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San Francisco, Patong

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    C&D Ladyboy Cabaret and Bar
    i think there is some familiarity to the name and still a following would be the only reason. A family member has access to the name


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      I would agree if it was the original location changing hands or original owner moving.
      That name is only familiar to old people and was already in decline by the time we ever went there.
      C&D was never the same after Soi Croc closed.

      The old crew will go to the ladyboy bar whatever it is called. A new generation is the only thing that will keep ladyboy bars going.
      Cocktails and dreams doesn't mean anything to falangs under 50 as a ladyboy bar or movie.
      To me it is like beating a tired old horse. Similar to giving up and sliding into an old comfortable pair of underwear.

      When young guys go to Phuket for vaction they may want to try a ladyboy, why not make i easier to figure out where to go.

      Names like that are old Thailand. If you have a unique name that is not already copyrighted, you can expand or franchise.
      These days you might have trouble with Touch Stone pictures
      They could block your Youtube channel or monetize it because they own the name, or worse. Old Thailand you couldn't get sued on copyright.....
      In todays internet age, you should have a unique and modern name.

      I used to work in nightclubs and once chose and old name of a previous popular club which turned out badly.
      Mainly because it was unfamiliar to young people.

      Just my opinion.


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        I don't think that the name is such an important matter, except maybe when the name was a good find (I think of "katoeys R Us"). Whatever name they will give their bars, the good reputation will come from customers having real fun or finding in the bar good ladyboys for good shags. It's still too early for bars to start over business but if this one's good, they will find their clientele eventually.


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          SanFrancisco is closing and the staff will fall back to work at My Bar 3. This is said to be temporary until conditions improve for business so the future is uncertain for SanFrancisco. There were very very few patrons of the club as one would expected with no sizable tourist traffic. My Bar 3 on Soi Sansabi is among 3 or for bars left on the soi still open but empty.


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            Too bad to hear. At least they can still work some.


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              Ya they are not really working much. Soi Sansabai is dead. Tourist traffic is abysmal. They see the odd regular expat but even they are staying away as they become the main income source ( aka ATM). Many times the girls are no shows because they only get tips , no salary so they wont work for free. Heres a video of Bangla and Soi Sansabi from youtube that's fresh. Gives an idea of what's happening.
              Now in 2020:

              This is what it should look like more, even tho this was march 2019: