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    In order to avoid posting off topic in the topic dealing with ladyboys in prison, prefer to open a new one to reply this post.

    Originally posted by George Pill View Post
    You know what irks me about Bangla Street. It is only ONE street for bars and prostitutes. The Tiger Bar complex plays the music way too loud it seriously hurts your ear. Soi Crocodile was the ladyboy side lane perpendicular to Bangla Steet and full of snotty sheets. Hate their "what you give me" crap. Some are very pushy and demand you take them. Compare Pattaya with so many sois and side streets full of bars, bars, and bars to cater to anybody's tastes. Phuket is full of ripoffs. Taxis charge way too much along with the untrustworthy tuktuks. I have personally physically thrown out 2 ladyboys from my hotel. They start screaming I owe them money. One even started spitting at me. I found this so funny because I doesn't even hurt. So I returned the favors and she acts like I'm throwing rocks at her. So funny that I would pull her back by her hair to stop her from escaping. I didn't care if everybody in the small hotel woke up. If you love fresh seafood, then go there. I loved the wild wet speedboat ride to Ko Phi Phi. Everybody got wet and many got sore backs. Those boats are powerful and fly up into the air and slam down hard. It goes on and on. Also loved the James Bond Island ride on a double decker boat with no walls. It's a slow ride and so relaxing visiting all the lovely islands. Even rode in the air canoes into a cave full of bats. Good food, too. My hotel ripped my off by charging me B1K service charge for this ticket. So walk around and buy your tickets from the little kiosks everywhere. Stay away from the hotels service. They are ripoffs. DO NOT stay at they Yorkshire Hotel near Bangla Street. It is a dirty ripoff. They serve yesterday's food and may up fake restaurant receipts which inflates the total at checkout time. Hotel looks nice outside and inside with weight room and pool area. Rooms are super dark with nothing not made of plywood. I think the secretary got mad at me because I refused to buy her new shoes and entered my room when I would go out. Luckily I always lock my luggage bags and don't put anything valuable in my safe except outdate credit cards and one penny. The ladyboy shows are ordinary. Both of them are exactly the same. The best show is Phuket Fantasea. Fantastic really beautiful show in all of Thailand. Set in a palace with an elephant theme. You will love it. I live in Hawaii and the beaches are nothing. They are too shallow with dirty water. Nai Harn Beach which is the southern most beach is very DANGEROUS. If you look out you will see that the waters near the beach is light blue because of the sand. Beyond that it become suddenly deep blue. that's because there is a drop off where you can drown. No lifeguards anywhere. Waters are rough and I surf enough to know what is dangerous. There's another beach between this and the town and it is windy and full of trash. Compared to Hawaii Phuket beach is Fukit. So go to Pattaya Beach. Lots of bars and hospitality business. Stay out of the water as it looks like sewage. Go to Pattaya Beer Garden and look at the drainage outlet pipes next to it. They pump out filthy street drain water. Would you want to drink next to that? Bet you nobody does a daily Colliform count of the waters full of Europeans and whites. Chinese will swim and are drowning. They think the water is shallow everywhere like a river. Funny thing about Phuket is the farther you travel from BKK the more backwards people are. They cant' understand English and start fights because they keep saying yes to everything you agree to. Real dumb schmucks.
    Originally posted by George Pill View Post

    FYI, Soi Crocodile underwent renovations. May have disappeared. Wonder if C&D left because ladyboys are told to beat it. Better do your research. If you want to visit The Beach where DeCaprio filmed, it is now closed due to too much rubbish and too many tourists. I think the waters outside this little island is very dangerous with strong currents. Seek and wear those life vests. The waters around the James Bond tour seemed calm and relaxing. Had a little entertainment when a White buy/Korean wife were arguing loudly about who knows what. I asked the bloke where he was from. USA, and his wife is Korean. I told him they are hot-tempered. He got pissed and disagreed. I laughed. May they have stubborn disagreements wherever they go forever. I had a great time taking lots and lots of photos. Especially 350 degree shots with my Sony RX100 M3. Memorable trip even there were no ladyboys around. BTW, the JB island is nothing but a waste of time. It is the ride that is fun.

    So double check if Soi Crocodile still exists. Some of the YouTube shots are probably very old. I advise everyone to go Pattaya and BKK for your favorite perversions. If you like seafood, Pattaya got it all.

    They destroyed almost all the bar area in Bangla road. I don't know what they are building again. Here is a pic I made more than 3 years ago . This is what soi crocodile looked like in November 2015. I haven't gone back to Patong since then.

    Soi Croc.JPG

    Patong is full of ripp off. A Thai lady told me she went away from Patong and Phuket since she was fed up with the poor reputation of the area. I don't have problems with taxi or tuk tuk drivers unless they scream "TAXI !!!" in my back. I prefer to walk and I don't trust these guys in most of the places in SE Asia.
    I wish I had been in the soi to see you putting your ladyboys out just to have fun. Didn't you fear a pimp to come and protect her ?

    The block where C&D was operating was destroyed the same way as above. I chatted with a ladyboy who had worked in a cabaret before after the destruction of soi Crocodile and before the destruction of the block of C&D was. She told me that the whole area belonged to a local Thai (Mr Khom). He decided to do something then went bankruptcy . So it took time to go to the next stage.

    Yes my dear, I owner of Soi crocodile want to loan from bank and he so confidence that bank will give home passed so he drestroyed Soi crocodile first but suddenly the bank don't let's him loan the money.
    They got Big problem and will sue in the law soon.

    C&D closed since they had 48 hours to quit the premise. Then, all the buildings were destroyed. I think that has nothing to do with a bad reputation although the owner or manager had probably difficulties to find another place to rent due to his disregarding local people.

    Here is a pic from a cheap hotel about 1 km away from Bangla road (You need to pass along the Issan Bar-B-Q and the fire station then walk about the same distance). It is the AT9 Resortel. I used to pay THB 600.00 for a night in 2015. I had a bathroom with a bathtub, a fairly comfortable room with a very large bed. The hotel had a large lobby, a CCTV system and guests had to deposit their ID at the reception (very useful when I put this ladyboy out).


    I never tried to go the beach in Phuket. I did when traveling in the islands. (I will write a post on islands trips tommorrow).

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    Yup. BAD REPUTATION is the best description for Phuket. Outside of Bangla I could find no other ladyboy bars. Wonder where they are now? New congregation area or hangout?
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      Since I explored places around the Andaman Sea, I can tell you that Ao Nang is probably worse than Phuket. You can go and check my TR.


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        James Bond Island
        James Bond.png
        Many tour operators organize trips departing from Phuket with 4 or 5 islands including Koh Phing Khan, also called James Bond Island since a James Bond movie with Sean Connery was shot in the island in the 1960s. Regular visitors or expats will tell you this mass tourism and this is the most stupid trip sold to visitors. I heard this argument more particularly in Kao Lak since local companies also sell trips to Koh Phing Khan with a few more stops during the trip.

        IMHO, this is mass tourism, so what ? If you've never done it, you can try it once. I went there during the low season. The trip originally sold 3,000 baht in Phuket town was discounted to 1,300 baht. As usual a van came and picked me up, we went to a harbor in the north east of Phuket, saw Chinese people go with long tail boats and departed in a speed boat with a funny captain always laughing at his stupid jokes. The island in itself is a little bit disappointing. At that time, I had only an old phone, made a couple of photos then mixed with the people landing from other boats : all kind of European, Chinese and Russian. (Well, this is mass tourism).

        What I enjoyed was the meal in a restaurant in a floating market in Koh Panyee. Then we had a stop, I don't know, had some kayaking in caves with a guide, went to an island close to the harbor for a beach party and went back home. The captain "Sunset" went to the van that brought me back home. I had been surprised to see luxury hotels where we dropped a few of our one day mates in the north of Phuket.

        If you are a newbie in Phuket, it's a "must see". Once you've done, you can say "OK ... it's mass tourism".


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          DSC_0562.JPGKoh Racha Yai


          This is a small one day trip departing from Phuket. As usual, a van will come and pick you up then bring you to Ao Chalong Pier. After a first jump in a speed boat, you make a stop in Koh He for beach party, then go to Koh Racha Yai to have lunch and practice snorkeling or just have lazy time on the beach. It's not the most wondefull trip but it's a cheap one that allows to escape from Phuket.

          It's perfect to invite a ladyboy for a LT.

          The pier at Koh racha Yai during the rush hour
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            F1 company : better blacklist

            I don't know if this company still exists. At the beginning, that was just a small trip purchased in a kiosk in Patong. It's supposed to stop in 3 islands including Kay Maya and Koh Phi Phi. As usual, I was picked up by a van and went to Mueang Phuket to board into a big boat. The ambiance is different from the ambiance in a speed boat. We made a first stop between 2 islets near the midway from Koh Phi Phi and went snorkling. We just had a warning to be careful not to drift in current. After 30 seconds swimming, I realized I was already far from the boat and started swimming back with a few Australian mates. After 30 minutes struggling in the water, we had not been able to swim back. We could have pushed to a nearby islet but a small boat came and picked us up back to big boat.

            A few Australian mates lost their snorkeling mask and tuba . I lost my tuba. The company made me pay 1,500 bath for the damage. When we stopped in Koh Phi Phi, I saw a mask and a tuba for sale for far less than this price. This is how the F1 company rips off customers. Since then, I travel with my own mask. So, if I lose it, I purchase a new one at a normal price.

            The botanic garden in Phuket

            I am not this type of guy who is fond of botanic gardens. I don't know why I visited the one in Phuket, but I enjoyed it. This is also a good place to go in daytime with a ladyboy mate to go out of Patong.

            Phuket bird park

            One more place to visit with a ladyboy. Actually, I had been there alone and couldn't go there when I went to the botanic garden with a ladyboy. During the visit, well before the unavoidable parrot show, you enter a cage with many colored birds. A guard will ask you to raise your arms and small parrots come flying and stop on your arms. Perfect to make a photo of your ladyboy.


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              Told ya to be careful swimming in the water there. They won't care if you drown and lose equipment. Your life is cheap just like theirs. Large numbers of Aussies, Brits, and Europeans get robbed, raped, beaten up, and killed. I think the young white couple killed in the south beach is still unsolved even though they accuse two Myanmar laborers. Cops are useless mudderfuggers. Like I said Fugit is a bad place to be. More info here. I am always suspicious about using my ATM card in Thailand so it is interesting how there are card readers attached to ATM machines. As I said before I always change my credit cards used in Thailand after I return. I never use my regular cc's to shop. Only to pay for expensive hotel reservations upon arrival. It was cheaper for me to charge my cc online when I make reservations at the brand new Novotel Sukhumvit 4. Check out this hotel. Right next to Pharchara Hotel/Suites. FYI many of these rooms are studios with washing machines and kitchen. Novotel is a classy hotel running around US$100 a day. Because it is brand new the new workers are trying extra hard to do their best. I like them and will always stay at this place. Tired of cheapo hotels and its nice to end your trip in a luxurious clean building. Looks like to did pretty good in Phuket. I generally don't socialize with the natives. Just find a hot date, negotiate a price, pork 'em, and forget about them. Then find another one the next day or night. I don't go anywhere to stick to one person. Get as many fucks as possible and sleep and relax by myself. Curiously I do remember Ko Chang as being synonymous with poisonous plants, insects, and animals along with other parts of Thailand. Better read up on this. Here's the website of Phuket scams. It's the same scams all over Thailand.


              Your description of the smelly insecticide is interesting. Do you remember two women died in the same hotel in Chiang Mai at different times. Investigators could not discover why. The owner of the this hotel was the provincial governor so naturally he makes sure nobody knows. Later a 60 Minutes investigation team from Canada swooped in and discovered somebody sprayed too much Chlorpyrifos on the mattress to control bedbugs. Stupid sheets. So if you are suspicious of your accommodations then do something about it. I remember two American girls died in their hotel room after arrival I think where the Moonlight Party is held. Nobody knows how. Suspect they may have or someone spiked their drinks with Visine or something like that. In todays CNN new over 50 Indians died for cheap liquor made with METHANOL. It is Ethanol you want to drink and it comes from grain fermentation. Methanol comes from WOOD and cellulose. Luckily I don't drink. I am allergic to alcohol. HA!
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                You are completely mistaken George. I never posted about a bad smell in an hotel. Check again Flamingofarmer's TR.
                You are also paranoid. Scams exist, particularly in Phuket, but Phuket is a nice place to go with good ladyboys. The thing is not to stay stuck in Patong since the area is full of beautiful places to visit or hang in.
                I hope that newbies will be smart enough to combine a LT with a ladyboy and a trip in the islands. I hope it's still possible to do it departing from Phuket.

                Koh Yao Yai & Koh Yao Noi

                During my first trip in Phuket, I had been advised to spend a few days in Yao Yai island. As far as I know, there is no ladyboy over there, but it is (or was) still a quiet place to have rest and cheap accomodation. I had decided to go there with a ladyboy but haven't found so far one who would accept to go there.
                Perhaps, they don't like the local muslim population or muslims don't like them. But I guss the reason is that it becomes more and more expensive to find in Phuket a ladyboy who will accept to go for a LT, especially far from the business place.

                I picked up a photo from the blog of a German traveler.

                I have no information about Yao Noi Noi Island, except that it's supposed to offer a better experience that Yao Yai.

                Koh Phi Phi, Krabi and Ao Nang : I will write another thread (since it's not so close to Phuket) to post comments on these places