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Angels In Paradise -- Legit?

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  • Angels In Paradise -- Legit?

    So I came across this expensive little getaway adult vacation and was wondering whether anyone had ever heard of it or knew of its credibility?

    One strange thing is that the same website also seems to be here and so that raises a concern:

    I know its way more pricey than if you were to just go by the bars and get your own room, but was curious if anyone could give info.

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    I had heard that Tootsie's massage was trying open an operation like this.
    Many businesses in Thailand seem to have alternate websites but it is kind of sketchy.

    This price is quite high and villas are not near the beach from the sounds of it.
    The ladyboys don't really look any better than what you could find on your own.
    Villas are nice but I think you could find something closer to the beach for that money.

    I've never been a fan of booking ladyboys in Thailand in advance.
    You don't know what you are getting fully and you may not like them when you get there.
    Trading them in for another ladyboy if you don't like the one you have seems a little weird.

    I suppose if you just want to go and relax and not do a thing that this might be a good option if you are rich.
    Seems like an awful lot of money up front.


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      So it's always better to go to the bars, and then take them back to the hotel, and to find a friendly hotel?

      I like to be discreet and so certain aspects of that package appealed to me though agreed its pretty steep in terms of price.
      Ha, given my temperament maybe I should try teaming up with someone planning on going for a getaway style vacation, and follow their lead in terms of the process for doing this right.


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        It's not hard to find a friendly hotel and there is lots of ladyboys on Tinder and, so it is not hard to find them.
        There is also bars although I don't think there is anymore dedicated ladyboy bars but many bars have ladyboys and many hang around Bangla.
        Also you can meet some of the performers at Simon Cabaret.

        Going out exploring with a knowledgeable wingmen is always helpful but it's not all that hard to do it yourself.
        The beauty of the bars in Thailand is you can check out the ladyboys before you take them.
        Usually you can make sure you have chemistry with the ladyboy at the bar and check out her goods.
        There is usually a bar fine as an extra cost but often it is worth it.

        If you find a ladyboy you really like you can always find a more secluded hotel on a beach somewhere.
        Just only book a few nights in Patong and you can always book more or opt to move to a different beach location.
        Also probably easier to change ladyboys on your own.

        Paying a lot up front for a ladyboy vacation is a little risky.
        Usually the first couple nights I am a little too jet lagged for a ladyboy and want to rest and build up my strength.
        The last time I went to Phuket from Bangkok I was sick for 3 days on arrival due to something I had eaten.


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          After more research I found one of their villas on, you can search by villas on that site.
          I searched for a week in February and it was 5000 baht per night for this particular villa.

          The villa is 30 minutes by car from Patong Beach and is about as far from the ocean as you can get on Phuket.
          It is not really a good location and probably transportation, restaurants and other options are not great, so you are at the mercy of the company.
          You may end up paying a lot of transportation to get around if they don't take you everywhere for free.
          To me going to Phuket and paying a lot but not being near a beach isn't that great of a plan.
          You could probably find a similar villa in Pattaya for cheaper if you don't care to be near a nice beach.
          Plus Pattaya has legions more ladyboys than Phuket and if you don't care about nice beach is a better option for ladyboys.

          You can find a really nice hotel room closer to Patong or closer to a nice beach for 5000 baht or less in Phuket.
          Having a ladyboy for the day and night is around 4-5000 baht. Usually if you find a decent one they will show you around for free.
          So that is 10000 max per night for a nice room and ladyboy, compared to the 21000+ per night they are charging.

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            nice house


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              Good deal for $5000 baht per night but not very close to the beach.
              Pool is nice for hanging out, but not big enough for swimming.