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Rawai (south Phuket) some info

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  • Rawai (south Phuket) some info

    Rawai si rather big and spread with lots of bars. There are bars I have not yet investigated, but I will return later this spring and continue the search.

    Inspire Bar on Wiset Road (4024 to airport) had one LB there one night, but did not work there, just visiting friends in the bar, good music though (techno, club)

    The Future Bar have two ladyboys unfortunate Katty has a boyfriend from Finland and Jammy (black hair) has a boyfriend from Sweden. Pooltable.

    P_20221220_042033.jpg P_20221220_212658.jpg

    (Sunshine Bar and Banana Bar in Rawai probably have LB, haven't been there yet)

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    Thanks for the information!

    Damn those pesky scandinavian boyfriends.


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      But the best part in Rawai was the first time I visited. A late evening after being in several bars, on my way walking home to Asia Bar (still on 4024) where I stayed a couple of nights, a motorbike (scooter) stopped at my side. It was a ladyboy, a big one! She was a tall bitch, about 185 cm/6'0" and I am only 175 cm/5'8",but OMG. I hopped on her motorbike and folllowed her home. She was so kind, tender and gentle as I was a little precious baby for her and maybe I was. We took a shower together, she had great figure, really, really nice tits and her back had a full tattoo. We or I should I say, used three condoms, because I was the only one making boom-boom to her. And the strange part is, that she didn't want any money, but I gave her what I have left in my pocket, a little more than 300 THB (about 9 USD). Then she drove me to my hotel. I don't know her name or nothing, but I have her on Line-app. Must see her again!