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Pigdogg's favorite hotels

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  • Pigdogg's favorite hotels

    Below is a list of my favorite hotels. It's quite an eccletic mix at various price points.

    Ko Samet:

    Tonsak-One of the two decent hotels on Sai Kaew Beach. Room 5 is the best. On the net as the Chancoy but new owners. 038-644-314. Probably where I will stay on my next trip. Thai clientelle, no Eurotrash or ugly Americans (except me).

    Ban Ploy Samet-A cheap charlie version of a Tahiti overwater bungalow. Not for everyone though, not on a beach, If not staying there a nice place for lunch on a day you rent mopeds.

    Sai Kaew Beach Resort (not Sai Kaew Villa)-The safest choice for someone who wants to plan a trip with no surprises. Easy to book through a travel agent or internet.


    Marina Beach Resort (not Marina Villa). Baht for baht, based on the going rate for a particular locale, probably the best deal in this post. Ten times as nice as other places at the same price.

    Ko Phangan:

    Sanctuary-You can only get there by a two hour hike over the mountainous jungle or by longtail. A funky, new age, yoga resort. Weebarn Bungalows offer a spectacular view.

    Ko Sukorn

    Ko Sukorn Beach Bungalows.-The three most expensive cottages are great, right on the beach, you can leave the french doors open all night or at least when we were thereno mozzies.


    Courtyard-Archtectuarly stunning, great, great pool, great staff. Am considering going back to Bali partially cause I like this place so much. You USA guys who have 60K star alliance miles, you can do Thailand and Bali on the same ticket.


    Kingfisher-Super cheap hotel but to me just as nice as something much more expensive, allows me to splurge on Ko Samet hotels where price really does matter. Not the best location for a first time visitor though.


    Rendezvous-looked at many hotels and seems to offer the best Phuket value and in a great location for ladyboy lovers.

    As I run across phone numbers and websites I'll edit in but if you need one right away I'll try to find.

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    You forgot your old favourite in Bangkok, the Grand Inn on Suk.3. link

    Cheap, anonymous, friendly and as close to the action as possible.

    You put me onto it along time ago, and it's been my favourite since then. Thanks


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      Last trip i was staying with one ladyboy for four nights so upgraded to the Omni Tower so we'd be more comforatble in the room.

      But Grand Inn is where I'll continue to stay if I'm alone, I guess I kept it off the list cause it's not a decisive choice over other hotels in the area.