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Krabi province : Krabi, Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi and some more islands or beaches

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  • Krabi province : Krabi, Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi and some more islands or beaches

    After checking the section, I decided to start a topic on this area east of Phuket. So many mongers often wondered "should I go ?" and never did anything or posted no trip report that it's worth giving a few information on these places that all belong to the Krabi province. Since most of the ladyboys bars closed in Phuket, it might be worth exploring this area. Anyway, you can keep the option to pick up a ladyboy in Phuket and bring her with you.

    You can fly directly to Krabi airport from Bangkok since several companies operate the line either from Don Mueang or Suvarnabhumi. Air Asia will depart from Dong Muang whereas Air Asia, Nok Air, Bangkok Airways, Thai Vietjet, Thai Lion Air, Thai Airways, Thai smile and Hahn Air will depart from Suvarnabhumi. I even found flights from Sngapore (Chang Air) and Koh Samui (Bangkok Airways). You will use the same airport whatever your destination in the province (Krabi, Ao Nang or islands).


    Although Krabi is the capital town of the province, it's not the best destination to look for a ladyboy. You'd better bring someone from Phuket, Bangkok or Pattaya or even from the north of Thailand. Don't expect to meet Longmint round the corner although she grew up in Krabi. If you want to hire a local talent, you will need to use Tinder, Badoo, Wechat or Thaifriendly. Actually, it worked for me using Thaifriendly.

    As far as I know, there is no ladyboy bar in Krabi. There is a strange RLD though near the provincial bus station that looks like a Cambodian chicken farm. "Weird place" was Suzy's judgment when we walked across it. When I went back there at the end of 2017, I didn't feel like stopping in any place.
    Since a few members like luxury hotels and city's lights, they are likely to be disappointed in Krabi town ? I saw it more like a place for scuba divers and a harbor to transit to Koh Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, Ao Nang or to have one these one day trips to local attractions. I visited hot springs, had bath in a crazy hot river, rode elephant bareback and (tried to) practiced elephant steering and you can find many more.
    The best attraction is also the most simple : you can go to the pier and ask a boat driver to bring you to the mangrove (maemae) and the floating village in the mangrove. You can also book trips to islands but most of them depart from Ao Nang that is 18 km (11 miles) away from Krabi.

    I will write posts to deal with Ao Nang and Koh Phi Phi.

    the northern mangrove and the landscape in Krabi

    Koh Lanta

    Koh Lanta attracted many tourists for years since this is the place where the reality show "survivor" was shot for a few European version. I have never been there. There used to be a few bars with a fistful of scattered ladyboys.

    Behind the boat and the mangrove : the rocks of Koh Lanta

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    Koh Phi Phi

    When I went there for the first time, I believed that everybody knew Koh Phi Phi and that every ladyboy monger had visited the island(s) with a ladyboy from Patong or Pattaya. I realize this place remains unvisited, probably due preconceived ideas, particularly since the closure of Maya Bay. Koh Phi Phi remains a must see though where you should go to chill out with a ladyboy or just have fun alone.

    Koh Phi Phi has been well known since Koh Phi Phi Ley was used to make a movie (the beach) with Leonado Di Caprio, then more famous since December 26th 2004, when the tsunami swept the double beach in Koh Phi Phi Don. Koh Phi Phi is actually an archipelago of 6 islands including Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Ley (Maya Bay), Yung Island (prohibited area also called mosquito island), Bamboo Island, Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai and 2 other smaller islands. The actual name is island of Mangroves and Monkeys, that is in the local language "Pulau Piacenza, Pisa". (Since "pulau" means island in Malaysian, I asked Malaysian tourists if they understood the meaning but they told me it was no Malaysian language.) The first tourists visiting the place were mainly scuba divers and people looking for empty beaches to party. As they couldn't remember Pulau Piacenza Pisa, they used to say "PPP" that simply became "Phi Phi Island". Therefore, it's a mistake to say "Koh Phi Phi island". You either say "Koh Phi Phi" or "Phi Phi Island".


    When you arrive there, you have the feeling to reach a different world, almost another planet. I had never heard of the movie, but I had more or less the same spirit as the character played by Di Caprio in The Beach. I was looking for something different. After the destructions of 2004, the island started developing again. In 2013 (my first trip), it still looked like a survival of the hippie time with small streets, scuba diving shops and fire dancers in Loh Dalum bay (northeast side).
    2 years later, during a 1 hour stop at the pier, I noticed the construction of big buildings to create a resort that looked more like a European ski resort than a hippie destination. I noticed music bars 500m (150ft) away from the beach of Loh Dalum with wankers having cocktails in a swimming pool so close to the sea while listening to loud music.
    Another 2 years later, I went to the bars with fire dancers at night. Instead of walking on the sand between old cabanas, I had to look for the right spot walking through a maze of paved streets with workers pushing carts and screaming "peep peep" to warn pedestrian. Someone even told me that the name "Koh Phi Phi" came from the "peep peep" of these gentlemen.
    I chose an hotel too close from the island center and was close to 3 bars with loud music till 2 or 3 AM so I moved to the Harmony guesthouse at the other side of the hill. I also visited the viewpoint that allows to see the bays. In 2013, I was the crazy dude who felt like walking up the stairs then following the foot path to the view points. In 2017, I had to pay 30 baht to get a ticket upstairs then queue on the foot path behind Russian tourists who had just forgotten their previous night's hangovers.


    Then, I could make my pic.


    The ambiance had changed sharply on the island. I still saw fire dancers in the bars or Loh Dalum Bay but they were professional performers competing to attract the clientele to party in the bar that pays them for the show. This is no longer the time of Thai people and farangs dancing together. The isolated island has become a party resort. I saw people coming from many countries in the world (Russia, England, Israel, France, Italia, India and many more countries ) to be there. It's hard to think I wanted to be there. I even felt like screaming after an israeli guy who mishandeled money and damaged thai bills in his pocket (stupid guy from Khao San Rd).
    I even hated the people trying to get drunk as fast as possibleto party. Local people even sell a kit with a 250 ml bottle of brandy, a second smaller bottle of another brandy, a soda can and straws to get drunk faster. It's a shame to see these Russian ladies who could look pretty if their body was not damaged by heavy drinking. I even almost had a fight with a British girl who believed that being drunk could be an excuse to disrespect people.



    In spite of these negative changes, I managed to be happy. I found a great shop near the "city" center with a good massage shop at affordable prices and a good travel agency.
    I made 2 trips with the Chao Ko company. On a first day, I went to Koh Phi Phi Ley, visited Maya Bay, rode around the south side, saw the Viking cave (a cave that had actually been occupied by Viking seamen in the 10th century), visited Pileh Lagoon, went to Monkey beach in Koh Phi Phi Don, then Bamboo island. The captain explained me that Mosquito island used to be a great spot for scuba divers but it had been prohibited to protect the corals. Finally, we had a stop in Wang Long Bay, a small bay in the middle of the rocks accessible only by speed boat. 2 days later I got a trip in a larger boat going to monkey beach again, bamboo island, back to the east side with a stop at the spot called "shark point". A tour operator sells scuba diving tours with the promise of paying money back if visitors can't see a shark. Our captain explained us, it's a spot where small dog fishes can be seen in the morning.

    Get a trip in the travel agency (left) and a massage at Harmony Thai massage

    To go to Bamboo island with the big boat, we had to swim in heavy water currents. Thanks heaven, crew members took good care of the safety.

    It was easier 2 days earlier with this speed boat although jumping into the waves was sporty in the monsoon wind.
    Are there ladyboys in Koh Phi Phi ?
    Obviously, yes, there are. I saw one selling "buckets" of alcohol and another one selling take away food in Ban Thai road. Don't expect sexy bar girls though. I even found a place where ladyboys gather in the evening to rehearse dances (Toonsai Beauty Salon). Needless to bother them. They were relaxing with their gay friends. If you want to chill out with a ladyboy in Koh Phi Phi, You'd rather find a friendly one who accepts to go there during a LT.




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      Ao Nang

      At first sight, Ao Nang and Krabi are in the same place, but this is a mistake. You will find a quiet place in Krabi (except the chicken farm above described). There is big food market with a food court when the night market is open but that's all. It's a nice place to stay to do nothing or stay with a lazy ladyboy. I also noticed many scuba divers in restaurants at night. There are still many guesthouses with dorms at very cheap prices. If you order a trip going to islands, you will go with a van or baht bus pick up to Ao Nang beach or Nopparat Thara pier to depart.

      It's not so easy to understand all the trips you can do departing from Ao Nang. Many companies sell a "4 islands trip" or a "5 island trip" either with a long boat or a speed boat that includes 4 or 5 stops, sometimes 2 stops or 2 visits in 2 different sides of the same island. I admit I am fond of these trips, boarding into a boat, have beach and snorkeling parties, picnic and make photos of these crazy landscapes. To be perfectly honest, I also had the feeling that "mass tourism" is invading the islands. I saw more and more Chinese and Thai tourists (I am not racist, I am glad for these people who deserve holidays as we do and can afford them now), but accessing the area of national park involves taxes to maintain and clean the nature and pay guards and restrictions are now visible.

      Here are a few pics. DSC00601.JPG
      Koh Po Da Nok mistakenly called Koh Hong (Chicken island, guess why the mistake)
      The tide is rising and the laguna to join my boat in Koh Tup will soon be flooded by the sea

      With mass tourism restrictions apply in the National park (and taxes are rising)

      13303B Hong Island.png
      Memories of the actual Koh Hong (2013). Many ladyboys working in Phuket have never been in the islands.

      Railay Beach

      Railay beach is a peninsula located between Ao Nang and Krabi. It's a small resort almost isolated from the rest of the world like an island with 3 beaches : Playa Oeste, Ao Phra Nang Beach, and the east beach (this beach is not really interesting). I actually saw 3 resorts or a resort split in 3 pieces. The first one is gathers a few luxury hotels and bungalows betwwen Playa Oeste beach and the east beach. A second part is an extension towards Ao Phra Nang Beach at the foot of the rocks. If you follow the east beach after the mangroves, you will find more buildings then a luxury hotel (Railay Great View Spa) then you will find an empty beach where you can see Krabi harbor. If you have a look in google maps, you will see a "Rocky bar" that I haven't see.

      It's really easy to ride a boat to Railay beach. You just need to go to Wang sea food restaurant and a get a ticket for the next boat going to Railay beach. You should have one every hour. A return ticket coasts only 300 THB.
      If you want to spend more money, you can ask for a customized boat ride. They offered me a boat rent at a fairly interesting rate. I declined since I was alone, but this could be a good opportunity, especially if you are a group of mates with ladyboys. For example, you could ask to go this beach where there is supposed to be a Rocky bar to have a beach party in an empty beach. You can also rent a boat with a captain for the whole day. You need to agree where to go first since going to islands in the National Park is regulated.

      Here are a few pics of Raily Beach. DSC00572.JPG
      south of the peninsula and Ko Rang Nok (south is on the right)

      Playa Oeste de Railay

      The south beach and the princess cave

      The east beach with mangroves in the background

      further east : the empty beach. One can see Krabi resorts on the right
      West side of Railay Beach (Playa Oeste is hidden behind the boats): visitors boarding to ride back Ao Nang

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        Ladyboys in Ao Nang

        I found ladyboys in several places in Ao Nang. Since Ao Nang is a touristic resort, they work in a bar, a cabaret, or massage salons or hook up tourists in the street.

        RCA entertainment : you will find this small bar complex on the road 4203 about 300m/1000ft from the seaside. It's a dead end with a dozen of bars with girls including one with ladyboys. I found that ladyboys looked too much like Thai trannies. Maybe I was wrong.

        RCA Entertainment in Google view

        Blue Dragon Cabaret : if you look at it in Google, you will be given a position in the curve of the road. The cabaret is actually located at Central point, a complex with bars and restaurants. You can't barfine the ladyboys of the cabaret as long as they work for the show but a few of them freelance before or after work. You need to be careful though since a few of them are real scammers.
        I met 2 of them :
        - Bell, ex CIB bar (Bangkok). She had contacted in Tinder when I was in a boat to Koh Phi Phi. She was the typical Bangkok bar girl a little bit boastful (when talking of money) and in hurry to finish when having sex. She had an excuse to be late and she had to go to work to leave my room as quick as possible. (see my TR post #23)
        - PalmMee who is a dangerous scammer. I met her in Central Point and she brought me to her home. She had organized a scam with her roommate. (see my TR post #22 )

        Central point : You can pick up freealancers in this area at night. I had a date with a tall ladyboy working in Ao Nang as a chef. I invited her for a drink but we had no affinity with one another. She was looking for a boyfriend. Later, I met PalmMee (see above) in wait for a farang to scam. I found another ladyboy late in the same night. Maybe she could have been OK, but as soon as I felt her shy with sex, I put her out. Whatever, ladyboys are freelancing in the area till late in the night.

        Ladyboy(s) in a massage shop : I found ladyboys in a massage shop in this block, probably the number 11 spa & beauty or a place nearby. The boss was a ladyboy and she called a ladyboy to make a Thai massage. She was not really at Thai massage, not very enthusiastic in the room, but it had been a funny experience though. (See my TR post # 24).

        Beware of scams : I have been in Thailand several times and visited many places. I have never seen so many scams or scam attempts since my first trip.

        The van driver scam : a van picked me up at the boat station in Krabi and had to drop me at my hotel. The driver dropped people in several places in Ao Nang, then asked a couple of Germans an extra 100 THB to bring them to their place and 200 THB to bring me to my place. I asked him to drop me at the same place as the Germans, gave him 100 THB and walked.
        What to do if this happens to you ? A lady working in a travel agency told me what to do. The driver must display his business license in the van. Make a photo of the license and send a SMS to the travel agency that sold the ticket. Never let a driver take your ticket/voucher and keep it.

        The Hippie restaurant/bar : stay away from the lazy bar/restaurant and don't waste your time with him.

        The tshirt scam : sales ladies on the beach front are open to bargaining but they start at such a high price that you will just obtain the market price after a long bargain. Better not try to purchase.

        The ladyboy roommate scam : see above PalmMee.

        Conclusion : Ao Nang is a nice place to chill out and stay a few days, but local ladyboys are far from being the most attractive ones in Thailand. It's a good place to bring a girlfriend and visit islands or have lazy time on the beach.