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  • Best bar for newbie

    Newbie looking to hangout

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    Now late November and the ladyboys r starting to arrive in town. U dont need to have friends go with u. Just go to Sois 6, 7, or 8 and look around. Lots and lots or girls of all kinds all up and down Beachwalk. Super dusty and difficult to breathe. Can't blame the city for choosing the winter season to do this rough work. After all it's the drier season to work. Dollar-baht is kinda bad at 30 bahts to the dollar. If u like cheap massages for B100, go to the area where Bhuakao street t-bones Pattaya Middle road (Pattaya Klang street). They sneaky though. Got a sign that sex B50 Bzht tip required to offset the low price. Haha. These places r dirty, dust . And have old furniture. The massage parlors along the main drags of Beachwalk, sois 6 and 7 plus Pattaya Second Road are much nicer, cleaner, sx nd well-lit. You get what you pay for. Still B200 is so cheap for Thai massage or foot massage. Will try the hot oil massage one of these nights before I take a bath. Costs more but gotta try it out so I can tell my friends what it's like. Love vacationing in Thailand every year and making new friends.