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Hotel in Chiang-mai?

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  • Hotel in Chiang-mai?

    Hello, can someone please recommend a hotel in Chiang-mai, somewhere that is close to the nightlife and that is "guest" friendly. Mid-range would be good, clean, and preferrably one that is off the main streets....I hate getting woken up by tuk-tuks at 7 am.

    I've never been to Chiang-mai before, so I'm not exactly sure where nightlife is, so hopefully someone can recommend some hotels that will put me where i want to be.

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    The Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel is "guest friendly" but the caveat here is you must book a double and show up with a guest. I had a buddy try this, he booked a double to ensure he could bring back a guest but when he checked in he only registrated in his name only and when he checked out they slammed him for his guest fees. Great location for this hotel but be careful, I think you might be best served by getting some of the other guys advice.


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      I satyed at the Galare and it was OK, but if I ever go to CM again, I'll try somewhere else. Lots of guys seem to like the Porn Ping. Nice name!


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        Hello C_k,

        I stayed at the Rydges Tapae - now called the Amora Tapae. Only thing is I took my teerak with me so don't know about guest friendliness.

        I do remember hearing that the Porn Ping was a good place to stay and it is close to the Night Market.
        Rates look pretty good also.

        The city is quite small (really a medium size town) so traffic noise is not a major problem.

        The main transport in Chiang Mai is songcheow (the spelling is wrong but that's how it sounds). You just flag them down hop on the back and hop off where you want - paying the driver 20-40 Baht.

        The tuk-tuks were cheap compared to Bangkok but only worth taking to go places outside the centre.

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          try the Suriwongse Hotel.. 100m from nite bazaa, 100m from outdoor seafood places, 100m from bars.. book as double room, never been questioned on the way in with GG or LB...


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            There is a newish place in the same road as Surawongse...a main road....but closer to the walled city...called Raming Lodge ( from memory)...great place and was 1500 pool.... but very nice rooms and I had no prob with guests....But there is no problem in asking about guest policy up front......ask if you can bring a friend back for the night at no charge.....if you ask up front you cant get a surprise bill at the end.....and they wont want to see you walk away.


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              Hi CK,

              I have been living in CM for the last 3 months and can confirm the Surawongse...and Raming Lodge are cool, but check with them before you pay just to make sure. RL is nearly 4 star and the Surawongse is 3 star (only just) and very tired, but good staff. For LB action go to the new CM Entertainment Plaza in Loh Kroh Road which runs into the Night Bazzar. At least 10 LB's working at different bars but a few are ugly or on the young and inexperienced side. BF is around 400-500 baht with short time starting at 700 - 1500 depending on the size of your pockets. They also come out later in the evening (after 10.00pm) and free lance up and down LK Road. Very approachable and the later in the night the cheaper the price. I actually stay at Mini Cost Apartment which is a new place near Taphae Gate. 650 baht per night but could be a little noiser for you as it's in a small soi behind Montri Hotel just off walking street. The other hotel is Dumgatwan 1500 baht next to Surwongse Hotel.They have a great pool and fitness. I just love watching a LB work out while the elder middle class white folk look on in horror!
              cheers and good luck.


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                Hi there. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've looked into several of the hotels suggested. some of them are 2-3,000/night. i guess i had expected chiang-mai to be a lot cheaper than bkk. i normally get a half decent 3-star hotel off sukhumbvit for around 1,000. The Raming lodge looks nice from their web site, but its about 2k per night.

                I guess I was expecting decent hotels up in chiang-mai for under 1,000.

                Hey, scott, maybe you could give me the link to the Mini Cost Apt. you mentioned. sounds like its fairly reasonably priced.

                P.S. I've noticed a lot of hot models on ATS from the Simon Cabaret in Chiang mai. I would just like to know whether or not these LB will go with customers. If so, how does that work? is there a place that you go after the show to pick them up? since its not really a bar fine, i'm not sure how to work it, and how much it would cost.

                some of you guys who have spent time in Chian-mai, or live there, might know how this works with the cabaret performers, as opposed to regular barfines.

                Thanks a lot everyone


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                  I am by no means an expert on Chiang Mai, but thoroughly enjoyed a visit there last November, I stayed at the Pornping Hotel & booked on a double basis, this cost about US$4 more than on a single basis & i think it worked out at about Baht1300 a night. It is not 5star but perfectly acceptable for your needs. They weren't too pleased with my antics, but it is a mixed hotel catering to Asians as much as it does to Westerners, so your overnight guest will not be so noticed. While the desk staff were a little off hand for Thais, ( This still means 10 times better than most Western establishments ) it was very easy to stay there, perhaps slightly out of the way, altho' i walked just about everywhere it did not seem too bothersome. Also there is a disco called Bubbles in the hotel complex & it fills up after about 2330hrs with available GG's & a few LB's, its your last chance to get a "lover". I had reasonble success with the cabaret LB's most seemed willing to short time, & you can get them or get an appointment at least during the meet & greet the public after the show at Simon. There is an LB bar off Loh Kroh road & there are LB's standing on the street also, Loh Kroh road. There is a small cabaret close to the bar & also a short show buried in the night market. If you read my trip report, "23 nights in the LOS" there is a more thorough description there.

                  You pays your money & takes your chance. This isn't a rehearsal do it now, it's no good looking back when it's a lover & wishing.... ITS TOO LATE.


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                    Contact details for Mini-Cost Apartment 053 418 787. That's if you are calling within Thailand. Outside Thailand use the country code then drop the 0 and dial the number. Speak to Orapin, her english is excellent and tell her Robert from Australia told you about her nice hotel/guesthouse. She is very friendly and remember to ask for a quite room away from the corner of the Soi.

                    When the Simon Cab finishes all the girls stand out the front and wait for tips etc. You can eye them off and say hi and give them a tip for a photo. A business card is handy or your phone number written on a card attached to the 100 baht. If you are not shy then pull her aside and just ask her. I took a LB there a few weeks ago and they charged me 500 baht and the girl 150 baht.........ummmm........I was disappointed to tell the truth. There really is no theme to the show just a lot of songs and different customes with really bad miming.

                    Good luck.


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                      i've gone thru all the posts i could find, researched other sites, put it all together with the question: 'if you want a really nice room in the 'riverside'/night bazaar area of chiang mai in the month of may to nail ladyboys all night long, what's your best option?' and here's what i got (the 'stars/smiles' ratings are from asiarooms, as are all prices $USD for "Double Deluxe" room):

                      1. Pornping -(3stars/4smiles) at the top of the list because it has Bubbles disco off the lobby, great location (all five of these hotels are located right in/near the "action"), no guest fees, $41usd . getting the 'double deluxe' room should assure staying out of the 'shitty annex' prof frink warned about. rob69 enjoyed his stay here. found the in-hotel disco quite useful.
                      2. Raming Lodge-(4stars/4smiles) - gotta love the name! - hotel has no 'delux', so do i go 'superior$26 or Suite$58. Great loc. newcomer and crypton2 recommend. if the 'superior' which i know is thai for 'basic' is 3 stars, i think i'd move this to the top on the list. i saw a room picture with a huge jacuzzi tub...but WHICH room?
                      3. Empress-(3stars/5smiles) @ $47usd w/koykaeng's recommendation - 'nicest place' he's stayed in chiang mai - so no lb problem i assume. a bit longer walk to the action it looks like from the map, but i'm not certain of that.
                      4. imperial maeping-(3stars/4smiles) @ $55. great location, jaidee has stayed here with no lb woes.
                      5. Chiang Mai Plaza-(4stars/4smiles) @$47 dbl, looks great, 'guest-friendly', maybe best room value, but it seems (per poguemahone) you must register WITH guest ;-( to avoid joiner fee, so that drops it to #5. if i could get around that...

                      so, where do you guys think i should stay for 4 nights in mid-may?
                      trip report will follow when i catch my breath.
                      which i hope won't be right away!


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                        Another great place to stay inside the old city and very close to the action is ChiangMai Thai House. New guesthouse with all the facilities...053-904110 the most expensive room is 1000 bt plus they have a swimming pool and internet and tour desk. Speak with Loy or



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                          I wonder if the Sheraton in Chiang Mai is guest-friendly, it should be. It seems to be a nice property, it is Starwood after all, and it is only $60/night! It doesn't seem to be that much more than Thai owned hotels. If I were going to CM, I would seriously check this place out. A caveat though, I'm not sure of its location and proximity to the entertainment spots.
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                            been staying in the rhydges hotel every trip since it oppened never had any problems with guests rated a good 3 star rooms are very clean everything works what makes it for me is the buffet breakfast which is all you can eat with loads or variety (at least 4 varieties of bread including black bread )

                            i ususally set my alarm for 7:30 get up have an enoumous breakfast go back to bed and that will carry me to late afternoon

                            got a good price with asia rooms for double occupancy for 1200 a nigh

                            and the route to the night bazzar takes you past all the bars so a slow criuse down to the night bazaar and back will cover vertually all likey areas of intrest