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CFL back this year!

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  • CFL back this year!

    So, the plans are a 14 week schedule starting in August. Will be interesting to see what it will be like after a year off. Go Riders!

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    Well i had been a little disillusioned with the CFL and Riders over the last number of years. The Riders just did stupid thing after stupid thing.
    Last year they were so wishy washy about the pandemic it was sickening. Worst league in sports with a covid! plan.
    I am always a rider fan but maybe i have since found a new football club.

    Go Santos Football Club!



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      Agreed they made some dumb player moves. As hard as it was to see Winnipeg beat the Riders in Regina in the Western final, it was actually good to see Collaros stick it to the Rider organization and give them the old FU!!

      As for last year, it was the government rules that made it so hard for the CFL. The CFL relies on gate money more than any other league I can think of, so they were screwed no matter what last year.