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    Sugar niteclub in Phuket is up in flames.....

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    Insurance fraud to save a declining business ?


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      Anything is possible ..T.I.T.


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        If Insurance fraud was that easy, most of the insured businesses in Thailand would be on fire right now.

        When these buildings are mostly concrete with steel roofs, it would mostly just be internal furnishings and veneer that would be burning.
        Maybe this is quicker than getting a moving truck and demo crew. Sweep out the ashes, hose it down and remodel.


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          Ya, who knows. I am sure the rent was due.


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            It's a smouldering mess of faux leather seating.


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              The fire was at a shop adjacent to Sugar it turns out. Electrical fire started by a short in a sign. Here is the text from an article in the Phuket news :

              Lt Col Kittisak Sommat of the Patong Police told The Phuket News today (Oct 14) that investigators have confirmed that the fire was not intentional.

              “Witnesses confirmed that the fire started from sparks from an electrical sign in front of the shop,” he said.

              Firefighters were called to the small arcade, located next door to the popular Sugar Club nightclub, at about 11:30am.

              The fire quickly ripped through the clothes store’s merchandise of hats, shirts, shoes and other items of clothing, and spread to other shops in the arcade, Lt Col Kittisak said.

              The total damage caused by the fire was estimated at about B2 million, he added.
    ][/URL] Plums of heavy smoke could be seen from as far as the hills behind the beachfront town.

              After arriving, firefighters took about 35 minutes to douse the fire, Lt Col Kittisak noted.

              “All the shops are covered by fire insurance, I have already spoken with the insurance agent about the fire and we are waiting for the official report of forensic science investigators so we can hand that over to the agent,” he said.

              “Investigators from the Phuket Forensic Police have inspected the site and collected items of evidence. They have forwarded some items to the Forensic Science regional headquarters in Surat Thani for further examination, so we expect that it will take some time for the official report to be completed, probably in about one month,” Lt Col Kittisak said.