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Thailand is not the best place to travel right now.

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  • Thailand is not the best place to travel right now.

    This story is exactly why I chose not to travel to Thailand yet.
    The Authorities in Thailand are likely to do anything to you at anytime.

    This lady from Canada tested positive with no symptoms and was separated from her travelling partner and locked up alone.
    Her partner was also locked up separately with no outside communications.
    The reactions seems ridiciulous.

    'Don't do it:' N.S. woman warns against travel after testing positive for COVID-19 in Thailand (

    'Absolutely no communication'
    Hoban, who had yet to test positive, was taken to what MacKeigan described as a "COVID house" to isolate.
    She said Hoban was placed with people who had tested positive, and MacKeigan didn't understand why the two weren't kept together.
    "We were both in situations which nobody was communicating to us.... they were very, very uncomfortable situations to be in," MacKeigan said.
    "I had absolutely no communication with the outside world."

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    Why is it in Asia they seem to be really freaking out about Omicron? They were making progress in normalization but they have gone way backwards! At the rate they are going it’s going to be another lost year!!!


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      Authoritarians don't want it to end. I'm sure media in Asia is scaring the hell out of people, just like in the west.
      This is now a new tool for power hungry leaders. Health controls.

      Omicron is so contagious once it is somewhere it can't be stopped, so I don't understand the measures being taken.
      Almost no one has actually died from it either, apparently.

      In Canada and the USA powers in charge don't want it to end, especially if there is upcoming elections.
      In Asia they want to avoid any future elections.

      CDC even just said that half the current cases of covid were people that went to the hospital for something other than covid, then tested positive.
      They also said 75% of all covid deaths were with people that had at least 4 comorbidities.

      CDC director admits 75% of COVID-19 deaths were from people with at least four comorbidities

      Now they fired all the health workers that didn't vaccinate and cry about staffing shortages in hospitals.
      Hospitals are overwhelmed with people that don't need to go there but some people are soooo scared they can't stand it.

      My brother just got covid after 3 Pfizer shots.
      Vaccines and more vaccines are the only course of treatment for covid according to those in charge.
      Countries with 95%+ vaccination rates are still locked down. Something is pretty fishy.
      Barely one other therapeutic or vitamin has be reccommended except the new Pfizer and Merck pills coming out.

      What a shake down this is.....