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I have a post-op friend who needs a room in los

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  • I have a post-op friend who needs a room in los

    Okay, here's the deal. I met this BEAUTIFUL pre-op in Europe who just went to LOS for SRS and fell in love with the place. She wants to go back next month to stay for at least 3-6 months to finish her 'healing'. She needs a CHEAP one-room apartment in bangkok or pattaya -- I told her Pattaya would probably be much cheaper, but who knows.

    She needs a private phone in the room to get internet access. She would like a refrigerator at least, but does not need a kitchen. She will not be "working". She only has $150-200 USD to spend per month on a 3-6 month rental. She speaks some english. She writes english pretty well.

    Any advice or tip would be welcome. I will not be there to help and I think she likes being independent. Maybe somebody will buy her a dinner while she's there, but for now, she really needs help finding a cheap, decent, safe place to stay.

    I figure no better place than here to ask. So....thanks in advance.

    Stogie, if this is in the wrong forum, my apologies -- maybe it should go to fishbox? I dunno. Your call.