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  • Hotel procedure

    A bit of advice please!
    Being a first timer could you advice on procedure for bringing a 'friend' back to the Hotel.   I am staying at the Majestic Grande Hotel, so if I bring a 'friend', back in the evening, do we go to the reception and say "is it all right for my friend to come to my room", do we just go up together or what?    Will the staff question us or what?   Any help appreciated.
    Cheers   Pete

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    Majestic Grande is LB friendly, DON'T go to receiption & introduce your friend. They have a guy who checks them in & takes there ID off them nearer the entrance. However this is more of a late night deal. I never got any checks / ID's taken on my friends in the day.

    Majestic Grande is pretty cool about the whole thing, just be confident & don't be timid, march in smile at all, that knowing smile, "I am going to have fun" look, they will be the ones to iniciate anyID checks & the like.

    You will be fine there unless they have dramatically changed the policy.

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      At this particular hotel you will not have a problem. They are very guest friendly. Just enter with your guest and head for the elevator. A security guard will probably be close by and ask for the guests ID card. That is S.O.P. and nothing to worry about. In some cases the front desk might ask to have your guest give them the ID card. Then it's up to your room and playtime can begin. I would recommend that when you book a room you specify that you want a dpouble and there will be two people. It helps to avoid being dinged with the additional guest fee. Enjoy your holiday.


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        Hello Venice860,

        In most hotels in Thailand you just wonder in or out with whoever you please and they won't take any notice.

        Some hotels wll stop your 'guest' and ask for their ID card  -  Thai's MUST carry them. They will hold the card and give it back when the guest leaves.
        The really good hotels will hold the guest when they come down and will call your room just to check if everything is OK before they let the guest go.

        As you may have seen mentioned some hotels try to charge a 'joiner' (guest) fee. This can be from 100-2000 Baht.  Luckily it is not common.
        One way to cheat on this is to say the room will be for 2 when you book it and when you check in say nothing.
        If the reception does ask say the other person is delayed and you don't know when/if they will arrive  

        I have never stayed at the Majestic Grande Hotel.  Some time ago I did stay at the Majestic Suites which is the same company.
        I don't remember their policy for sure (it may have changed anyway) but I think they just let you wonder in or out un-noticed.

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          Hi all, Many thanks for all the replies. Will let you know how I get on.
          Thanks again. Pete