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    That is the key to remember that you are the customer, the king of your domain and it is your Holiday, not theirs.
    The ladyboys know that most falangs are Jai Dee (Good Guys), so they may try to lay a guilt trip on you at times.
    You have nothing to be guilty about in a bar situation. Good manners certainly are good but don't waste your time and money on a bad situation.

    Also it is often easy to take more than one ladyboy home, even when you don't really want to.
    While it may sound like fun, it is often hard to find 2 or more that will give you the experience you want.
    Often while you are fucking one the others will not be trying to participate but sitting there looking at their phones.
    If they piss you off like this it is ok to tell them to go but make sure you pay them anyway so not to cause a scene.

    The other thing about lady drinks is usually everyone in the bar may ask you to buy them a lady drink.
    Usually the lady drinks cost more than regular drinks and sometimes they don't even get liquor, they will just get coke or something.
    So it is ok to buy a drink for your server, any ladyboy that is sitting with you and the mamasan but say no to the rest.
    Often if you buy a drink for the mamasan, they will come sit with you. If you have not chosen a ladyboy yet you can discuss with them which ones would fit your needs.
    Then you can get the one you are looking for instead of guessing which one you may like based on looks only.
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      Originally posted by Hondo View Post
      What about a ladyboy losing face if you are sitting with her and bought a drink for her and someone better came along. I could see that happening a lot.
      The bigger problem I've had is going back to the same bar the next night and the girl I had the night before comes running over and wants to be with me again... however I have other girls in mind. This can be a sticky situation since she's obviously told all the others that you are now her property. What I learned to do it to just tell them in advance, when I first take them back to the hotel, that I'm a BIG fucking butterfly and like to be with as many ladyboys as possible. They will get it and understand and when you come in the next night it won't be such a big deal. She'll tell her friends you big butt-a-fly .. the whole bar will know. It'll be great !


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        Back to the old adage we used to hear from our parents "Honesty is the best policy". I live my life that way now but only because at my age I can't remember the lies.


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          Being a butterfly comes naturally to me ... should be no problem negotiating the politics and petty jealousies of a ladyboy bar!


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            Just be honest about your intentions and don't believe their BS.
            If you are fair to them most will respect your wishes.

            They may tell you any number of sob stories or say they love you to try and keep you.
            However you will be surprised how quickly they recover from their "broken heart". (often they recover in minutes.)
            The ones that don't work in bars can be persistent and even show up at your room even after you have released them.
            If they work in the bar they are more likely just to go back to work than harass you.

            As long as you don't make them a bunch of bold promises that they tell their friends, they won't lose face.
            If you were to convince them you were going to take them away from all this and give them a bunch of cash, you better do it.
            Otherwise you will hear about it from all the ladyboys if you go back to the same establishment.
            Your promises may even spread further than that so don't suggest you will do anything you are not prepared to.
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              No different than any other woman. If you make promises you better deliver or there is hell to pay. They are people with hopes and fears and feelings. Not sex toys