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Hotel recommendation - again

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  • Hotel recommendation - again

    OK, guys, I am only going to be there for a week. and I am willing to spend. Long story short, I am forced to get married, and this trip to me is like that guy in "scent of woman" going to NYC. Only I am not going to blow my brains out. (rather I will come back for the death sentence...)
    So, I kind of plan it to be a true GFE kind of thing. Got to be top of the line in every details. There are some LB friend 5 stars, but where do you think is the most romantic? (bubblebath, good wet bar, porno in rooms, etc..)


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    Hi Thomas...

    A 'Garden Room' at the Avalon might do the trick. A bit over $100 a night.

    They don't do porn but just take (or buy) your own DVDs and you'll be set!
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      Where?? BKK, CM, Patty, Pukhet, Samui, Samet,..... ??


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        Conrad in BKK. Don't get married if you don't want to, you'll only regret it forever!


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          If its a western women forget it, the whole deal will be a scam, & you will be the ultimate looser.

          If you are under UK law, 50% of your entire estate is her's regardless!! on the 366th day of your official marriage date.

          Wise up, don't bother just "pay as you go" keeps it all in proportion.

          You pays your money & takes your chance. This isn't a rehearsal do it now, it's no good looking back when it's a lover & wishing.... ITS TOO LATE.


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            I have to smile about that bit:

            but where do you think is the most romantic?
            (....... porno in rooms, etc..)


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              (mcqueen @ Apr. 12 2006,15:01) I have to smile about that bit:

              but where do you think is the most romantic?
              (....... porno in rooms, etc..)

              NOTHING says "i love you" like a good in-room porno.


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                My two favorite rooms I've stayed in are not really in mongering places.  

                The three cottages at Sukorn Beach Bungalows are great.  Make sure you book one of those three if you stay there.  Right on the beach, and was able to leave the french doors open all night hearing the ocean waves which were maybe 15 metres away.

                Ko Sukkorn Beach Bungalows

                On Ko Phangan the Sanctuary can only be reached by a 2 hour hike over the mountain or by longtail boat.
                Stayed in the Weemarn Baan.  Has a balcony where you can lie in a hamock with a great view of the bay.

                Sanctuary Weemarn Baan

                A little easier to get to in Ko Samet.  And much more to do than in the other two very isolated places.

                Good lodging (but not spectacular views) on Sai Kaew Beach is:

                Sai Kaew Beach Resort  (not Villa)

                Also there is the more isolated Ban Ploy Talay which is a poor man's Tahiti overwater bungalow.  Even though it's cool place, I think most would prefer to be on the beach and the Tonsak and Sai kaew Beach Resort are safer choices.


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                  Thanks guys. Who can possibly beat this crowd! The Garden room is really nice but it's pataya. any place in BKK you can think of? any experiences with Marriott by the river (online virtual tour was very nice).
                  One thought is going to the garden room right after picking up my honymoon girl on the first night in Nana. Might be even more fun to have a beach to walk around than in town?
                  Watching porno together can be very sexy and romantic. no? I am the type of guy who needs some background noise all the time. Moaning definitely beats CNN.
                  Finally, thanks for the advices on "not" getting married. Points taken - long time ago. On top of all, I obviousely am not married to someone I truely love sexually and romantically. Hey, I am here on this site! If some of the stars on ATS will marry me for 367 days to get 50% of my asset I am more than willing to pay the price! Let's just say everybody has his cross to bear. But I have not given up hope though. Last time I was so close we even got the license from the county clerk. I will try my best to dodge the bullet again ....


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                    (goingtosugarland @ Apr. 13 2006,09:12) Finally, thanks for the advices on "not" getting married. Points taken - long time ago. On top of all, I obviousely am not married to someone I truely love sexually and romantically.
                    Oh dear, if you really meant these words, surely you can put a stop to this madness!! In life, there are always choices. Short of knocking her up, I believe there is still time to dash to freedom. Good luck to you anyway.

                    As for romantic hotels in BKK, check out Bangkok Boutique Hotel in Sukhumvit, walking distance to soi cowboy, and just a short taxi ride to NEP. I stayed in the executive suite before, which has a nice jacuzzi in it. However, the place does not have a swimming pool, so maybe scratch it out. There is another boutique hotel (name escapes me now) but the rooms look great. Not sure about LB policies though.
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                      Ok, my favorite BKK hotel (only when I'm checking in with someone special for a few days) is the Sukhothai on Sathorn Rd.
                      Beautiful romantic setting in a lush tropical garden!
                      Next door you have the Banyan Tree. Very nice massage on the 50th floor whilst overlooking the whole city and afterwards dinner at the Vertigo restaurant on the 65th floor! Can't get any better!
                      Stay at the Sukhothai, enjoy the facilities at the Banyan Tree! Don't go for any of those hotels on the river! Rip-offs and just too far awy from everything!
                      The Conrad is nice, but too much of a business hotel (although a very good one) and not romantic enough for my taste. Also the "87" has seen better days, not much going on there anymore.

                      - Banyan Tree in Phuket
                      - Anantara Resorts, Samui
                      - Evason Pukhet

                      - Anantara, Golden Triangle




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                        ..... and if you have doubts about going there with your LB gf.... don't have it! If you check in with her - no problem at all. Done that many times.
                        You might get some when you're staying there and take every night a couple of LB's from the bars with you.... But then you wont stay there, wont you....?



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                          (Mai-Kee @ Apr. 14 2006,10:51) dinner at the Vertigo restaurant on the 65th floor! Can't get any better!
                          Hello Mai-Kee,

                          I took 'Herself' to the Vertigo for her birthday. She liked the restaurant but didn't like the food

                          There is a Thai restaurant a couple of floors down - have you tried that?

                          Pedants rule, OK. Or more precisely, exhibit certain of the conventional trappings of leadership.

                          "I love the smell of ladyboy in the morning."


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                            Yes, the food is a bit too much "farang-style" (and farang prized!) there, but (only!) in that case I'd prioritize the setting. (Same goes for the "Dome" on Silom). I haven't been in the other restaurant and actually I wouldn't go there, because normally I don't trust 5star hotel food in LOS. Always too farang style for my taste, I rather go to the little Issaan restaurants a bit off center.
                            I'm a pathological foody.... LOL and I'm always looking for THE real stuff, something I haven't eaten, REAL good kitchen which is not necessarily the most expensive, especially in LOS! I normally hate when they do farang style and I prefer the blood-sausage soup on the market in Buriram any time to a dinner at the Oriental!



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                              Just when I was asking around about banyan tree and Mai-Kee gave me the answer on my own thread! Thanks man! But what do you mean by "check-in together" though? So it's not as easy say just bring guest in out of blue (or oute of twilight ...) ?
                              As for the food, I don't really care what the lady prefer. I can't even handle the Thai food here in states. I am getting ready to eat McDonnald everyday. As a former restaurant owner, and quiet skillful at woking I may add, I oddly do not settle well with exotic food. Bloody sauage soup ...? Unless you meant that I suck her so hard and she starts to bleed .....