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    Anybody know a LB friendly hotel in Khon Kaen or
    Udorn Thani ??

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    I was only once in Khon Kaen, stayed a the aptly named Khon Kaen Hotel. Wasn't totally impressed, as the rooms seemed old and musty. Will try the Kosa hotel next time.
    Anyway, I brought a LB to my room, they did not bat an eyelid at reception. And that was at 3 in the afternoon.
    So i guess the KK Hotel an qualify as LB friendly.
    Maybe Stewart has more info?


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      Chareon Sri Grand Hotel which is the best hotel in udon but a little tired now. Standard rooms are 800 baht and up depending how you book. No problem with LB's had them come to my room no security and lifts are set away from front desk.

      1000 baht for that big deluxe room at City Lodge is a good hotel and LB friendly. Great western food too.

      Dont stay at Napali Hotel. Its far from the city centre and there crooks on the front desk. Had to stay there on my last trip when the whole city was booked out with a conference. Tried to charge me 700 baht for 2 or 3 extra hours because my flight was delayed (Air Asia). Told them to stuff it and sat in the airport lounge for 4 hours.


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        City Lodge in Udon Thani

        My ladyboy friend and I stayed at the City Lodge in Udon Thani and we both liked it very much.   If you are traveling with a ladyboy (or girl)  look no further, jsut trust me and book it.

        Only negative is that there is no in-room safe so we had to use the hotel safe.  Not really a big deal if you're traveling with someone but less than ideal if you're picking up ladyboys in Udon.

        they have a computer in the bar/restarant which is free to hotel guests.