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Kinnaree Gourmet Thai Restaurant and Bar - Bangkok

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  • Kinnaree Gourmet Thai Restaurant and Bar - Bangkok

    Kinnaree Gourmet Thai Restaurant and Bar is located on Soi 8 just a couple blocks of Sukhumvit and a few blocks down Soi 6 from Nana Soi 4. I have seen this restaurant many times and wondered how good it was. The place is very fancy and the food is great but it is a little expensive and not really the best choice for 2 guys dining together.
    It would be far better to go there with dates and be a little more dressed up. If you want gourmet Thai food and want to pay for the quality and atmosphere, this is your place.
    Highly recommended for a romantic night out.

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    Yes, I remember those green leafy plates and wonderful food. Didn't exactly know what to order so it's nice to have a Thai companion to come along and share the cuisine. Expensive prices but even more expensive that the USA. Love all the wonderful experiences from my culinary adventures every day I am in Bangkok. Read the Bangkok Post newspapers (B30 hard copies) and there's lots of suggestions where to dine. What a place Thailand is. The fantastic food and gracious people always give me reasons to revisit Heaven on earth. Maybe I'll be back this April. Seems that Auto and Motorcycle Show this week is NOT the one with the sexy hostesses. It's the one in April. Will have to see how early I can jet out after paying my taxes. Oh, there's a neat short cut to Soi 8. From Phachara Hotel I walk east down the street. When you see the left turn into Soi 6, skip it and keep walking into the narrowed path into a parking lot leading into a bar. Keep walking into a path leading to the Soi 7-11 store. Funny I never noticed that shortcut until I Google mapped Phachara's location. Soi 8 is a nice place to live with nice high-rise condos and rentals. Alephi Suites and On8 Hotel is there along with lots of eating places. If you get tired of Kinnaree just walk over to Monsoon Restaurant which is at the bottom floor of Adephi Suites. Excellent affordable good food. Monsoon has a separate bar which is next to On8 Hotel, and it's naturally open so no AC. One benefit of staying at the On8 Hotel is the Skytrain station is right out the front door. Just jump on the electric escalator and go up. Helps when you've had a hard hot day shopping and want to shower quickly. Thailand's a fun place to do many things and return home happy knowing you'll be back.