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    Originally posted by outlander5 View Post
    The new king I hear is a big fan of starting casinos !! But a lot of Thai's are not sold of it !!
    A nice Casino hotel beside the View Talay would be nice.
    They should really be turning Pattaya into another Las Vegas rather than trying to clean it up and make it more family.
    I see tourist families in Pattaya, they look confused and not that happy.
    Thai's are so far off on gambling though as i remember the police recently raiding the Bridge Club of Pattaya for illegal gambling.
    Gambling is illegal in Thailand but cock fighting is the biggest betting sport in the country.
    If you go out to the country most men have a fighting cock.

    Thailand is going to have to do stuff to keep up, they have nice beaches but there is plenty more nice beaches around the world.
    The beaches they have are starting to show wear. Pattaya beach is a lost cause which is why it is fine for over development.
    With gambling and legalized weed becoming prevalent everywhere these days, Thailand tourism could suffer over time.
    Having the rich Chinese coming to Thailand might be ok, but China is poised to seriously over run Thailand over time.
    Chinese tourist could end up pushing out western visitors, and the Chinese generally spend way less money.
    As Thailand alienates the west, this is bound to happen.
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      The biggest problem i hear from most Thais is the over valued baht is killing their tourism almost all currencies buy less baht then they did 2 years ago then they did 10 years ago, the russians have bailed in huge numbers, less swedes and dans and a lot of brits on pensions had to go back to England !! They blame their military government but not much they can say or do and now they've lost King #9 who they all absolutely loved and King #10 being a lot less popular most thais are on hard times but still they smile and are the most friendly people on earth!! One thing is Thais can't stand Chinese tourist like you said they don't spend or tip, they are just put up with hell after flying the chinese airlines i'm ready to scream they have no concept of waiting in line they walk through you constantly and if you get a herd of them they create a wall you must walk around with no regard to anybody else!!