutes walk of C&D. All for 1200 baht a night (Feb rates).

    The only downsides that I found was that although I specifically asked for a non-smoking room, it was obvious that someone had been smoking in it. They were completely chockablock so I had to lump it; the a/c did clear the smell after 24 hours, but it wasn€™t nice. The furniture was a little tired and scuffed and I couldn't find BBC World. Oh yes, and its name. The Adonis Guest House.      ( If this  incites an outbreak of that well known irregular verb €œI am experimental in sexual matters, you are gay, he is a pervert€ , then I shall lose the will to live).

    The website address is

    It€™s also worth checking out trip advisor:

    They are very booked up normally, but sometimes have places at short notice. And no, it€™s not a exclusively €œgay€ place: refreshingly, they accept everybody regardless of the sexual orientation.

    For those on a budget or who get fed up with paying for hotel facilities that they do not use, it could be a good option.

    I'll post photos when I can work out how to resize them.


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      And some photos...
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        And note the supply of bog paper
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          And if the decor needs a bit of brightening up, bring your own bightener
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            who cares for the bog paper....they got the bum-hose

            and well i guess the Jessie is a nice "extra" feature
            all the ladyboys i know laughs when we have matter what book they read


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              Thanks RS, I'm staying there in May so the pics of a different room to those on their site is good and "extra' is quite nice.

              We want  this and that, we demand a share in that and most of that, some of this and phuckin' all of that...less of that and more of this and phuckin' plenty of this and we want it now....and the demands will all be changed so phuking stay awake!

              Eats Roots and Leaves[I]


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                i booked the adonis for my July trip -- i did a quick tour in January and thought it seemed good value for money.
                Even better in July i'm only paying 600 baht p/n .. and given its proximity to Bangla... its great value.


                A worthy trip report


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                  I just wanted to give the Adonis Guest house a bump here as I stayed there for 5 nights last week and was very pleased with every thing.

                  600 baht a night u cant go wrong either


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                    I second Foggy's bump!!! I too stayed at the Adonis and could not have asked for more value. They offer a deluxe room for 1,000baht but it only adds a few extra square meters with microwave, small sink, toaster, et cetera. Certainly not worth the extra 400baht. The location (off of Soi Paradise) is great being close to the action while at the same time very quiet. The staff is discrete, pleasant and none judgmental. I highly recommend it. During my stay I only had one complaint and that was with the noise Foggy and Donut made for 36 hours in the adjacent room!!!


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                      What happened to the plush 5-star hotel?


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                        Hahahahaha!!! Foggy talked me out of it!!!


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                          Actually the plush hotel is booked from the 09th to the 14th and I ended up with a 4 star. I know that might be disappointing but just go with it for now.


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                            Which hotel is best located by that I mean walking distance to the LB bars for about 1500 - 1700 in high season? I like a nice hotel smoke free. This would be my first trip to Phuket and dealing with LBs. Thanks


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                              Hey welcome to the forums.

                              There some more information on Phuket hotels in the Thailand travel hotel forum

                              I have been to Thailand 20 times but have never been to Phuket yet.
                              Hoping in November to head there for a couple days after the Ladyboy volleyball tournament in Pattaya.

                              Anyway i find for Thailand is the best site for checking and getting the best current prices.


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                                Originally posted by gfelover View Post
                                Which hotel is best located by that I mean walking distance to the LB bars for about 1500 - 1700 in high season? I like a nice hotel smoke free. This would be my first trip to Phuket and dealing with LBs. Thanks
                                Welcome to the forums gfelover!

                                There are very few hotels that are completely smoke free - but many are offering non-smoking floors, which is is reasonable alternative. If you use Agoda - that is something you can specify during your search. I am sensitive to smoke as well, so it is a must when I book a hotel.

                                I have heard good things about Canterbury Inn which is almost in the middle of the action.

                                Also with regard to the lb stories - the vast majority of those are fiction, but there might be a few based on real life experience.

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