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Tabjong House not LB friendly

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  • Tabjong House not LB friendly

    Hello boys!
    I wished to share with you this piece of info.I contacted,while searching for a hotel, the Tanjong House B&B. I sent the an email to know if they apply a joiner fee.They replied that for "real" girls there is no joiner fee, but they don't allow ladyboys because "they always make problems". Actually, in my experience I had less problems with LBs than with BGs.

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    I don't think Ladyboys generally cause anymore problem than girls.
    However ladyboys do seem to get blamed for lots of problems.

    It could be the preference of the owner.
    Just because there is lots of ladyboys in Thailand doesn't meant there isn't a lot of discrimination.

    However I have never been refused showing up at any hotel in Thailand with a ladyboy.
    Especially if you book a room for 2 and it is your girlfriend, they won't refuse you then.

    Still it is nice to stay in a place where ladyboys are welcomed.


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      I would agree with Crag - if you are checking in with your lb gf, hotels in Thailand would generally not refuse you - if she is dressed normally. There are a few hotels that do not accept lbs as "guests". Unfortunately these places have generalized the actions of a few bad apples to most lbs.

      In Pattaya, the Eastiny Hotel doesn't accept lb guests either. Thanks for reporting rumlemonade - always good to know, so we can avoid these places!

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